How to file a complaint with your car insurance company

How to file a complaint with your car insurance company
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Having auto insurance is essential. In addition to what is required by law, traffic accidents are becoming more frequent every day. Keep in mind that anyone can have an accident, even taking all the necessary precautions. Being adequately protected is essential for your future and peace of mind. 

For your peace of mind, we tell you that filing a claim for an accident with an insurance company is easier than you think. Likewise, it always helps know the correct procedure to speed up the processes. There are many technicalities to remember, and often we are not aware of everything that needs to be done.

Always remember that the process for filing a claim or complaint depends on the type of accident. For example, you may have suffered a crash, hit and run, vandalism, robbery, or any other. Also, keep in mind that the procedure may vary from one insurance company to another. We show you how to file a complaint efficiently and adequately.

Frequent situations: when to file the complaint

First of all, take advantage of your insurance’s medical assistance service to avoid medical coverage fees. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to report the accident and begin the claim process.

These are some frequent situations in which you can enter it, depending on the coverage of your policy:

    • robbery or robbery
    • accident damage
    • Damage to side windows and locks
    • Rear window and windshield damage
    • Damage to the car caused by an event not related to an accident, such as fire or hail

You must have your Insurance Card and the telephone number of your insurance company at hand. Nowadays, you can also quickly get them online. When you inform your insurance company about the accident, it begins the process of claiming your car insurance and will also guide you on what to do.

What information will you need?

When you file a claim, you will need to provide specific details to your insurance company. Some of these data are:

– Place, date, and time of the accident

– Policy or patent number of the car

– Full name and ID

– Names, addresses, and contact details of all witnesses, passengers, and drivers of the vehicles involved.

– Data of the other vehicles involved in the accident, especially the license plate, make, model, and the insurance company.

– Date of granting and expiry of the driver’s licenses of all drivers

Evaluation and resolution

Your company will be responsible for investigating the situation, analyzing the evidence of injury claims, and will also review your situation and your coverage. To proceed with the complaint process, it is possible that you must inspect your car. In most cases, especially in the current context, this inspection can be done through photos.

Keep in mind that if you have coverage against all risks, the insurance company will take care of the damage to your car, except for the franchise, which you will pay as the difference in the event of any loss. If the other vehicle was to blame for the accident, you could claim that franchise from the third party’s insurance company. 

Finally, always remember to review your policy in detail. Check the procedure for filing a complaint on the company’s website and contact the claims area if you need help. If you had an accident, prepare all the documents and file your complaint within 72 business hours after the accident occurred. If you are insured with La Caja, keep in mind that you can enter your complaint easily and quickly by entering the App or from the Web.

Complying with the correct procedure, you will not have problems or unnecessary delays. In this way, sooner than you think, you will be enjoying your car again with complete peace of mind. 

Instructions for a correct presentation of your Claims

For the Automobile Claim process, it is necessary to meet several requirements; We recommend carefully reading the conditions of the policy, as there are some clauses of special consideration that must be taken into account.

Steps to follow in case of Claim:

  1. Immediately notify the company in case of loss (with a period not exceeding five business days from the occurrence of the loss). For your convenience, you can call the Atlántida Auto Assistance Call Center at Telephone: 2216-0898 or *MAS (*627) from your TIGO cell phone.
  2. Fill out the declaration of the Insured in the form provided by the company or download it from the website.
  3. Certificate from the National Directorate of Traffic of the part raised in the place of the accident or its reconstruction.
  4. Inspection of the insured vehicle.
  5. Quotes requested by the company in network workshops.
  6. Copy of the Identity Card and Driver’s License.
  7. In case of vehicle theft, submit the complaint form to the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation DGIC.

For Third Party procedures, the following documentation must be requested:

  • Photocopy of the Identity Card of the owner of the vehicle.
  • Photocopy of the RTN of the owner of the vehicle.
  • Photocopy of the Inspection ticket of the affected vehicle.
  • Vehicle ownership documents (Transfer and Authentication); If you are in the process of buying, present proof that you are the lessee of the vehicle.
  • In case the vehicle is insured by another company, submit proof of the insurance company to which it belongs and where it is clarified that it is guaranteed, in addition, that it has not filed a claim for this accident.
  • Quotation of labor and spare parts from the workshop of your choice.
  • At least two quotes from workshops in the Network.

Claim Form

The insured must complete the claim form in its entirety.

It is also possible that the payment rate and monthly price will increase after a claim. Is this monthly increase worth it, or is it cheaper for you to pay it yourself? Each insurance company has different policies that are adapted to the state’s legislation in which they are located and can protect your money in any way. The objective is to minimize the number of claims so as not to increase the monthly rate of your insurance policy and maintain the best coverage for the best price.

The cost of auto insurance with comprehensive coverage can save you much more expensive expenses and penalties in the future. We all make mistakes, and with auto insurance, you can rest easy if you have an accident.


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