How to Export Zimbra TGZ Emails to EML Format?

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In this blog, we discuss the solution to export Zimbra TGZ emails to EML format. As technology evolves and expands, it is better to continue with the best email client that will make your work easier and manage all your data as easily as you want. So let’s understand some quick details about TGZ and EML format.

Today, Zimbra is a popular email server used mostly by small and medium-sized organizations. It provides some security and also provides additional features. Zimbra saved all mail and export files in .tgz format. Also, Zimbra can handle large files and we know nothing is perfect, so many users want to switch from Zimbra to another file format like EML.

On the other hand, EML is one of the most popular file formats in the history of email storage or backup. This is a great format for saving email messages with attachments on your local computer. Therefore, many applications still use this format to store email locally. This document contains all the details such as shipping/collecting address, subject, details, etc. Metadata content. This is the reason why many users want to convert Zimbra to EML.

Let’s talk about all the solutions to export Zimbra TGZ emails to EML without interruption and without any problem. First, let’s look at user queries.

User Questions

“I work as IT manager for IT company and we use Zimbra webmail in the company.
However, due to some changes, my boss asked me to switch to EML file because it provides more security and will handle the information better with daily contacts. Is there another way to convert Zimbra TGZ to EML file format?

“I’ve been using Zimbra’s webmail client for the past three years because of its popular features. But it’s been a long time since Zimbra started losing its website and stopped giving bug updates and I’m experiencing a data sync error. I want to move my email files to EML. Having non-technical background, I am having trouble exporting files from Zimbra TGZ mail to EML. Please help me with this.”

Export Zimbra TGZ Emails to EML Using Automatic Solution 

After reading most of the questions, our main goal is to provide our users with solutions that provide better results with 100% accuracy and meet their needs and requirements. Professionals have created Best Zimbra TGZ Converter Tool, which allows you to convert TGZ files to EML format. It is easy to use and provides a flexible interface that can be easily implemented by under-level users and non-technical users.

This software can convert a large number of emails with attachments and other files in one attempt without losing data. This Utility has many powerful features that allow users to search specific emails from large files using multiple targets. It also supports Zimbra TGZ file conversion not only in EML but also in many other formats.

Try the Free Download Version of Zimbra Converter Tool

Use the free version to understand how the tool works and Use. The demo version works the same as the license edition, but has some restrictions, that is, you can freely transfer all files from Zimbra TGZ to EML, but with a “DEMO” watermark. This setting is suitable for all application environments. So we recommend you to try the trial version first and then upgrade to the full edition software

Few Steps to Export Zimbra TGZ Emails to EML File

  • Install and run related tools on your existing Windows operating system

Download Zimbra Converter Software

  • Add the Zimbra TGZ files to the panel by selecting the options on the panel. You can choose the settings you want to upload files to Zimbra TGZ files

Add file

  • After clicking the “Export” button, the software will display various input files. SelectEML

Choose EML File

  • Then click Advanced. Set the button to use the available filters

Choose Adv. Options

  • Click Browse and select the desired location to save the generated EML file to your system

choose browse tab

  • Keep Folder Hierarchy: This option keeps the entire disk folder hierarchy of files/folders

Keep Folder Hierarchy

  • Click on Export button

Choose Export button

  • When the export process is complete, the software will display a message. Click OK

  • Click the “Savebutton to save the converted file to the desired location.

save file

Best Feature of this Automatic Solution

TGZ Email Batch Conversion With Attachments:

This utility allows users to convert Zimbra TGZ to EML into other multiple formats. You can easily send multiple emails with attachments, so there is no data loss and the entire hierarchy is preserved.

No Further Development is Required:

This Zimbra converter is an independent tool and does not require additional installation. It provides a flexible user interface and is easy for all experts as well as non-professional users to use without guidance.

It Supports All types of Zimbra TGZ Files:

Users can download all types of TGZ files, depending on their size and whether they are damaged or corrupted. This utility has no limitations when uploading any type of TGZ file. It also provides a recovery mode that does not damage data and makes the conversion safe.

Fix File Compatibility:

Converting TGZ to EML utility keeps all formats in their original format when exporting a large number of Zimbra files. There will be no data loss and file and folder hierarchies are handled with 100% accuracy.

Multiple Options for Multiple Options:

Provide two options for all users who want to import one or more TGZ export files from their EML file format. So you can easily use this application for users who want to bulk export Zimbra TGZ emails to EML file format.

Saving Email Elements During the Conversion:

During the process, the software saves e-mail metadata, such as the e-mail attachment, subject, e-mail address (recipient, copy, bcc, sender), images, Internet headers, formatting, hyperlinks, etc. So you will get a copy of the email in your Gmail account.

Various Possibilities With the Simple Interface:

The solution has a simple and easy-to-use GUI panel. Therefore, any non-technical user can work with this application without guidance. It also has multiple storage options including files, email clients, email files and more.

Easy to Select Location:

You can easily select the mode you want. The solution allows you to choose an external or internal location without any problems. But by default, the preferred solution is the desktop environment.

Simple and Direct Way:

Zimbra Converter converter from SysTools offers a simple and direct way to export contacts from Outlook. It has a search option to search TGZ files.

Multiple Storage Options:

The software is well programmed so that users can convert Zimbra emails into various storage formats. This tool has options like MSG, PST, PDF file foramt.

All Windows Machine Support:

If you are working with Microsoft Windows 7 and want to export Android contacts to Outlook 2016, don’t worry. This application supports all versions of Microsoft Windows including older and latest versions such as Windows 11.

In Conclusion

So in conclusion, we just want to say that we have covered all the solutions for instant mass export of Zimbra webmail email client. There is no direct solution to export Zimbra TGZ emails to EML, but there are many other ways out on the internet, we recommend you to use this application because no other tool can beat you when it comes to accessing the truth. Contact our specialists for any information.

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