How to Export Twitter Followers to an Excel/CSV List


Exporting Twitter fans shouldn’t involve carpal tunnel from countless scrolling and copying. Need a complete listing of all your fans on Twitter Followers? What about their places, brand new tweets, and influence? Whether you’ve got a hundred fans or 10 million, it’s far possible to download a listing of your Twitter followers.

To get a Twitter follower list in Excel or CSV layout, observe one of the 3 techniques.

Download Twitter Followers: Under 100 Followers

If you’ve got a smaller listing of fans — under 100 — then exporting them manually is feasible.

To export followers with out using a 3rd birthday party tool, you can scroll through your follower listing on Twitter till you’ve loaded they all. Then, you could replica and paste their handles using a Chrome extension like Scraper.

Using Scraper, you could seize and export similar HTML elements on a page(like a Twitter take care of)  to an Excel list. Simply deploy Scraper, right click on on a fans’ take care of from the absolutely loaded list, and pick out Copy Similar. You will land up with a listing of handles and not using a different metrics blanketed (blood, sweat, and tears from all the scrolling don’t rely).

Pros of this Twitter follower list method: It’s free!

Cons: Hand cramps. Sometimes tough-to-use Chrome extension. Also, you don’t get to choose the download format.

Download Twitter Followers: one hundred+ Followers

Follow those three steps to down load a full listing of your Twitter followers (or your competition Twitter fans), with 20 metrics according to follower, without growing the claw. You can export a comprehensive listing with all 20 metrics for any Twitter account.

Twitter Followers List for Your Account

Visit Crowdbabble’s Download Followers device Log in on your Twitter account (after your login, you may see the choice to download the followers for any Twitter account)Choose your Twitter follower list down load layout (Excel or CSV)Complete your order

Check your e mail: your list will arrive on your inbox as quickly as all the statistics has compiled.

Pros of this Twitter comply with listing method: It’s complete and fast. Being able to rank or pinpoint your followers through affect, tweet frequency, location, and tool gives your brands a big edge over the opposition. Here’s a sample listing generated the use of this method.

  1. Cons: You do not get to rock Chandler’s signature claw hand. Or Ross’s.
  2. Get commenced: Twitter fans download web page.
  3. Download Twitter Followers: No Account Admin

Don’t have admin get entry to and want to get a list of Twitter followers for your competition? You can get lists of followers for any Twitter account. You don’t need the login credentials.

Your emblem’s, @realdonaldtrump, a competitor’s. Imagine what you can do with deep demographic records for every of your competitor’s 10 million fans? You should run an analysis at the Excel/CSV export of the Twitter followers to get their favourite hashtags, subjects they tweet about, favourite tweet instances. It’s almost unfair.

Pros: You get followers or following (customers accompanied by an account) for any public Twitter account!

  • Cons: Again, no claw.
  • Get commenced: Twitter fans download page.

Here’s the entire list of metrics for every follower in Crowdbabble’s follower exports:

  1. Username
  2. User ID
  3. Full Name
  4. Profile Picture
  5. Influence (Verified Account Status)
  6. Followers (how many fans they have got)
  7. Following (what number of humans they’re following)
  8. Follower: Following Ratio 

  1. Friends
  2. Number of Lists they’re on
  3. Number of Retweets of Latest Post
  4. Account Created Date
  5. Total Tweets Posted
  6. Favourites Received
  7. Language
  8. Profile Location
  9. Timezone
  10. Latest Known Location
  11. Date/Time of Latest Tweet
  12. Last Tweet Content
  13. Last Tweet ID
  14. Hashtags Used in Last Tweet
  15. Symbols Used in Last Tweet
  16. Users Mentioned in Last Tweet
  17. Link to Last Tweet
  18. Place of Last Tweet
  19. Location of Last Tweet
  20. Replies Received on Last Tweet
  21. Retweets Received on Last Tweet
  22. Favourites Received on Last Tweet
  23. Endless opportunities.

Are you with an marketing or public members of the family employer? Show those 20 metrics on your customers. They will love you all the time.

Exporting Twitter Follower Lists to Excel/CSV

Knowing your target audience is fundamental to any social media method. With 20 metrics in line with follower, Crowdbabble’s follower lists are the most comprehensive and designated to be had.


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