How to Export Multiple Outlook Contacts to vCard?

export multiple outlook contacts to vcard

Are you searching for a way to export multiple Outlook contacts to vCard? If yes then, this blog, describes the complete method to combine Outlook contacts to vCard format. For this, we use an automated solution to backup Outlook contacts to vCard format. Let us know the complete process.

As we all know that contacts are the most notable for all of us. Through which users can save their contact data into different places, for example: Yahoo, Gmail, and much more.

However, many users are moving from one platform to another. Because there are several reasons when a user needs to change their platform such as features, management features, support or chat system.

“Hi, I am Johnny and I have been using the Outlook email client application for the last few years. So, that’s why I have several contact stores in the Outlook address book. Recently, I bought another Android phone for business purposes. And, I want to know how to export Outlook Contact to a vCard file for my Android phone. Someone please guide me to a reliable solution for resolving this issue.”

Let us towards to automated solution to combine all the Outlook contacts into single vCard:-

Two Methods to Export Outlook Contacts to vCard

Follow these two methods to complete your conversion procedure step by step:-

Automated Solution
Manual Method

Method 1: Combine All Outlook Contacts into Single vCard Manually

To perform the manual method there are two steps to complete the process: Convert to CSV File and Convert CSV to VCF

Step 1: Convert CSV File

  • Launch the email client and Go to the File>> Open and Export>> Import/Export.
  • Now, from the “Import and Export Wizard” screen, click on the Export File
  • Click on the Next button to convert the PST file to CSV format
  • Next, and click on the Comma Separated Values and hit on the Next button
  • Set a destination path for the .csv file and set an appropriate option for duplicates
  • Now, click on the Next button to export PST to CSV format
  • Finally, set contacts folder and click on the Next button
  • At last, click on the Finish button.

Step 2: Convert CSV to VCF

  • Firstly, go to Win+R and type in Contacts and press Enter.
  • Through the Windows Contact dialogues box, go to the Import button
  • Now, from the “Import to Windows Contacts” screen, select the option CSV (Comma Separated Value)
  • Click on the Import button to convert CSV to VCF format, click on Next
  • Browse to the folder location where you want to save your .csv file and hit on the Next button
  • From the “CSV Import” dialogue box, select the fields and click on the Finish button.

Limitations of Manual Method

Risky to Undertaking:- This method advised that these steps be performed with the proper and complete information. And any misstep can lead to a change in important data.

Lengthy Process:- It is a time-consuming process for some professionals. They are looking for workarounds in online solutions.

Tricky Steps:- The manual steps to combine Outlook contacts to VCF files can be confusing for some. So, these can be seen for some non-technical users.

After performing the manual method, users face many issues to complete the process. But, in the below section we talk about a simple and easy solution to complete this task successfully without facing error.

Method 2: How to Export Multiple Outlook Contacts to vCard? – Automatically

A number of professionals are looking for workarounds when it comes to extract data and save in different file formats. In this section there are a number of automated tools available that are designed for both technical and non-technical users. Using the Outlook PST Converter Tool to export Outlook contacts to vCard is one such application. It is a very simple software that is designed to transfer single or multiple .pst files to VCF. This utility automatically scans the data files that are added for errors. The tool is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2008.

Working Steps For the Software

Follow the below mentioned steps to make your task simple and easy to combine all the Outlook contacts into single vCard:-

  1. Download and run the software on your Windows machine.
  2. Now, the tool will automatically locate to your Outlook contacts
  3. Then, choose only contacts folders from the list
  4. Select the vCard option and set the resultant path
  5. Finally, click on the Next to export Outlook contacts to vCard.

Advanced Features to Combine Outlook Contacts into vCard Format

Save Multiple Outlook Contacts As vCard:- This utility has the ability to export all contacts from Outlook into standard electronic business card files vCard file format. Within a single attempt, the user can easily convert bulk Outlook contacts to VCF files.

Easily Load Configured Outlook Items:- It is programmed with an advanced algorithm that’s why after downloading the tool on your Windows machine, you are free to process automatically. Which gives an option to load the configured Outlook contact items if users are not interested in manual file selection.

Preserves Original Information:- During the procedure to export Outlook contacts to vCard, the tool is ensured to keep intact the original piece of information. It also maintains the Outlook contact details like First Name, Email Address, Phone No, and all contact fields.

Support All Windows OS:- Users don’t need to worry about Windows support for this tool as it runs on all the platforms. It supports Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2008.

Conclusion to Export Multiple Outlook Contacts to vCard

In this article, we have discussed the perfect ways to export multiple Outlook contacts to vCard format. In the above post, you get the two methods manual and automated which helps you to transfer multiple Outlook contacts to vCard. As we all know that manual method is too long to perform this task. But don’t worry we suggested an automated solution through which users can easily and quickly complete the conversion process without trouble. So, choose as per your requirements but experts recommended automated solutions for an easy and fast process.


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