How To Ensure The Personal Growth Of A child

personal development of a child

The Personal Growth Of A child

The development of a child is in itself a very laborious and rather complicated process. And the personal development of a student, taking into account his age characteristics. Requires maximum delicacy in order to obtain the desired results. It is necessary to take into account his emotional state while trying to help him in personal growth. He can, due to his age, take “hostility”.

Children are very sensitive creatures. But this does not mean that they do not want to develop and achieve the desired results. Therefore, all that is required of us is to properly motivate the child for the desired result. Find out your child’s personality with the help of an online personality generator.

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Fundamentals of child development at school age

Each person from childhood is gifted with a certain set of facets of the character. Which in the future can be modified both for the better and for the worse. The main task of parents at this stage is not to try to suppress the character of the child. Depriving him of his inherent individuality, just because it is necessary. But rather to cultivate them, delicately and subtly directing them in the right direction.

It is necessary to accept that your child will never be an exact copy of your idea of ​​the ideal person. So you should not launch an active struggle against his “wrong” personality. Parents should only prompt and help the student to make the right decisions on their own! But not in any way instead of him.

Give him some liberty in his actions. Yes, some of them will be wrong. But a couple of times “burned” in childhood, in the future a person will be able to subconsciously avoid such situations in adulthood.

The child will have no reason to reproach you in the future for the fact that his freedom of action was severely limited, that he was not allowed to independently manage his time. You should first of all help him with advice, but not choose the correct answer instead.


Child motivation rules

Before determining the moment that will be relevant for the start of the mission, the name of which is “personal growth of the student”, you must first decide on the child’s motivation system, because an uninterested child will not strive to achieve a result if there is no motivation as such. 

There are four unbreakable rules that should follow in the first place:


  • Stability is a fallacy. It is impossible to adhere to the same pace of development all the time – try to encourage the child, even if the result did not justify the effort and time spent, the main thing that needs to be achieved is the child’s awareness that the result is undoubtedly important, but also his desire for self-development, passed away.


  • Positive communication is much more effective than negative communication – in no case scold the child and do not blame him if, for one reason or another, he did not manage to cope with the assigned work. 

Parents, you should, together with your child, figure out the reasons and correct them, instead of projecting all the negativity onto him. After all, you are the child’s support, not the child’s overseers. Try to gently and easily explain to the student where he made a mistake and what needed to be done to avoid it.


  • Encouragement not only for the result of the work done but also for the manifestation of initiative – teach the child to take the initiative into their own hands, so you not only do not shape the child’s personal development but provide him with a solid foundation for self-development and introspection in adult life, which will serve in the future a good start for personal and spiritual growth.


  • Take time to rest – working on yourself and comprehending knowledge is of course just wonderful, but do not forget that the child needs rest and switching attention from learning. First of all, you must provide him with a happy and joyful childhood. The memory of which will warm his soul throughout his life. 


Spend time with him not only during training but also during the game. Be with him, while not encroaching on his personal territory. The child must invite you himself – on his part, this is the highest manifestation of trust in you.


Diagnostics of character improvement

The study of readiness for learning, the determination of effective methods of motivation. This is the main goal of diagnosing the stage of psychological development in which the student is. 

It is thanks to various tests and methods that one can understand the adolescent’s relationship to all aspects of his life: family, society, study, environment, and inner “I”.

In this case, the most effective method for diagnosing the student’s personal development remains. Its main feature is that it does not compare the child with the accepted general standards.

But tries to track the personal growth of the student, the features of his behavior model. (what they were before the use of various methods and what they became later). And taking into account the presence of such factors as his entourage.


Three distinct advantages of this technique:

  • First, it gives an objective assessment of the desire of parents and teachers to help the student in solving the goals set for him, regardless of the motivational toolkit;
  • Secondly, it allows you to see progress in work with even the most difficult pupil, the desire to become a little better;
  • Thirdly, such a technique is also useful for people who have devoted their lives to teaching children – with its help, you can identify a gap in their tactics of behavior with children.


But since the development of the personality of a teenager and a child, by its nature, is a dynamic phenomenon. Such testing must carry out at regular intervals in order to identify possible progress and build further teaching methods. 

Thus, teachers will have the opportunity to select a more individual development program. Based on the psycho type of the adolescent, including the peculiarities of his worldview.



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