How to Encourage Masses to Read Urdu Literature


The Subjects of Contemporary Urdu Novels

The novel is AN indicator of the event of a language. The Urdu novel started late compared to the poetry of the Urdu language.
Nevertheless, the trend of Hashim Nadeem novel writing within the Urdu language picked up pace very quickly. With time, the Urdu novel has evolved, even as the society. The up-to-date Urdu novels sometimes revolve around the following themes and topics.

1. girls’ rights

The Indian landmass has forever been a maledominated society. There hasn’t been any time or era once this region has seen feminine dominance or equality. therefore naturally ladies’ rights are the theme of many novels.

Some mettlesome writers indite the rights of the widows too. this can be as a result of the widows being molested during this society most of the time. The remarrying is additionally not inspired and thus the widows find themselves while not having somebody to safeguard them.

2. social organization culture

social organization culture is currently a tragic drawback of Asian countries. it’s a shame for Pakistan that the Republic of India and East Pakistan eradicated their feudal lords long ago. As a result, their bourgeoisie is in their parliaments currently, and they are developing at a really quick pace. that the Pakistani Urdu novelists indite the social organization culture too.

3. Impact of faith on life

several Urdu writers feel closely associated with religion and as a result, their novels have a robust spiritual dose. They write about the social issues that arise solely as a result of the faith being ousted from the lifetime of an average man or woman. Some novels are believed to be nice religious masterpieces.

4. Family

The family, particularly the joint-family system is extremely sturdy within the Indian subcontinent. that the stories of the many writers revolve around giant families. The novels have plenty of characters, all happiness to one family. The writers try and drill family values and take a look at them to encourage full cousin marriages.

5. Current Affairs and political scenario

this political situation of Asian countries is abysmal. that the sensitive writers’ minds are certain to get laid low with it. As a result, they write novels addressing different current and political issues. to Illustrate the bipolar society of nowadays and the bombing are 2 hot topics for novels.

6. Life informs and militia

The Urdu writers tend to urge too influenced by the bureaucracy and armed forces. As a result their stories usually revolve around the bureaucrats and also the individuals from the armed forces. sometimes the armed forces personnel are shown too good, too caring, and too patriotic. but it’s a tragic proven fact that the novels regarding the people from bureaucracy and the armed forces often paint a wrong image of those two vital establishments of the country.

it’s a tragic proven fact that the Urdu novels lack romance, technological advancements, touristy, and fantasy as their subject, though they’re extremely needed in these times. could also be our society continues to be not prepared for it. but the topics, themes, and stories of the up-to-date Urdu novels indicate copiously that we tend to be a 3rd world country.

Contemporary Urdu Novels

The Urdu popular fiction novels these days are very popular. this can be as a result of they satisfy the subsequent quote of the author on the popular fiction: “Fiction is sort of a spider’ web, hooked up ever slightly perhaps, however still attached to life in any respect four corners. typically the attachment is scarcely perceptible.” – Virginia Woolf

However, the critics would possibly notice that in Pakistan, the themes of the Urdu fiction novels became stagnant. though the audience today likes these day novels made by the writers. However, the Urdu writers should notice that if they are doing not write on the recent topics of this day world, plenty of West Pakistan can still lag.

the subsequent are the topics in conjunction with temporary explanations, that are lacking within the present-day Urdu novels.


The Urdu novels have seen times once individuals like Ashfaq Ahmed and Bano Qudsia contributed to the philosophical facet of the Urdu novels. The couple has made some great philosophical novels. Mumtaz Mufti is additionally an excellent name in philosophical Urdu writings. However, sadly currently there’s a lack of such writers.

fashionable romance

The Urdu novels these days are lacking modern romance. the fashionable romance implies the romance of the present-day world. Modern writers are still stuck about romances and ancient ways of loving.

modern style

The Urdu novels of today also are guilty of showing the decade’s recent lifestyle. Some writers argue that solely the urban lifestyle of West Pakistan has been modified and therefore the rural lifestyle is simply the same. However, it’s not true. infinite surveys of the agricultural land show that the rural lifestyle has additionally undergone huge changes. The modern Urdu writers also neglect the trend of the mass migration from the agricultural to the urban lands.

Role of {ladies} in today’ world

it’s an awfully unhappy undeniable fact that the contemporary Urdu novels still show women as housewives. The leading ladies accept being sensible housewives within the end. It doesn’t matter if at the start of the novel the actress could be a good student or a powerful career woman.


The Urdu novels have not accounted for any style of science fiction. it’s a particularly unhappy fact. this can be as a result of growing as productive people within the current world, everybody wants a dose of science fiction. However, sadly the present Urdu writers are unceasingly failing to provide something even remotely involving science or science fiction.


The novels of any language ought to primarily have one thing related to international relations. Unfortunately, the Urdu novels of these days still haven’t matured out of the Asian country West Pakistan animosity. The writers should go and take a look at to incorporate things from many different countries too in their novels.

Therefore, although Urdu well-liked fiction is prospering these days, it’s time that the writers perceive and notice their responsibilities. Otherwise, it is simply a matter of a year or 2 before the Urdu novel can become stagnant.


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