How to draw Madhubani Painting?

madhubani art

Madhubani paintings were introduced 2500 years ago. Since then, it has become a popular art form and has been carried forward mainly by the women of the Bihar region to keep its legacy alive. In antiquity, these paintings were generally made on mud walls and soil ground. Still, due to its rising demand, these paining have become popular nationwide and also come painted on mugs, tea coasters, bedsheets, canvas, etc.

madhubani art

Madhubani Painting is very well reciprocated and appreciated because they adhere to culture and aesthetics. Hence, they pique interests in art lovers of various countries, with the demand rising vigorously. The beauty and specialty of these paintings are drawn using natural objects like pen nibs, twigs, fingers, matchsticks, etc. Even natural dyes are used for colors such as soot for black, sandalwood for red, turmeric for yellow, rice powder for white, etc.

Another specialty of these paintings is that they lack void spaces, and even the borders and outsides are laced with geometrical and floral patterns to fill up empty spaces. You must have noticed illustrations painted of a traditional art form with bright, colorful colors and floral patterns of beautifully dressed Indian women, men, and children, as well as animals playing together or standing and dancing under a tree shade.

Well, that beauty belongs to none other than the artwork of Madhubani Painting. However, if you are interested in indulging in the work that goes behind these paintings, below mentioned are steps that might help you do so, help you create your first Madhubani Painting.

Few common tips for you before you start painting

  • Madhubani Paintings are a complex art form that requires time and patience, so do not enjoy this incredible journey.
  • They can be done on any handmade sheet or thick sheet with a rough side to prevent colors from slipping.
  • The pen you use must be water-resistant.
  • Water-based poster colors are used on paper, acrylics for fabric and tip brushes to fill the colors.

Know the procedure in a better way

Start sketching the border: Border is an essential characteristic of Madhubani Painting that makes a painting look fuller and complete. The width of the border depends on your canvas size; the more extensive the canvas, the wider the border. Fill the border with geometrical and floral patterns leaving fewer spaces between.

Strategize your layout: Decide the concept of your painting and draw accordingly. Start with the main character first. Supposedly, you have decided to sketch a theme based on Radha-Krishna; start with sketching them first and later add the religious aspect of this theme like peacock and fish that will make sense and help symbolize romance and devotion accordingly.

Repeat patterns: After drawing the characters and objects on the sheet, you can draw repeated patterns that will make them appear complete and detailed. You can choose any style from Bharni, Kitchen, Tantrik, Gonda, and Khobar. In addition, you can choose your style from below:

  • Bharni style includes solid, vibrant, and colorful colors.
  • Katchni style includes monochrome line-work.
  • Tantric style includes religious texts and characters relating to deities and Gods like Maha Kali, Maha Durga, Maha Lakshmi, etc.
  • Gonda style includes cow dung-based backgrounds and black-bordered drawings, similar to tattooing. This comes in the form of a mandala done in concentric circles and shapes and figures done with nib-pens.
  • Kohbar style includes paintings done on the walls of “Kohbars” or houses generally for newlywed couples.

Colour Combinations: Supposedly, you have to decide your style, say Bharni, first decide the background color and then the foreground colors such that both can create contrast and make the painting appear appealing. So, get yourself familiarized with the color wheel to learn more about color combinations. For example, you can paint the background with pale yellow -ochre color and paint the main characters, Radha-Krishna, with bright colors like blue and red, yellow, green, etc.

Figures and patterns: Since Madhubani paintings are all about patterns and figures, you can add complex, alluring patterns to your backgrounds as well as to objects that will the painting appear full and complete.

However, if you want to create a Madhubani painting that is traditional and true to its forms, the procedure might differ a little from above:

Preparation of raw materials: For antique Madhubani paintings, everything needed for the painting shall be naturally extracted, like henna leaves, marigold, soot, etc., for colors.

Preparation of canvas: Traditional antique Madhubani paintings require a coat of cow dug wash over the painting sheet to preserve it for longer and act as an insect repellent. The pale brown wash is spread across the paper and allowed to dry in the sun.

Painting of canvas: thin sticks wrapped with thread all around it are used as brushes, and then paintings are carried out with them in an authentic way with colors that were extracted naturally from raw nature.

The legacy of the history of the Madhubani Paintings has been discussed above, which reflects a haven for people who are fond of hand craftsmanship. If they followed their original creation style, these paintings seem so personal and custom that anything could instantly form a bond with them. Its association with raw materials and creation with bare hands is what makes these paintings so renowned and loved.

If you are planning to create your first ever Madhubani painting, follow the instructions mentioned above as per your need to adhering to its traditional authentic form or its inclination towards modern style.

How Madhubani Paintings Gives an Enriched Vibe to your Home?

The art of Madhubani paintings has been transferred from generation to generation with extensive efforts to keep this beautiful artwork alive. It is astonishing how the art form has transformed from traditionally being done on walls or soil-grounds to paper and canvas due to its ongoing demand.

However, the demand for the rich Madhubani Paintings depicted on walls has returned to its glory. Today, Madhubani paintings pique interest in art lovers of different countries like the UK, USA, and Russia, where the demand for the same has been rising vigorously.

This art form has paved its way onto various items like cushion covers, mugs and crockery, coasters and bedsheets, mousepads, and so on. People are coming up with new ideas and innovations to fill up their blank spaces with Madhubani paintings which lack void blank spaces and are rich in wholesome colors for the eyes to watch. Not only does it portray a traditional royal setting, but it also reflects the fusion and the synchronization of modern touch and the ancient art form.

These paintings are rich in colors with creative geometrical and floral patterns that will give your house a uniquely sensitive and subtle touch. Its loud, bright colors will seem gentle and soothing to your eyes as well as brighten up the surroundings with its dazzling intense beam of tones and tinges. Its colorful figures, patterns, and curves are calming and satisfying for the mind and soul to watch, which can chase away negative energy and bad vibes. It is comforting for the restless soul as the central theme of all the paintings is love and fertility.

What’s so special about Madhubani Paintings?

These paintings are made using fingers and twigs, matchsticks as well as pen nibs in the modern-day. Now, If you do look at these paintings closely, you will notice that these paintings are void of white spaces, and every space has been filled with colors; even the borders are laced with beautiful geometric patterns and symbols. Natural dyes are used in the process of its making, like charcoal and soot for black, extracts of turmeric for yellow, sandalwood gives a red hue, green from apple-wood tree, white from rice powder, orange from Palash flower, and blue from indigo.

Also, if you are a lover of hand-made craftsmanship, these paintings would be the perfect choice for you because of their extraction and creation with naturally available things, etc. Everything about these paintings is so personal and particular that an individual instantly forms a bond with these paintings.

Wall Decoration Ideas with Madhubani Paintings:

The antique charm of Madhubani paintings is and will always remain unchallenged and undisputed. However, today let’s discuss the few measures you can take o to lighten up your dull walls with the alluring Madhubani paintings.

Fusion of antiquity and modern: You can use multi-color Madhubani paintings against a blank white wall or a light background that will reflect the colorful hues on your vacant, empty walls. This will save you the expenditure cost of painting your walls as the Madhubani paintings are already crowded with figures and patterns.

Madhubani patterns: Madhubani artwork comes in various lines and patterns capable of filling every space. You can buy Madhubani patterns matching your cushion covers or bed sheets that will give your house a look of symmetry. In addition, you can create a vibe of your own as you learn to play with geometry and patterns.

Collages: You can also purchase a few Madhubani paintings and align them in an interesting arrangement or pattern that will reflect an elegant touch to your empty blank walls.

Sophisticated patterns: You can also add Madhubani prints and sophisticated close patterns in red or black that will do wonders on your bright wall as well as the grey background. The red color adds a rich and lively hue to the walls that go well with almost all the colors.

Elegant Madhubani Paintings: For dark-colored walls, you can use colorful bright patterns that will throw a vivid cast of beaming tint and textures, enough to brighten up even the dark walls and room of your house. Now, you can change the entire look of your room as you learn to play with colors and textures.

Go through this blog if you wish to find out the reason behind considering Madhubani Paintings or art an outstanding choice for home décor. Check out to know more.



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