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Tiktok is a popular social media platform. It is well known for sharing short video content around the world. Millions of active users have flooded this platform and created short video content for entertainment. However, to optimize your engagement, the video content must resonate with your target audience. this platform does not allow a user to use someone’s content as their own. This is where Tiktok places a watermark on every content once you post.
A situation arises when you want to share the same content on another social media platform. What can you do in such a case without crediting the owner? The only way is to remove the Watermark. TikTok lets you save videos on your device, but you cannot publish them anywhere because they come with a Tiktok watermark.
So, if you do not want a watermark on downloaded videos, the good news is that there are multiple ways of removing the TikTok watermark. There are different third-party software that also offers similar services. Another method that you can do to download TikTok without watermark is by visiting the site. Let us jump into it.

Watermark Functions

Broadly speaking, watermarks have three main functions, namely as a promotional tool, copyright identifier and work identity. Here we explain in more detail below:

Advertising Media

Watermarks can be used as promotional tools for shops and companies. Not a few business people or companies are currently adding a watermark in the form of a company logo to their work. This type of watermark allows the public to immediately recognize the product.
In addition, sometimes companies also embed a written watermark containing information about the factory address and telephone number. Such a written watermark is useful for the public to easily contact the company and at the same time know its existence.

Copyright Label

As we explained above, a watermark is needed to ‘state’ that a work belongs to someone. This is known as marking the copyright of the work.
It protects your work from piracy or claims by other people or parties. Of course, no one wants to experience actions that can harm them.

As Identification

Watermark can also be the identity of a work. This makes it easier for others who see it to identify who owns the work.
For example, many news media in Indonesia embed a watermark in the corner of the photo. Like, which embeds a watermark that says “Thelastsurvivors” in the lower right corner of the photo.
The same thing was done by which included a watermark in the form of a logo in the lower right corner of the photo.

Watermark Type

Watermarks generally consist of three types, namely logos, text and symbols. Here we explain in more detail:

Many companies use their logo as a sign embedded in the work they create. This becomes an identity for the company itself, making it easier to see if the work was done by them and not owned by someone else.


We also often find watermarks in the form of writing in various works. Usually the watermark is in the form of a font that includes the name of the social media account, the name of the store, and so on. Oh yes, online media as mentioned above also relies on written watermarks, you know.


The next type of watermark is an icon. Usually this watermark is included in YouTube videos from well-known Youtubers. Also, no matter what type of watermark you use, you have to make sure that it is the right size and appearance. In other words, the presence of a watermark is not too distracting to the viewer of the work.

When downloading videos TikTok will help users store their favorite videos without being interrupted by the logo. In addition, these videos are also used as live wallpapers on mobile phones.
In addition, many people like to download TikTok videos without the logo so that they can re-up and re-post them on their channel without others discovering the source of the video.

Is it legal to download videos on TikTok?

When it was released, the first versions of TikTok did not offer users the possibility of downloading videos. And we can’t justify this… It was perhaps to force a user to open the application to find the video each time he needed it.
Which made sharing quite complicated because you had to go through hacks. It is true that officially YouTube does not allow it to download a video and this limitation has allowed other applications to be popular, such as Snaptube, Vidmate or Vidmate.
On the one hand we can say that the fact that the developers of the application have thought of solutions to download TikTok videos has made the use of this application popular. From a legal point of view, we can easily say that as soon as the TikTok team made it possible to save videos, downloading a TikTok video officially became legal.
That’s why you should feel no jitters when you want to download TikTok videos. Thus, you will store them and review them later on your smartphones even offline.

How to Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark

As the internet has become more widely available and easier to use, there are now more options for saving TikTok videos without a watermark. Initially this function was quite limited in only a few forms. But today you can choose different approaches according to your request.
You can save videos from TikTok without watermarking using certain websites or sites and unique programs. such as: might be an alternative choice if you like a site that is very straightforward and uncomplicated. Because this site is very easy to use and the pages are easy to understand.
Even TikTok videos without watermark, the features are similar to other TikTok video download sites. You can use this service for free as many times as you like without any restrictions. So you can use it whenever you need it. But make sure before that you have a search engine application such as Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or the like, yes.
Here’s how to use it:
1. To remove the watermark from a TikTok video URL, make a duplicate of it.
2. The next application is to open your browser.
3. Tap once on the URL field, then enter tiktokdownload online into your browser’s address bar.
4. Then there will immediately be an empty column and just paste the previous copy of the URL into that section.
5. Then simply press the “Download” button and the TikTok video will be processed.
6. Done.
How easy is it to download Tiktok videos? just a few steps, you can save your favorite videos to your device and of course they will no user logos. Hope the content of the article is useful to you! Well, now you can collect your favorite TikTok videos! Audio-only or MP3 files can also be downloaded in addition to full-length videos. To download TikTok videos, all you need to do is according to what we have provided the information above, to download TikTok videos without watermarks with HD quality and for free.


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