When was the last time you were on Instagram?

Minutes? Hours?

Everyone will say “days”.

Instagram is a popular choice for socializing, which means that once you install the app on your mobile, you are likely to stay current.

But, Instagram doesn’t just mean jotting down stories and selfies. It’s the same as texting, commenting, sharing memories, and checking out a friend’s photos, as well as learning from influential and motivational people. Even if you say you’re not an active Insta user, you probably open your Instagram at least once a day. With dynamic potential, it is appreciated around the world.

So, in short, Instagram is good because it’s a good choice for everyone.

Instagram Cryptogram is an experienced Android App Development Company and business owners around the world for many years. Chances are you’ve read and witnessed many other great success stories from Uber, Airbnb, Paytm, Amazon, etc. and that you really thought about repeating history.

The bright side is “it’s a reality”. And, to make that a reality soon, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to develop an app like Instagram.

But, before we start sailing, let’s dive a little deeper into what makes Instagram a social platform mammoth.


In truth, bringing Instagram stats to light is a thankless job. The numbers are surprising every time, but also change instantly due to the fact that by the time you refer the statistics somewhere, they are no longer valid.

However, if you want to understand the information, you first need to know how, when and who uses Instagram.

Just to show you the size of the platform, we’ve digged a little deeper into the most recent data entered by Hootsuite. Here are the three key considerations that we learned from the respective research:

The significant portion of Instagram users are under 35.

Video content contributes a giant part of Instagram. De facto, there is an 80% increase in video content per year, starting in 2013.

About 1 billion people can be considered an active Instagram audience – those who open the app at least once a month.

Young audiences spend more time on Instagram (on average 32 minutes per day for those under 25)

About 1 billion people can be considered an active Instagram audience – those who open the app at least once a month.

Young audiences spend more time on Instagram (on average 32 minutes per day for those under 25)

So what’s the secret?

Above all, Instagram has many faces. So even if you don’t admire the concept of Instagram, you are sure to fall in love with one of its facets.


Social networking is the main concept of Instagram. There is nothing new that has been initiated except for a focus on visual content. It is therefore essential that you know the drill before installing the application.

Connect with people you know

Share the respective content

Interact through likes and comments.

That’s enough.

One of the competitive advantages Instagram has embraced along the way has become an influencer connection – a reputation that builds and follows unknown people who share exciting content. So the focus is on the number of connections you make on Instagram.


It is difficult for some to build an Instagram app without skilled Android and iOS app developers, especially the one without putting instrumental features into it.

Instagram is primarily visual and heavily based on the sharing feature.

But guess what’s more important?

The platform, including a superb editing toolkit that you can use to improve content before you share it.


Another alluring reality of Instagram is that you can actually drive ecommerce sales through it. According to Neil Patel, around 68% of Instagram users frequently interact with brands inside the app. This tendency to make the social network the right place to promote and sell goods and services.

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Finally, you can use Instagram for messaging. It is an excel slow functionality in terms of personal communication as well as for prospects, simply because you have a direct path to connect with your acquaintances, your motivators and your brands.

Instagram Messenger is lightweight, easy to understand, and increases multimedia attachments like any other chat application. Otherwise, the good iOS and Android app development which makes it even more appealing, you can jump into messaging directly from a message you see in your feed or from a story.


If you are in awe of how to make an app like Instagram, you have come to the right place to soar!

Done right, these five crucial steps can bring your USB drive (up to something better), which will grow your application’s ROI at an exceptional rate.

So to give you a brief overview, let’s have a complete know-how about the market overview


It’s not a self-sacrificing statement that Instagram is clearly overtaking the photo-sharing platform market. And there’s a good reason for that, some of which were already listed while being the forerunner, Instagram is pretty hard to beat.

So here’s the full picture – alternate features, profitable strategies, how much does it cost to build an app like Instagram, etc. To do this, you have to do the comparison homework in the market, and more come, how the competitors of Instagram aspire to survive and make money.

Here we have listed a few solutions below for you to consider before continuing:

Flickr – It is a social network which has the capacity to put images in albums. You can simply group or upload any number of photos and send albums with just one click.

Imgur – It is a free image sharing service that delves deeper into the concept of publishing entertainment content by the community. GIFs, jokes, memes – it all can be silly, but it’s something people love and find interactive to keep in touch.

EyeEm – It is a technological hub that has a grandiose photography market. It is a platform from which the user can learn professional photography, based on a fairly simple strategy: motivate people to contribute with their photos and sell them to brands for a fee partially shared with developers.

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Developing an application like Instagram is never enough; instead, you should make it profitable. So the next crucial step is to partner with the right Android app developer or iOS geek to make your app your target market.

This is where you can experiment with channels and messages in innovative ways. As part of your marketing strategy, assume where this can generate the most significant buzz. For example, most photo sharing apps for iOS go to the App Store – the right place for photographers, geeks, and basically everyone is looking for apps. If this is your main goal for generating leads, consider compatibility with the Apple App Store from the start:

Can you develop the app that will match your target category?

Can you beat your rivals in the same category?

Do we really have to beat them?

The more answers you prepare, the better your choices.


Adhering to all the features it currently has, Instagram is an expensive solution. So, you run with a lot of risk if you decide to spend money on Android and iOS app development without proper validation.

Putting the most vital features in an MVP will help you test the product and make it more rare.

Putting the most critical features in an MVP will help you test the product and refine it further.


Planning: Prioritize the features and choose the elements that are crucial – ideally, features that should generate significant revenue. Discuss the prototype with your team of dedicated developers or hire app developers in Dubai and around the world with a proven track record to create it for you.

Predict: Based on the value of your product and your marketing strategy, guess how the MP should work.

Point metric: Simply, because of the purpose of creating an MVP is to evolve performance, think about the metric and the timeline.


Validate your th hypothesis by capturing user feedback and running a series of technology tests. You can also apply a methodology that helps to assess the effectiveness of the business, such as the business model canvas or any other. Simply put, your goals here are to determine what works best for you, why, and needs improvement.

A reminder: a successful MVP probably doesn’t mean a good product / market fit. While MVP can predict the right direction for how you should emerge, that doesn’t mean you still have your target audience.


The next step after testing MVP is to choose whether to refine it, leave it as is, or change the app completely. You should be ready to spend a few more months writing the final version of your Instagram app to make sure it proves useful.

Once the installation is complete, get started on the project with trusted mobile app development companies in Dubai, UAE who specialize in mobile app development.

Planning the deployment is another crucial thing to put on your to-do list. Depending on the strategy, you can either release all the features at the same time or set up a few major releases to keep your target audience hooked and captivated with the update.

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The big reason Flickr exists in the Instagram decade is because it has this goal of community sharing of professional photography. To stand out, you may need to consider developing a few features that Instagram does not have or is currently working to extend the functionality to the existing one.

However, before you dive into the creative part, here is a set of essential features for your MVP.


This is the summary. It’s through the News Feed that you interact with the people you follow by commenting, clicking, sharing, and making new connections. Instagram has a separate home feed with profiles you don’t follow, but they can be exciting on the contrary. The custom connections algorithm is built on mutual followers and likewise profiles.


Recently, during the main event on Facebook, it was announced that Instagram could help and roll on likes. The functionality of hiding likes is already disclosed in the market. Yet likes and shares remain the essential tool for social interactions on Facebook and Instagram. So if you are learning how to make a social media app then you must have that social element. There is just a possibility to hide likes on requests.


Ecommerce is fueling Instagram, at first. While you don’t want to put a cold shoulder on this essential source of monetization, ad functionality is a must. It offers distinctive variations of ads as well as how to buy sponsored posts. For example, you can place your posts in collections, videos, story ads, etc. Plus, it’s easy to purchase ads through the app, ad manager, or partner program.


Instagram covers text and photo messaging, but it’s a huge place to experiment. According to Digital Information World, voice searches take place primarily on mobile. So, your iOS or Android app developer uses this loophole and adds some useful voicemail features to the toolkit.


Allow the flexible search option to help your users expand their connections. In Instagram you can find by names, usernames and the description of the article is unique.


In addition to promoting interactions between users, make the app intuitive to a user. Push notifications are used as an extra feather in the hat for the successful launch of the app. Speaking of Instagram, default notifications are sent when someone likes or comments on your posts as well as when someone tags you on a photo or their story.


Did you know!

On social media, videos generate about 1,200% more shares than texts and photos. So, it is better to follow the path of Instagram live streaming which makes it easy to record and share video content. Regardless of Android or iOS app development, you can create different recording modes, set There are restrictions on the length of story videos and posting videos, etc.


Adding a location to photos and videos is made possible through the implementation of the geolocation feature. Location tags also create space for additional search functionality – for users to search for the appropriate location.


Wondering how to create an app like Instagram?

Integrate it with a comprehensive editing toolkit. Ability to personalize photos making Instagram attractive. If a good quality photograph is one of the things you pay attention to, invest in photo editing, from general adjustments to custom filters.


Let’s get to the heart of the matter: there’s one loophole in Instagram that you can fill – desktop compatibility. In the feature-flooded sea, similar features like messaging and posting are not supported by the desktop version.

It’s a great opportunity to stand out with your own social app.


Now is the time to move on to a serious note that you probably have no idea about if you are new to coding. Amidst all the questions, choose a programming language used to create Instagram

Let’s take a quick look at the tech stack behind Instagram, it’s pretty exclusive:

React Native for iteration speed and sharing, Python and Java for all features.

Amazon EC2, Route 53, S3, and EBS for capacity and load assessment.

In aspects of data storage, Instagram relies on Postgre SQL.

Django on Python is a huge choice for the web server.

So, to create an app for Android and iOS, you can opt for cross-platform development or create an app for Android and iOS respectively.


Common understanding of mobile app development will eventually help you learn how to make photo sharing app in android app development. Here is the stack chart you might find useful:

Android SDK

Programming languages ​​like Java, Kotlin or C ++

Android Studio for debugging and editing.


To generate an Instagram-like app, you don’t have to start by selecting from the tons of distinctive technologies. It’s pretty enough to know the answer to two questions:

How to create a photo sharing app like Instagram in Xcode or Swift, or probably both.

So it is always better to partner with a professional iPhone app developer and make your app compatible with iOS platform.

Bottom line: To put it all together, developing a photo sharing app is hard work. So if you want to step into Instagram’s shoes, Napollo is here to help you create a multi-functional platform that requires expertise and many hours of testing and sharpening.


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