How to Develop a Successful Travel Mobile App? A Complete Guide!

How to Develop a Successful Travel Mobile App

Who doesn’t love travelling? Don’t you? Every person loves to explore different corners of the world and experience adventure or natural beauty. For that, travel mobile applications come as a handy option. As per research, digital travel sales worldwide were around $711,944 million in 2021, and the number is expected to increase to $801,657 million by 2023.

Overall, travel mobile app development is becoming a tempting source of profit in today’s advanced world. So, if you are also planning to start a new business or want to take your business to the next level, stepping into travel app development will be a huge profit. So, let’s get started with the travel mobile app development process.

Step-by-Step Process of Travel App Development  

The most awaited moment has come when you need to look at the step-by-step guide to travel app development. We have mentioned a section below that will guide you towards the development process of travel apps which you should know, so let’s take a look!

Step 1 – Choose the Type of Travel App

First of all, select the type of travel app you want to create. There are multiple types of travel applications available, such as travel planning, accommodation, booking, travel guide, and more. So, pick your preferred app to estimate travel app development costs.

Step 2 – Conduct Market Research

Once you finalize the type of travel app, next start conducting market research to get an idea of your competitors. Doing research will help you know the pros and cons of building a particular travel app.

Step 3 – Choose the Right MVP Features

Features of an application decide its success in the coming time, so focus on this step. Make sure to include the key features into your travel app, such as in-app payment, geolocation, search filters, etc.

Step 4 – Hire Travel App Developers

After finalizing the travel idea and features, start searching for the right professionals to hand over your project. Regardless of the travel app and budget, hire dedicated developers from a well-known organization where skilled & experienced professionals work. Hiring good developers will help you remain assured of the app’s success in the coming time.

Step 5 – Start Travel App Development Process

Finally, it is time to step into the travel mobile app development process and take your business to the heights of success in no time.

This is all about the step-by-step process of ‘How to develop a travel app?’ Besides following these steps, don’t forget to include the following features in your travel app. 

Key Features of a Successful Travel App

To get the best travel app developed, you must go through some fantastic features that you must add to your app. We have noted some essential features you must keep in mind in this section, so read carefully.

Key Features of a Successful Travel App

1. Registration

Almost all applications have a simple sign-in process, and travel apps are no different. So, keep a basic travel app registration process so that users can easily sign in and get access to your travel application. Also, you can allow the users to join via phone, email, Facebook, and more for quick sign-up.

2. Geolocation

Enabling geolocation is one of the most crucial features of a travel application that help users easily locate places without much stress. Almost every user, including tourist, always prefer to keep track of the current location and nearby places, including restaurants, pharmacies, hotels, and more. In that case, geolocation is a must for your app.

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3. Search Filters

Another crucial feature of a travel application is the sorted ‘Search’ filter. Whether a person wants to search for airline tickets, city tours, accommodation, or more, this feature will be the savior. But, make sure to keep the search button easily discoverable on your travel app and don’t add too many options into it; otherwise, the user will get confused.

4. Booking & Reservation

As travel applications have already become a marketplace for travellers, including a booking and reservation feature in your app will be advantageous. Let the users easily book tickets, rooms, entertainment, transfer, and more. It will increase your app’s engagement, and in turn, result in better business profit.

5. Listings

Whether it is about booking a hotel room or searching for nearby restaurants, users always prefer to read the detailed descriptions before booking anything or avail services. That’s why including the ‘Listings’ feature is a must to let the users get a better travel app experience. Also, you can include photos, videos, reviews, and ratings for a better user experience.

6. In-App Payment

To offer users a hassle-free payment experience, include an in-app payment feature. It will facilitate the user booking process and help you gain customer loyalty. So, consider adding multiple payment options such as net banking, e-wallet, UPI, debit card, credit card, etc., to help users pay effortlessly.

7. Chat Support

Every person has a different mindset and, therefore, has different queries. So, to assist your travel app users, incorporate a chat support feature. It is one of the useful features that every travel app development company includes. The feature will keep the communication transparent and reduce the chances of misconceptions.

So, these are some of the essential features that you shouldn’t miss including while developing a travel app. If you are availing android app development services or have hired mobile app developers, ask them to include all the above features. Also, get an estimate of travel app development costs to manage the expenses accordingly.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Travel App?

When it comes to development, knowing the cost of developing a travel app is essential. Now the time has come when you must know the cost of developing a travel app. A travel app development cost ranges from $5,000 or as high as $30,000. But it is vital to know that the cost of travel app development has some significant factors that influence the overall cost of mobile app development.

The below sections have mentioned the top factors that influence the cost of travel app development, so read carefully.

To estimate travel app development cost, consider the major factors that influence the cost of mobile app development. Some of the significant factors are –

  • Application Key Features
  • Type of platform used
  • Tech stack tools for app development
  • Type of app development
  • Time required to develop an app
  • App’s complexity
  • Development location
  • Location of Developers
  • Location of Web Development Company

These are some key factors that greatly influence the cost of travel app development, so keep them into consideration while finalizing the budget.

Summing Up

Hopefully, the information mentioned above was quite helpful for you in knowing how you can develop the desired travel app.

Travelers can book their trips or plan conveniently with a well-structured travel app. As the demand for travel mobile app development increases, more businesses are opting for this digital option to develop a strong web presence. For that, we hope this article is pretty useful and help businesses craft a successful travel app in no time.

It is recommended to consult a well-known travel app development company in Dubai or UAE having a team of experienced professionals who can help you develop a good application within the promised date.

So, what are you waiting for? Tighten your belt and get started with the mobile app development process for the travel industry.


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