How to Define Target Audience on Instagram?

How to Define Target Audience on Instagram

Your target audience is one of the main factors that will directly affect your steps in your sales and social media management on Instagram. If you want to sell on your website or on social media, especially on Instagram, you have to clearly define your target audience.

In this article, I would like to talk about how you can define a target audience on Instagram. I would like to point out that you can use to define your target audience on Instagram in other marketing areas as well. First of all, your target audience is not all Instagram users. You can’t appeal to everyone, please don’t be stubborn about it. 🙂

For those, I would like to explain what the target audience is. The target audience is the names given to the user groups you want to reach, interact with, display, market and sell your products and services on Instagram. What I am talking about user groups is a group of people with common characteristics.

E.g; The target audience of an Instagram page that sells baby clothes can be as follows;

  • Those between the ages of 24 – 35
  • Those who are new mothers or fathers,
  • People who have children,
  • Those who are interested in e-bebek,
  • Internet shoppers,
  • Those who clicked the shop button in the last week.

In order to generate ideas, we determined the advertising target audience of an Instagram page that sells baby clothes. At the same time, you can create your instagram posts suitable for this target audience.

Before defining your target audience, it is important to define, analyze and understand your niche well in the first step on Instagram.

What are the Benefits of Identifying a Target Audience?

Performing audience analysis helps you produce valuable content on Instagram, crafting messaging patterns and editing address patterns, creating ad copy and ad creative. Because you will know your target audience and you will be doing everything to influence them and to market your products and services to your audience. After all, your target audience is your potential customers, right? 🙂

How is the Target Audience Defined on Instagram?

Analyze Data About Your Existing Customers and Social Media Audience

If you have an Instagram page with enough followers and haven’t just started selling, you’re in luck. Because you already have data to analyze.

First of all, analyze the people who shop from you, follow you, show interest in your products, ask questions, make comments. Even if you are starting from scratch, you can start to set a target audience using the steps I will share below.


You can set a specific age range here based on your niche. But if you are selling a product that has little to do with age, such as dog food, you can keep the age range wider.


You can specify a service area within the country, as there is no international sales on Instagram in general. If you are doing service marketing, the location is all of USA. It is quite natural for you to set the whole of USA as a location target in e-commerce. However, you can be more specific as a location target if you have a physical store or if you only want people to buy your products in-store. E.g; The target location for Wyoming veterinary clinic can be determined as Wyoming and neighboring districts.

Spending Situation and Economic Situation:

Somewhere above, the point of telling you to analyze your niche is now emerging. What are the spending and economic situations of the people who may be interested in your product or service marketing? You need to determine this. If you are selling an expensive product, it is also useful to determine this. You should consider this situation when making marketing strategy and planning. There will be no benefit to you by advertising a luxury villa to a user who is not economically strong. Or, it may not be effective in showing an affordable shoe advertisement to someone who does not prefer a brand other than expensive brand shoes with good economic status.


Here’s where the slightly more fun and detailed part begins. You need to analyze the likes, hobbies and behaviors of people who may be interested in your products and services. In this way, you can both organize your sharing plans and produce effective advertising strategies.


We have come to the point where you will analyze the difficulties and frustrations of your potential customers. Another step that will make a difference for you in both marketing and advertising will be to find solutions to difficulties and problems. In a store that sells organic baby products, you can prepare a post that families with vasa babies should choose the most types of foods for their babies with cow’s milk allergy, you can attract the attention of your audience and market your product.

Important Extras:

Educational status of your Instagram target audience, married, single, engaged, young, retired, female, male, etc. You can analyze and list the situations.

After making detailed analyzes on the above titles, we move on to the next step.

Using Hashtags When Identifying A Target Audience

I would like to talk about hashtags, which is an important step that will guide and give you an idea while determining your target audience. Let’s say you run a gym. When you write bodybuilding and fitness hashtags on Instagram, you will see thousands of posts. By examining these posts, you can create a target audience from personal accounts that share.

Analyze Your Competitors

Another way to determine a target audience is to perform competitor analysis. Make a list of your competitors on Instagram and review their accounts one by one. Examine the audience who likes their posts, comments and asks questions. After a while, target audiences for your niche will begin to form in your mind.

What to do After Defined Your Target Audience

After defining your target audience on Instagram, what you need to do is to increase the visibility of your page and show that your page is reliable. To do this, we recommend working with social media agencies. We recommend Flowline Center as the most recommended and satisfied social media agency to work with. This website is the best website to buy Instagram followers. They provide real, instant and organic followers for your account. It is safe and no password required for orders.

In this article, I tried to tell you how you can define your target audience in Instagram marketing and management. Finally, I recommend that you take serious time to analyze your target audience and determine your audience. Because point-and-shoot means growing your account on Instagram with target audiences and reaching people who interested in your products and services. Reaching these people means the road to sales.


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