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At home, my entrance is actually a hallway. So I set up a small entrance that speaks to me! Are you looking to buy Apartments for sale in Islamabad.

So today I’m not going to talk about how to turn your hallway into a room in its own right, but rather how to set up a small hallway to make it efficient and optimize storage space.

The entrance is by definition the first room you visit. And if you looking to live or buy apartments for sale in Islamabad in an apartment, it is also the place of the first impression.

In the case of a house, the front door will play this role. But if you live in a house, chances are you don’t have a small entryway. So back to the apartments.

The entrance is a place of passage, we cross it but we do not stay there. However, it should not be overlooked. Because, well laid out, a small entrance can make a strong impression on your visitors and cleverly declutter the rest of the apartment.

Install a small entrance to the house to deposit your personal belongings

Living in a small space, with no real entrance, doesn’t have to involve purses, keys, shoes and coats strewn all over the place.

At the entrance, we want to get rid of what bothers us. We want to put down his coat, leave his keys, and ditch his work cell phone. We are at home, forget the rain and work. For this, the entrance must have many small storage spaces, shelves and coat racks but on a minimum volume. Room for fine furniture.

However, be careful when placing these items on the wall. I advise you to do a test beforehand to see how your front door opens. Indeed, it could hit your new storage. And that, of course, would damage both your door and your shelf.

Ideally, on a tablet, stick a small magnet. In this way, you will put your keys in it and they will not move. Above all, you will create a storage reflex, and when you leave your apartment, you will not spend, like me, 10 minutes looking for your keys.

Develop a small hallway entrance: hang

In order not to clutter the small space, we put shelves, hooks or furniture that does not take up too much floor space. This allows you to play vertically and take advantage of the full height of your wall. I meet more and more small entrances who have chosen to create a wall of hooks as one installs a wall of frames. It is decorative, practical and at any age, you can find a hook at the right height to hang your jacket.

If the entrance is drawn by a corner of the wall, we opt for appropriate shelves and storage. If you choose low shelves, preferably take them rounded to avoid sharp corners which can injure children. Indeed, they are often placed at the height of their face. On the other hand, if you prefer high storage, select the largest possible and organize your things in attractive baskets.

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Declutter other rooms

Your driveway can be an amazing storage space to declutter the rest of the apartment. For this, one of the best solutions is to think and furnish vertically. Storage from floor to ceiling, hooks all over the wall, shelf above the door… Placing storage space above the door is often the forgotten option. It is, however, a simple and inexpensive solution.

At home, I adopted this trick in my bathroom. My laundry is therefore stored there and no longer clutters our dressing room. The solution is really practical. On the other hand, it forces you to always tidy up this space well because it is visible. Back home, we’ve gone to great lengths to fold all of our towels the same way so that our linen piles are fairly even. Finally, we bought some nice baskets and slipped the laundry into them. It is much faster, more efficient and above all it is just as decorative.

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Make furniture your own

A gold mine for furnishings. And sometimes all it takes is a small detail to create an ordinary piece of furniture. And once in a while, it is enough to use a kitchen cabinet in the bathroom or vice versa. As addicts to hacks, here are three special solutions for small entryways. I especially like the black shoe rack. This product is practical but not particularly beautiful. Here, embellished with a simple oak shelf, it becomes elegant. It’s really a detail that changes the look of the furniture. In addition, it becomes more convenient because two or three objects are placed there.

A spice rack transformed into a pocket tray. Wall shelves for storing shoes. Shoe cabinet to which a beautiful wooden board has been added.

Enlarge and install a small entrance with mirrors

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In addition, it is important to take in light and create an illusion of grandeur to improve comfort. Mirrors are therefore your best assets. Again, you will need to pay attention to the placement of your mirror in relation to your door opening. You must avoid breaking a mirror every day. However, if you want to capture the light, you must place your mirror against the front door, add a floor stopper so that your open door stops a few inches before the wall.

Have fun installing a small entrance

This small space that sets the tone for your interior decoration can also be an opportunity to have fun.

Thus, at first, your creativity can be expressed on the walls, with frames in accumulation or pretty lines of paint.

The entrance can therefore create a surprise. “Wow” is always a good idea. Because the first impression can leave your mouth open! But also because it’s “just” a passage room where, normally, we don’t hang around forever. Then you can have fun and choose incongruous colors.

You can also add a multicolored rug to the floor. Personally, I love the  felt ball mats. They are handmade in Nepal and come directly to brighten up your interior. By that, I mean without intermediaries. This is what makes it possible to buy it at a reasonable price because when I started my research, the prices at first scared me. works directly with local artisans. The rugs are made to order so that you can, if you wish, acquire a slightly more sober rug!

For my house I needed colors so I was very happy with my felt ball rug.

Then I realized it was quite comfortable. A vacuum cleaner and now it has found its place in my living room. A reading corner had just been created! And we have to admit, this rug is particularly photogenic so I’m happy that it’s no longer cluttered with my shoes.

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