How to Create Content Marketing That Will Engage and Expand Your Audience


Whether you’re new to content marketing or have been using this strategy for some time, reviewing your content’s strategic vision is always beneficial. You have to ensure that the content is relevant, creative, and captivating for your prospects and consumers, regardless of when or how they intend to purchase.

The initial step in gaining an advantage over the competition — and captivating your audience — is establishing a sound and strategic content marketing strategy.

If you’re having difficulty preparing your content writing schedule or want some new ideas to include in your plan, we have something for you.

Become Familiar With Your Audience

Having a company in this technology-driven age enables you to get a deeper understanding of your consumers.

Social media marketing analytics on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allows you to evaluate audience interaction with your brand. It also gives you a better understanding of their interests.

You may communicate with them directly by responding to their comments and adding information to your articles to boost audience engagement. So,  to ascertain their interests, you may want to publish material more relevant to them, encouraging them to interact with your social media postings.

For example, you may publish something that you like, such as a photo of your pet, and your audience will likely interact if they find this relevant, thus boosting engagement on your postings.

Optimize Your Videos

It is also essential to distribute your video material to your audience on the appropriate channels. Optimize each video you create for search engines to increase traffic and naturally grow your audience. This is how you can do it:

Include keyword phrases and transcripts
Create visually appealing thumbnail pictures
Create titles and video descriptions
Avoid repeated embedding of the same video
Increase the Number of Visitors to Your Landing page

Have you ever heard about the “20% rule”? It states that, no matter how great your content is, it won’t be enough to bring your desired results if you can’t get people to read it.

In order to make a valuable piece of content and attract a huge audience, you need to understand what appeals to them and encourages them to select your site from all of the other ones they could spend their time on.

The great news is… You don’t need very advanced SEO or PPC knowledge in order to design an efficient strategy that will increase the number of visitors who land on your website/landing page. In this article, we’re going to show you some techniques which will help motivate people into taking action.

Social media postings with targeted digital advertising can bring new audiences that fit your desired profile to your website. Include a powerful call to action (CTA) into your marketing campaign to increase page views, depending on audience priorities. For an online business with budget-conscious customers, try offering something—for example, free delivery.

Additionally, ensure that these landing pages include information for visitors who want to know how things work. For example, a digital advertisement may direct a visitor to a buy-now brand landing page consisting of a newsletter signup form or a link to your blog. By using various channels, you may increase the size of your audience. When your landing pages provide an interaction option for each visitor, your efforts to attract them will pay off.

Emotionally Connect With Your Audience

The most effective approach to connect with your audience is to relate to their emotions and comprehend what they are going through. You can also share your feelings as a brand. It assists them in realizing how they can transcend whatever emotional route they are on.

Emotions are critical in convincing your audience to trust you as a company. Therefore, it is precisely what you should do.

Create content that emotionally connects with your readers and leaves them pleased after reading it. It will create a good impression on them and inspire others to follow you on social media marketing platforms.

Your article may be exceptionally well written, with precise grammar and perhaps a fascinating subject being addressed. And with all that, if your material does not emotionally engage your readers, it is of little value. It is why you should concentrate on creating content that emotionally engages your audience and makes them feel connected to your business.

Captivating your audience’s attention does not always imply that you engage with them on an ‘emotional level.’

Additionally, you may elicit their thought patterns by engaging them in the material. For example, you oppose a certain point of view, support a particular judgment, or ask the audience how they think about the present scenario. Always keep in mind that your audience will have an opinion.

Therefore, you must identify all of the subjects to which your audience may emotionally connect. Since they understand what you’re saying, they will react to your material. Interact with them similarly by responding to their inquiries and inquiring about their perspectives.

It is your opportunity to engage with your audience and the other visitors to your website. Without providing people with anything to discuss, you cannot realistically expect them to interact on your page.

Narrate a Story

The most effective method of connecting with your target customers is to offer genuine content and tales. Customers want to hear authentic tales about how your service or product aided someone in simplifying their lives.

You may also tell tales about how your company or blog got started. Again, this is an excellent method of emotionally appealing to your consumers. This way, they will believe the narratives since they seem to be more personal.

Sharing authentic customer experiences may assist you in maintaining a genuine consumer base. In addition, your potential audience will relate to the tales posted on your social media account, thus boosting their affinity for your business.

For example, suppose you compare two Instagram accounts where one only promotes goods and services, and the other includes personal experiences that inspire others. In that case, you’ll find that the latter has a higher level of interaction from the audience.

When companies share stories about individuals from all over the globe and their clients, people are more receptive to interaction.

It is among the most successful strategies for increasing the level of engagement with your material on social media platforms. The greater the level of involvement, the more beneficial it is to your company.

Create a Social Content Calendar

Creating a social content calendar is a great way to stay on top of your content marketing.

Using social media can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to it. It becomes even more challenging when it comes time to create content for each platform! Creating a social content calendar is the best way to ensure that you are always prepared with the latest and most engaging content for your audience.

It’s not as hard as it sounds! We’ll show you how you can use Hootsuite to help simplify this process…

First things first: If you don’t have a Hootsuite account, sign up here or download the app. This will allow you to manage all of your accounts across various platforms in one place.

You’ll need to determine the timing of your material’s publication on each channel as part of your content strategy. Lack of preparation is a common content marketing error, which is why it’s critical to utilize a content calendar to arrange all of your material. It may be accomplished in a variety of ways.

For instance, you may use Google Calendar to store the due dates for individual pieces of content. That works reasonably well, particularly if you don’t post a lot of material.

While this is the simplest method if you’re publishing a lot of material and managing a content team and the production process. Then, you’ll certainly have to consider other factors as well.


As previously said, content production is not a simple job.

How can you better connect with your customers? If you’re looking for some ideas on how to emotionally connect with your audience, there are a few things you can do.

First, be familiar with who they are and what their needs may be before creating any content so that it is tailored specifically towards them. Next, optimize the videos of your social media posts by providing captions or subtitles to reach the largest number of people possible.

This will also help increase the number of visitors to your landing page which we mentioned earlier as well! Finally, create a social content calendar where all relevant data is stored such as blog post-release dates and event announcements; this will make life easier when tackling future marketing projects.

Making daily content that is good and engaging for your audience has to be one of the best content strategies. It allows you to maximize your business-customer relationship through such interactive content, where you can connect with them emotionally and customers a reason to be loyal visitors.

Maintain a frequent check on the activity of all your posts on social media and how well or poorly they perform. So you can improve your content production and ultimately create material that interests your target audience. Then, through the material you produce, establish a connection between your consumers and your brand


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