How to Create an Uber Like Apps For Taxi Business?

taxi app development
taxi app development

Let’s take a closer look at this. But before we go any farther, you must understand something critically vital. In order to create an Uber like apps that is both responsive and captivating, you must create two distinct applications.

The passenger app and the driver app are both connected to the admin portal. Among them:

Both the Passenger App as well as its companion website

Driver’s Assistant

The Passenger App’s Must-Have Features

  1. The first step is to log in or register.

Login or registration by email or social media sites is the first step for customers. They may also use their bank and credit card information to pay for goods and services on the site.

2. Booking details may be entered on this platform.

Customers should be able to submit their travel information, including the destination, on a booking interface page.

3. Preparing a Budget for Travel.

It gives the consumer an idea of how much the ride will cost before they hire the cab.

Choosing a Cab is the fourth option.

Passengers should be able to pick the sort of automobile they desire, as well as the price per kilometer or price per minute, while making reservations.

5. Keeping an eye on the vehicle

Passengers will want to know when the cab will arrive and where the driver is at all times.

6. Checking the Driver’s Ratings

It is no longer uncommon for customers to research the taxi driver’s reputation online.

7. Conversation with the vehicle’s operator

Upon arrival of the taxi, the driver will make contact with the passenger to confirm the precise location of the pickup and dropoff points.

8. Paying the bill

The rider receives an automated payment slip at the end of the trip, and all payments are made electronically. An invoice is also sent to the customer’s registered email address at this time.

9. A look back at some of the past reservations

Using this feature, customers may check their past booking history and make a new reservation on the same route that they previously made. When going back and forth from the office to your house, for example,

All You Need to Know About a Car-Driving App

  1. A driver’s profile that has been fully updated

The passenger app has a similar capability. It also includes the driver’s complete profile and current status.


This information is critical for the verification procedure, as it contains the license number as well. The recruiter will also know when they are available.

2. Notifications for Messaging

Whenever a passenger in a nearby area calls for a cab, the app notifies the driver. He must take the quickest way feasible to get there.

3. Using the Map to Find Your Way

Using a navigation tool like Google Map, the motorist may get to their location in the least amount of time feasible.

4. What You’ll Pay for the Ride

Estimates the cost of a trip, including any discount coupons that may be applicable.

5. The Cab Sharing Facility is number five.

Many cab booking providers have recently introduced the option of sharing a cab with other passengers.

If this is the case, the cost of the trip is split equally between them. However, the feedback isn’t really positive.

6. Data and Profits

It’s a brief summary of the metrics, earnings, and payroll that were generated throughout the excursions.

7. Selecting a Favorite Driver

Some people prefer to go with a driver they’ve had a positive encounter with in the past. Now that request is in your hands.

How Much the Uber-like Taxi App Will Finally Cost

The fact of the matter is that it’s impossible to offer a precise cost estimate for building a taxi app. A variety of factors come into play.

For the user, there are two distinct applications; for the driver, there are just two. The following are the most essential factors:

Both Android and iOS devices have the option of running on a certain platform. Choosing between a hybrid or native app is your only option.

The UI/UX (user experience) design

The development of the backend

coding for the web

management of a project

Adding Security Options

Assurance of quality and upkeep

It’s also critical to have an accurate budget estimate. It will cost between $13,000 and $22,000 to create a simple Uber like apps.

Finally, the pricing varies depending on the app development business you pick to complete your project….


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