How To Create An App Like Uber?

app like uber


Customers are ready to take advantage of the on-demand economy, which allows for real-time fulfillment of goods and services. The ridesharing industry has grown significantly in recent years. And, in practice, the on-demand notion may be used in practically any business. More and more enterprises and entrepreneurs are making their fortunes in the on-demand market. “Uber,” a well-known example of a taxi-hailing service that has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar corporation, is one such on-demand app.

In 2019, the company’s global net revenue was $14.1 billion US dollars. App like uber is now available in 78 countries and completes over 1 million rides every day, with a market capitalization of $72 billion. Uber is going to ascend to the sky with UberCopter, an on-demand helicopter service, after nearly dominating the worldwide taxi market. Uber like app development is something that is going to dominate the on-demand taxi industry in the coming future. 

So, if you want to build an on-demand app like Uber, go for it Because the world is ready to accept on-demand economy innovation every day.

What Is the Uber Taxi App and How Does It Work?


The user opens the app and inputs his or her destination and departure addresses, as well as the mode of transportation (vehicle, bike, or auto). The user has the option of requesting additional services.


When the driver receives the request from the user, he or she has the option of accepting or declining the ride. In this circumstance, the passenger receives all of the driver’s information, including the car number, make and model, pictures, and the driver’s rating. On the screen, the driver’s arrival time and GPS location are also presented. If the request is denied, it is forwarded to the next closest driver.


If you’re running late, the system will calculate the quickest route for you. When you get in the car, the driver will ask for your OTP, and then the ride will begin. You’ll be able to see your car’s full route to your destination.


On all taxi apps, there are a variety of payment options. Users can attach their payment cards to a mobile app with this feature. Before booking, the customer can learn about the cost of the ride, which is deducted once the ride is done.


Passengers and drivers can share their impressions of the journey. It honors and rewards drivers who provide superior driving service.


The Uber Business Model 

Because of its ability to cut fares, many taxi companies are afraid of Uber. When the firm enters a new market, not every local player survives. Uber’s profitable business model is made possible by its powerful business model.


Step 1: The passenger requests a cab using the Uber app and specifies the pick-up and drop-off locations.

Step 2: The user request is transmitted to the driver after Uber receives it. Based on his or her availability and convenience, the taxi driver can now accept or decline the ride.

Step 3: When a driver accepts a ride, the client is notified of the acceptance as well as the driver’s contact information. The client can use the app to find out where the taxi is and when it will arrive.

Step 4: Once the taxi gets to its destination, the ride is separated and concluded, and the client must pay the amount. Additionally, the consumer can rate the journey, which is useful because it allows Uber to keep track of the quality of service offered by each cab driver.

How much does it cost to create an Uber-like app?

When you create an app like Uber, you’re essentially creating three different apps. While each app development company has its pricing structure for building these apps, the cost of developing a ‘Uber-like’ mobile app is unknown.

As a result, giving an exact amount is impossible; however, consider the following to get a good idea of the estimate:

The cost of developing the most basic version of the product, which includes simply MVP functionality and a gorgeous UI/UX design, might be as high as $5,500.

A combination of basic and sophisticated features might cost anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000.

An app with all of the advanced capabilities that Uber now offers may cost anywhere from $80,000 to $85,000 to design.

If you choose to have your Uber-like app produced by us, we also provide free consultation on your business model and must-have features. To get started on your app development project, contact us for a free consultation.


Wrapping Up 

The On-Demand Economy is growing, and it’s not just for the wealthy and young; it’s also for those with revolutionary ideas. All you need is a smart concept that solves a customer’s need and the correct execution strategy to put it into action to enter this big and growing on-demand economy.


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