How to Cope When People Look Down Upon For Your Mistakes and Bad Decisions

Mistakes and Bad Decisions

Humans and mistakes are inseparable from each other. Anyone can make mistakes in life, call a bad decisions, make regrettable choices, and associate themselves with negative people. But doing this doesn’t mean that people now start looking down upon them for committing a mistake.

Good people make bad choices and so-labelled bad people with favourable decisions. Everyone can do right, but sometimes, things aren’t favourable, which results in unexpected results. In this regard, how well Alexander Pope has said,

‘To err is human; to forgive, divine.’

But you will find hundreds of thousands of people looking down upon others just because of the decisions and choices they once made in their lives. These less fortunate people have to endure a lot from others and are often found in the rabbit hole of despair. In order to strengthen all these people who have a long run of insults and are being looked down upon, the following coping ways would help magnificently.

5 Ways to Cope When People Look Down Upon You

These 5 coping ways will help you and uplift your morale against the people who look down upon you. These pointers will change your lives and infuse the energy required to grow and become mature as a person.

  1. Develop Self-Control – Don’t Reach Instantly

A lot of people would second this, that responding or reacting instantly adds more trouble to the situation, and giving a swift response in this would add more to the insult. These people want a response from you, and not responding is the best thing you can do at this time.

Let your actions, results, and accomplishments give them a shut-up call. Let all the anger and resentment rage in the way to drive to those actions that make them feel guilty for all the said words. With this being said, here are a few of the ways with which you can develop self-control;

  • The first is to find more motivation that simply helps in honing your self-control skills.
  • Regulate your character, which helps in building self-control and aids you in fighting temptation and willpower.
  • Another thing that will help in self-control is the ability to understand your emotional intelligence. This is how you can get the ability to keep your disruptive emotions under control and all the impulses in check.
  • The next way to develop self-control is by avoiding decision fatigue. It is another way to harm with which you can harness your abilities in the best possible way without letting them go in vain.
  • The following point to consider is smart goals. This includes goals that are specific, attainable, measurable, realistic and time-bound. Combining the power of these 5 factors will result incredibly in improving self-control and building motivation.
  1. Follow Your Principles for Achieving Benchmarks

Every person is required to develop some set of principles and rules by which they can overturn a difficult situation into a challenge. Despite the world being against your style, way, or perspective, you must follow the principles you design for yourself and walk on the triumphant path.

It doesn’t matter if your mistake led to some failures. But learning from adversity and transforming your life for better results in future success. Here you will need to focus on the internal, on your willpower, and the determination that sails you across the thunders and darkness of prejudices.

  1. Learn to Ignore It

You must have heard a million times that sometimes silence is the best weapon. Ignoring people who want to derail you from the track is just a vast favour that you’re doing to yourself. After committing mistakes or having a run of bad decisions, the best way to respond is by ignoring the statements they pass and brace yourself for achieving success in life.

Moreover, it keeps you from investing time and energy on the less consequential things or on the people who are not worthy of your focus and time. Eventually, you’ll see incredible results in life as you will start becoming resilient and strong in character.

  1. Be Optimistic in Life

Remaining positive and optimistic in life is another way to cope with the negative feeling when people look down upon you. In this time, inner strength, resilience, and optimism are your strongest weapons. But the struggle is real to ready yourself for being optimistic in life. In order to achieve this in life, you must have heard of several things that will be game-changing for you. However, you might never consider meditation as the one that offers real change and instils a person with the right feeling of growing in the proper manner. For example, transcendental meditation London is an excellent practice for this. The way transcendental meditation offers amazing benefits is life-saving and changes the entire game for you. This meditation practice will infuse mental clarity, reduce stress, offer untrammelled relaxation, give you the right perspective, and increase your problem-solving ability.

What’s more, it develops the attitude of being ignorant to the judgments that people pass on you. By developing this attitude, you get the power to overcome the turbulence and become an example and inspiration not only for them but for millions of others.

  1. Maintain Yourself to be Straightforward

The best way to counter the moment when someone is talking you down is perhaps by maintaining yourself and gathering yourself to be upfront. If a person talks you down or humiliates you in any way, it is right to maintain yourself and be straightforward all the time. Here are a few ways to do this;

  • Try to be assertive in behaviour, though it can be a little challenging. At the same time, you need to be direct when it is getting difficult or becoming out of your approach.
  • The next is not to feel bad when you stop someone from doing something. It is the time when you have taken a stand for yourself, and you shouldn’t feel wrong about this.
  • Never let the discomfort take over you because this is what never lets you grow and become stronger in life.
  1. Expect Negativity from People

There is something that remains constant no matter what, and this is people always talk no matter what. So, the best way to take your revenge is to expect negativity coming from people one day or another and walk away from them as far as you can. This is what shows them that you haven’t taken consideration of their foul saying while making them their own audience.

And while you make this your habit, it is easier to simply brush them off whenever they come up with anything to ridicule or mock you and shatter your positive energy.

The Final Takeaway

We live in a completely unpredictable world where the situation can be turned around at any time. The people we think of as support and guidance can storm us with negativity and prejudices just because of our wrong choices, bad decisions, and bad luck.

But here’s the thing, after every dark night and stormy evening comes sunshine and bright light. So, we must not succumb to anything happening around us and instead march forward, confronting the odds, embracing the realities, and learning with open-mindedness to become a source of inspiration for millions of other people in this world.


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