How to Convert EML to MBOX Thunderbird?

Convert EML Files to MBOX Thunderbird

If you know about the convert EML to MBOX Thunderbird in a proper solution. So continue to read the blog…

If you answered yes, you’re probably looking for a way to convert EML files to MBOX Thunderbird. As a result, we provide a simple or dependable method that will make EML to Thunderbird transfer extremely straightforward and efficient.

An EML file is a single-message electronic email file. It is also produced by several email clients, including Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and others. However, there is no way to import EML messages into Thunderbird. In actuality, it is not a simple operation. So, be calm! It becomes difficult for users to Convert EML to MBOX Thunderbird; nevertheless, with the aid of the following user question, we can better understand:

This essay was written in an attempt to address this problem. We’ll show you several dependable and simple solutions in this article.

User Query,

“I have a lot of EML files and want to convert them all to MBOX formats. Please contact me as soon as possible if you have any suggestions. Please provide a simple approach for moving those files with picture attachments and essential remarks.”

Trusted Method to Convert EML Files to MBOX Format

For Windows users, a step-by-step process is provided below. To Convert EML to MBOX Thunderbird, just follow the procedures.

  • Steps to Import EML files to MBOX format – Manually
  • Instruction to Convert Multiple EML Files to MBOX Thunderbird – Automated

Convert EML to MBOX Files – Manually

A step-by-step procedure is given below for Windows users. Simply follow the steps below to Convert EML to MBOX Thunderbird.

Step 1: Import EML Files into Thunderbird

Solution 1: Import EML to Thunderbird by Drag and Drop

  • Create a new folder, then right-click on any existing folder (in this case, the Inbox Folder) and choose the new folder.
  • Now, type in the desired name (in this case, “EML File”). To create a new folder, use the Create Folder button
  • Go to the directory where all EML files are kept on your system >> and pick the EML file. Choose a new Sub Folder (we choose New EML Folder) in Mozilla Thunderbird >> Drag and drop data from EML files from your PC to the New Sub Folder as indicated.
  • Select the EML file from the directory where all EML files are stored on your system >>. In Mozilla Thunderbird, choose a new subfolder (we chose New EML Folder). As instructed, drag and drop data from EML files from your PC to the New Sub Folder.

Solution 2: Import EML Files to Thunderbird by “ImportExportTool” Add-ons

  • ‘ImportExportTools NG’ is available for free download. Add-on. Then save the NG.xpi import-export tools to your workstation.
  • Go to the menu in Mozilla Thunderbird. Go to the Tools Tab >> Select Add-ons from the drop-down menu.
  • Press the gear icon now. Install Add-on will be installing immediately if you choose it from the drop-down list.
  • Then, go to the directory on your computer where the importexporttoolsng.xpi file is located. Click the Open button after selecting the import-export tools.xpi file.
  • To restart Thunderbird, click the Install Now button.
  • Click the Restart Now button, to restart the Thunderbird
  • In Thunderbird, create a new folder. Right-click on Local Folders and choose New Folder from the menu.
  • Give a new folder the name you like (here we have used Test Folder). Make a new folder by using the Create Folder button.
  • Right-click on the newly created folder >> choose ImportExport Tools >> choose Import All Messages from a Directory > also choose from its Subdirectories (this option will import all subfolders inside the selected folder).
  • Select the desired directories on your system that contain EML files (here we have selected EML Folder and its subfolders for importing). To use it, press the OK button.
  • Two subfolders are importing into Test Folder. You may also check the total number of imported EML files.
  • Select the Folder to view all of the EML files that have been imported into Thunderbird.

Step 2: Convert EML to MBOX Files Format

  • Firstly, go to the thunderbird email application
  • Select the import EML files folder and right-click
  • After that, choose the “ImportExportTool NG” option
  • Thereafter, select the Export Folder option
  • Choose the destination path which you save them and lastly hit on the Select Folder option
  • After exporting the file click on the rename option and enter the (.mbox) extension

Export EML files to Mbox Thunderbird – Automated

To accomplish this work, just follow the procedures indicated below. These procedures work on Windows 10, 8, 7, and earlier versions of Windows. Multiple EML files are used to test the solution. It also has additional functionality, which you can see on the blog for Convert EML files to MBOX and if you want to direct export in EML Files into Thunderbird to read our another blog on Import EML Files into Thunderbird.

eml to mbox

Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual and Automated Solution

If you want to transfer multiple EML files into thunderbird, this is not possible. But it is possible in EML to MBOX converter software.

If you are a non-technical user then you will not be able to convert well with manual solutions. But there is no need to be technical to use this software.

And this process is very time consuming, in this first you have to import EML to thunderbird then save the folder containing the EML file from thunderbird to the MBOX file. But in this software, you will not take that much time if you create an MBOX file from EML If yes, then choose the option with direct MBOX and if you want to direct Thunderbird from EML then choose Thunderbird.


Many users begin looking for a suitable solution to convert EML to MBOX Thunderbird. Because the Thunderbird email program is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, there are a variety of conversion techniques available, depending on the platform.

So, we’ve previously covered the manual migration from EML emails to Thunderbird in manual and automated in the preceding section. However, if the user wishes to migrate EML files to Mozilla Thunderbird Windows, an automated method is also advised. In addition, we’ve gone through the features for importing EML messages into Thunderbird.


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