How to Convert BMP to WEBP?


Overview: Want to convert BMP to WEBP? So keep reading this blog. At the end of this post, there is a simple solution to change BMP images to WEBP file format. Before proceeding further, let us understand BMP and WEBP.

BMP is an image format created by Microsoft. If you have used Microsoft’s paint then you will know. When you save any image in Microsoft Paint, the image saved there is saved in BMP file format. The BMP file format does not support compression. That’s why its image size is slightly bigger. BMP contains uncompressed image pixels, due to which the image quality is very good, but it also increases the size of the image.

WEBP is a modern image format that provides better lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. This file format is developed by Google, which can reduce the size of the image without losing the image quality. It mainly helps in making images smaller, better looking and loading faster in the web.

In this post, I’ll show you how to change BMP file to WEBP and explain why it’s so important. Let’s start!

Why Need to Convert BMP to WEBP?

By the way, there are many benefits to you by using WEBP images. But still we tell you about the benefits of this so that you can use WEBP images properly.

  • WEBP is a raster image file format generated specifically for online images.
  • It’s important to know this because you can view high quality images with smaller file sizes than possible in different formats.
  • Using (usually) WEBP images for your website speeds up execution and reduces data storage.
  • By using WEBP Image, the loading speed of your website remains fast.
  • Using WEBP Image, people can easily download your image. It Image size is less than normal.

Issues Faced by Users During Convert BMP Image File to WEBP Format – User Queries

User Question 1: hi! Due to my professional work I need to share some of my WEBP image files with my boss, but the problem is that the images are in BMP format and I don’t know how to convert them from BMP to WEBP. Please suggest the best way to accomplish this task. Thank you in advance. “

User Question 2:  “Hello! I have recently decided to convert my image file to WEBP format. However, I tried many ways and none of them helped. Can anyone suggest an error free solution by which Can I export images to WEBP?

Convert BMP to WEBP Format  –  Use Alternative Method

With Image Converter Software, you can export many photos to different formats. The image quality does not change even after conversion. This utility has many options that you can customize when exporting images to different formats. This ensures complete data security because the entire process runs offline. The size of the image file does not affect the quality of the resulting file, so it does not matter. Wizards are designed with advanced mechanisms to maintain image quality and provide the best results.

Now let’s first understand the data conversion process. Therefore, check all the relevant steps.

Export BMP to WEBP for Free

You can download a free trial version of Tool. It can use the demo version to understand how this application works. You can also convert the first 5 images stored in a BMP file to WEBP. When you are satisfied with the trial version of this utility, activate the license key for the application.

Convert BMP to WEBP  –   Detailed Step-by-Step Process

  • Firstly, in the process of Downloading the Software and launch the setup on your Windows machine

Download Image Converter

  • Then the user will have two options to upload the BMP file, select the file or select the folder option

Select File or folder

  • After that, select the desired option to save the WEBP file from the given dropdown list

Select WEBP Format

  • By clicking the convert button, the user can see that the process is running on the screen. Click the convert button

Click on convert tab

  • After final completion, the tool will automatically open the destination to display the output data. Complete bmp to WEBP conversion process

completed Process

Some Fascinating Features of this Software – Benefits

  • The app gives users the ability to save the output to any storage location on PC.
  • The utility has a very intuitive GUI so that any user can easily access it.
  • With this software, users will get accurate and fast results.
  • Export images accurately without loss of quality
  • The software displays all files on the interface panel. You can select and preview WEBP images for free in the software interface.
  • There are three page layout options available in the image conversion tool. The top, left, right, and bottom margins of the page are determined by the margin function.
  • The software protects data privacy during the process.
  • Move up and down as needed to reorder the images and Manage page size, margins and set page orientation
  • Maintains image quality even after image file conversion
  • There is no limit to the size of the image to be converted. and  Embed images on one page without compromising image quality
  • It provides a simple and reliable GUI platform. Now all technical or non-technical users can use this app without any guidance.
  • With this application, users can easily convert multiple BMP files in a very short time.
  • It is completely self-contained and requires no additional application configuration to complete the task.
  • You can run this software on any Windows version like Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8 and earlier versions.

So these are some of the key elements we discussed to help you better understand the product. However, if you want to know all the other features, we recommend that you use this tool.


In the above section, we explained the complete process of exporting multiple BMP images to WEBP. Here, we convert BMP to WEBP file format using SysTools image file converter. There are many situations that require the user to save BMP as a WEBP file. However, this software offers a trial version of this app before you buy it. Satisfied users can purchase a full version and activate the program for lifetime use.


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