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It’s your day to shine. It’s the one that you’ve hoped for every day of your life (for those romantics who are hopeless) or the day you’ve been preparing for for years and long and Naturally, you’d like everything to go according to plan. After spending hours deciding the color of your bridal outfit, you could be in confusion as to your makeup choices are concerned. Although it’s the responsibility of the makeup professional to inform you which colors will look most well with your dress A little bit of investigation prior to the crucial makeup test might help you. We’ve compiled you a list of lipsticks that could work with the colour of your wedding dress…

The choice of a wedding-day lipstick shouldn’t be solely about the color you match to the outfit you’re wearing. It’s important to choose a color that complements your personality and compliments your style. The shade that looks beautiful on someone else may not be as appealing on you. Even swatches can be misleading, so it’s best put the color to your lips for correct impression. Any bride who is searching for the right shade of lipstick must read this article and choose the which lipstick is best for her.

Your bridal makeup is likely to be unfinished without the proper lipstick. Because lips are the most important part of a bride’s makeup. lie , but lipsticks won’t! The correct shade of lipstick is an essential bridal makeup which can transform your look in a flash. There are a myriad of options to choose from and a myriad of shades that you’re constantly wondering what shade will look best on your skin. You’re lucky since we’ve done extensive study and have brought you shades that flatter every bride. Because red isn’t enough even when you play with other shades of lips as well. We’ve found some gorgeous shades of different colors that you can choose for your bridal outfit. Check out the selection!

1. Identify your skin undertone:

The first step in deciding on the best shades for your lipstick is to determine your skin tone , and more specifically the undertone of your skin.

There are three basic undertones that are cool, warm and neutral. Cool ones are pink, red , or blueish undertones while warm ones have golden, peachy, or yellow.

How do you determine your skin’s tone:

The process of determining yours is quite simple. It’s as simple as taking an easy test to determine the results. Examine those veins that line your wrist. If they appear blue , you have an undertone that is cool or pink and if they are green, the undertone is yellow or warm. If you’re having difficulty determining whether they’re green or blue, and seem to be a mixture of both, congratulations! There is an unipolar undertone.

2. Selecting shades based on the undertones

Choose shades of lipstick that match your undertone. Undertones with pink undertones are recommended for cool shades while those with yellow undertones should choose warmer shades. If you are a neutral undertone it is possible to pick either.

3. Be aware of the tone of your skin

We offer fair medium, olive, and dark skin shades. Find out where you are and select your lipstick shades in accordance with your skin tone.

1. Shades of lipstick suitable for brides with fair skin tones

Choose lighter shades such as nudes or pinks for an informal look. Although vibrant reds and other striking colors will look great at any time.

For lighter undertones, go for nude, red or soft mocha shades. For warmer undertones, you are pinks, pale peaches and oranges.

2. Shades of lipstick for medium skin tones

With an array of pinks, reds and browns available it is possible to rock any outfit.

Warmer undertones may be able to try hues of copper, browns and bronzes, while cooler shades can try the cranberries and pinks a go.

Sticking to shades of mauve or brown is a good choice.

3. Shades of lipstick for olive-skinned brides

The olive shade looks good regardless of what lipstick you put on. You can choose to go with the classic orange, pink, or red hues.

A shade of red and orange for a night out can make you look gorgeous.

4. Shades of lipstick for dark-skinned brides

A more intense shade will make you stand out and can look stunning. Opt for deep plums or fruity berries.

To get warmer undertones, you can choose copper and bronze hues. For lighter shades, go for deep purples and maroons.

These tips will certainly aid you in your shopping experience for lipstick. Always test the lipstick under natural as well as white lighting. You should choose someone who will give an honest opinion and doesn’t seem to be too critical. A second opinion can help you make the right decision. Be careful not to be caught up in the salesperson’s flattery. Choose an appropriate shade to wear comfortably.



When you’re sporting the color red…


You’re sporting the most adored bridal color – a vivid red that will never disappoint you. How can you give the fullest justice to the colour of your lips by wearing something as beautiful as this? We recommend picking a bare lip that will look stunning against the red. However, if you’re looking to be extravagant in a traditional bridal style Don’t be afraid to choose an appropriate red to match the red color of your sari, lehenga or salwar dress.

In case you’re in the color maroon…


If you’re doing it a bit different , but still sticking with the traditional bridal dress color like marsala or maroon be assured that you’re going to appear stunning on your wedding day as the color is always a perfect match for Indian complexion tones. For your lips to look gorgeous for your big day make sure you ask the makeup professional to choose the color that is matched to the dress you’re wearing or a taupe color which will compliment the style beautifully to avoid the overdose of maroon.


In case you’re wearing the silver…

Thank you for being courageous and choosing a color that most brides avoid. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sari or a simple silver lehenga it’s guaranteed to stand out at your wedding. If you’re looking to color your lips choose a vibrant fuschia pink to add that needed color to your outfit. You can also opt for a deep red to make your makeup look vintage. style.


When you’re in White…

If you’re planning a church wedding or are planning to wear white lehengas with flowers on your wedding day, remember that white is always the best color when you’re looking to experiment. When you’re wearing your white bridal gown opt for either a matte tangerine or an apple both of which go perfectly with your outfit.


When you’re in Blue…

If you’ve decided to go with an elegant blue dress for your wedding Congratulations for choosing something that isn’t typical. What’s perfect for lips in the look you’re going for is a red lip color – a color that will block out perfectly. You could also opt for the peachy coral shade for a more subtle look. the tone.


In case you’re in Pink…

Do you prefer pink to red? You’re not alone. Pink is the perfect option for us ladies as when a wedding dress is concerned. A dark, coffee-toned lipstick or even a rose-colored nude can do justice to your lips if you’re opting for a wedding dress in pink.

Every bride desires Pretty Pink Please in her life! Recently, we’ve observed brides choosing pink to replace their red. Pinks can be a big help and are an essential element of the makeup. We’ve compiled the top selection of pinks that you can choose as you Big Day!




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