How to Choose The Right SMS Service Provider ?

SMS Provider

Bulk SMS service is quite a recommended way to advertise your business. With its global reach, you get famous with your brand all over in Australia. SMS messaging service is a tool to communicate and grow widely. But, the question arises “which service provider to choose And why ?” 

If you have this question, great. One should understand and trust their provider before availing service from them. Also, everyone here is trying to sell themselves. In this market, choosing the right service along with the right provider is a really important thing to do.

What attributes does a service provider should have ?

A service provider needs to have your trust in it as the foremost thing. To proceed with someone or some support you should consider following factors –

  • It’s geographical reach – 

To start with, widespread use is a necessity today, not only an additional feature. Your bulk SMS should be available throughout Australia without any hindrance. Reason being it is the era where you can get customers all over the country with the help of the internet. Thus, keeping your spread at its maximum is also your duty to opt in for. Growing your business will be restricted to the point you will restrict your advertisement. In order to ensure if such a provider is right for you make sure they have that much area in their coverage as much as you will plan to opt in for. If you want to know the standardised one according to experts every SMS service provider shall have reach in throughout a country at the least. 

  • Cost effectiveness at your part – 

Spending hefty amounts does not always bring you good, but spending less than you should is not a good thing to do either. One should know upto which amount it is cost effective for them. One can calculate that by taking into consideration all the top notch service providers and calculating which has maximum features at minimum pricing. Not only trust them but try it out yourself – their calculation and if services offered are all real. Many providers though offer services like free incoming, pay per use along with no monthly  commitments and contracts policies. These things ensure you with freedom to use your credits as you desire and not be pressured of them getting expire soon. 

  • Guidance and consultancy provided –

Hire such a service provider which has facilities that will help you in real trouble. There are times when consultancy helps more than acting randomly. Also, before starting afresh with a new method of advertising or a new provider you need guidance at every step. Choose someone who won’t leave you alone. Get experts in advertising, message drafting, designing and all right with you and in the package you are opting for. That’s not an option but a mandate to outsource practically. Else, outsourcing marketing will just add to your pressure itself. And what kind of outsourcing is that where you will be engaged in issues related only. Get a service provider as a helping hand to keep you informed about the right track. 

  • Is the SMS gateway designed to be user friendly –

Make sure you are making yourself free from the headache of marketing in every possible way. Another tip for you to make that real is – never get into complex stuff. Try as many gateways as possible and opt for the most user friendly one, choose which suits your needs and your mind too. Let us first be a little more clear about the need for an SMS gateway

  1. To send bulk SMS either on spot or scheduling it for later. 
  2. To recieve analysis about delivery status, click through rates, opening rates and other interaction possible.
  3. To have all the incoming messages. 
  4. To convert emails into text.
  5. To keep your data secured and share it only with authority.
  6. To find detailed reports to analyse on. 

Before opting in you have to make sure if that bulk SMS gateway is sound and helpful enough for you or any of your employees and do not need a lot of time in learning or getting trained on it. 

  • Genuinity on basis of factual evidences –

As a user you must trust services you are availing. Therefore, making sure that it really works in the way desired is quite important. Read and research about the genuineness of your service provider. Ask for the evidence for the result they are promising. Get into detailed analysis in order to avoid issues coming afterwards. The best way out is to use your free credits to be clear about everything right before you proceed with them. Many service providers are willing to present you with a report ensuring the facts and figures of the result to describe the result of organic marketing and comparably the result from paid marketing. 

  • Features offered – 

Take into consideration all the features a Bulk SMS Service provider is offering. People tend to fall for more features at least cost and here is the point, do consider if the provider has those features in pack which are relevant for you. That is do not just get carried away with numbers, make sure those features are useful enough for you and pay for them only. Do not buy a pack with numerous features ending up hollow for you. Avoid getting stuck in word web and do not let the provider persuade you with the fact that you will need these features someday. Be clear about your plan for the next one year to a couple of years and choose accordingly. Avoid falling in – ‘I might need it someday, maybe after 3 to 4 years.’ Reason being marketing is a long term investment but paying for such features which are of no use right on point or in the coming year will affect your cost more. Hence, keep an option to opt in for those features open but do not avail for it right as you start.

Guni SMS suits every criteria 

Guni SMS is a bulk SMS service provider which stands amazingly on every need you might feel or have. It is based in Sydney, Australia and has reached all over the country for you in the most efficient way. It ensures cost friendly services with top notch easy to use SMS gateway. Neither a burden on your pocket nor a headache in your core operations. It provides you with commendable services of integration with your website or mobile application and makes things practically easier for you by automating things. Just integrate and let the customers know what all is happening with their product. 

Guni SMS service provides you with experts in content for your message and lets you communicate better with your client as it provides two way communication and tries its best to stay engaged with customers in every way possible.

Also, Guni bulk SMS services provides you with real time reports and recommendations to keep you all informed. Another best part is to avail free credits to know how well Guni SMS works for you. 

With subscribing to Guni SMS, give us all your marketing worries and let us add value to your business where you can just sit and concentrate on your core operations.


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