How to Choose the Jewelry that will suit you?


This guide will allow you to discover the different precious metals used in jewelry, to choose between fine or precious stones, and to offer the jewelry perfectly suited to each occasion. The 3Suisses experts provide you with the answers to the questions you ask yourself in order to facilitate your future purchase. .


The world of jewelry is very specialized. To choose a jewel, you must first know the small details that will allow you to make an effective purchase.

METALS Gold : Gold has been a popular metal since time immemorial, frequently used in the production of jewelry. The shade of gold is determined by the alloys mixed with the metal (silver and copper for yellow gold, copper for pink gold, etc.), but also by its purity, expressed in carats.

The higher the number of carats, the purer the gold. The best-selling gold in the world is 18 carat gold , identifiable by the eagle-shaped hallmark. It contains 75% pure gold, the rest being made up of different metals. 9K gold contains 37.5% pure gold, and is authenticated by a trefoil-shaped hallmark.

Gold plating: gold plating is a fairly old process of covering a material with a thin layer of gold. This method makes it possible to limit the purchase price of a jewel. In France, to have the name ” gold plated “, the jewels must be covered with at least 3 microns of gold.

Silver : Pure silver is easily malleable and therefore alterable. In order to make it more resistant during the creation of a jewel, it is mixed with copper up to 7.5%, which makes it solid silver . To be authenticated, it must be stamped with the head of a neck brace.

Platinum : it is the strongest metal among those used in jewelry. It does not scratch easily, making it the perfect metal for stone settings. Its color is similar to that of white gold. Generally, platinum jewelry consists of 95% pure platinum, and the rest of alloys. For a guarantee of authenticity, platinum jewelry is hallmarked with a dog’s head.


Some gems are called precious stones because of their quality, beauty and rarity. If they have such value, it is because their formation is a long, complex and entirely natural process.

Emerald, stone of hope: a green mineral , emerald is mainly mined in Brazil and Colombia. It sometimes includes inclusions (small foreign bodies), called “thrushes” which are guarantees of purity and quality.

The sapphire, stone of paradise: the sapphire means in Hebrew “the most beautiful of things”. Its colors range from cornflower blue to midnight blue , but there are also pink , orange, purple, colorless and even black sapphires. It is mainly found in Asia – Thailand, Ceylon and Burma.

Ruby, stone of passion: ruby ​​is the rarest of precious stones , and therefore the most expensive and the most sought after. It is comparable to diamond in its hardness. Today, ruby ​​deposits are practically all in Asia – Thailand, Burma, Ceylon.

Diamond, stone of eternity: of extraordinary hardness and inalterability, diamond is made up of crystallized carbon atoms within the earth’s crust, where considerable heat and pressure prevail. We measure the quality and value of a diamond on the basis of internationally recognized criteria: the 4 Cs – Color (color), Clarity (purity), Cut (size) and Carat (weight). The largest deposits are distributed in Russia, the Central African Republic or South Africa.


These are all gems that are not classified as precious stones.

Topaz, Stone of Serenity: Topaz is a silicate of aluminum and fluorine, which can be treated to develop a wide variety of colors . This stone is very popular because it is found in white, yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, purple, and sometimes multicolored. It is mainly extracted in Brazil, but it can be found in Mozambique or Nigeria.

Amethyst, symbol of strength: this stone is a variety of microcrystalline quartz. It varies from transparent pink to dark purple , and its color is due to the presence of iron. It can be found on all continents, and especially in France on the heights of Mont-Blanc.

Aquamarine, stone of the sea: this stone from the beryl family has always been associated with the sea. The term literally means “sea water” in Latin. It is the traces of iron that give it its blue color . It is mainly found in Brazil.

Citrine, symbol of calm: this stone takes its name from the French ” lemon “, in reference to its yellow color . It is part of the crystalline quartz and it is found mainly in South America. It is the heat stone.

Peridot, stone of wisdom: also known as Olivine, this mineral only exists in green tones . It may have an inclusion of its own, called “water lily” and which is a guarantee of quality. This dine stone is mainly found in South America.


Pearls are creations of living beings, derived from mollusks and in particular oysters. When a foreign body sneaks inside its shell, the animal reacts by surrounding it with a protective layer called mother-of-pearl. A good quality pearl depends on its diameter , its luster , its color , its surface , its shape and the thickness of the mother-of-pearl.

Water pearls : they are considered the entry level of cultured pearls. Cultivated in the freshwater lakes of China, they have an important pearl layer and therefore a beautiful shine. Their color palette ranges from pink to purple to salmon.

South Sea pearls : these are clear pearls whose colors range from silvery white to the purest gold . They are highly prized for their color and luster.

Tahitian pearls : cultivated in the Polynesian atolls, the Tahitian pearl is recognized for its exceptional quality and its infinite color palette. It is its subtle reflections of blue, pink, or green that give it its unique and natural character. Its diameter, from 8 mm to 15 mm, makes it a prestigious and rare gem.


A birth, a wedding, a birthday? Looking for the perfect gift? Giving a jewel is a safe bet to mark events in time.

Birth : from the silver or gold bracelet to the chain enhanced with a medallion, the jewel will remain for a baby a souvenir that he can keep all his life. The engraving allows you to set the date and personalize the gift.

The silver cup or spoon remain traditional gifts that may be suitable for a civil baptism , without religious connotation. It is not forbidden to think of the mother with a diamond pendant to symbolize the brilliance of a birth, or even of the father with a discreet silver bracelet that he can engrave with his child’s first name.

Birthday: offering a jewel for a birthday has the advantage of creating an unforgettable memory. For a man, the bracelet , the bracelet or the signet ring are very popular, and can be engraved with his first name or his initials. The silver and leather bracelet is an accessory that is both virile and sober that appeals to men.

If you are celebrating a woman’s birthday and want to give her a jewel, note that precious stones and fine stones are original and customizable gifts. The colored gemstones are very pleasant because they can be worn with a vitaminized outfit as well as with more sober colors. For young women, preferably choose thin and light moonstone jewelry.

Engagement : take the time to look for the ideal jewel for an engagement, which will represent the promise and the commitment over time . The classic engagement ring for a woman is embodied by the solitaire , a ring surmounted by a diamond of variable size and color. We can also offer a ” you and me “, a ring with a strong symbol since it brings together two precious stones, in the same way that an engagement binds two people in time.

A gold engagement ring will be the perfect jewel to make your request. Have you chosen a loner to propose to her? Be careful not to choose a stone that is too large if the bride has a manual activity on a daily basis.

Marriage : celebrating the union of two people who are committed for life, this is where the beauty of marriage lies, concretized by the exchange of wedding rings. But how to choose the right alliances? Know that a well-chosen wedding ring remains a fine, simple and timeless jewel.

However, there is something for everyone: classic or more modern, in white or yellow gold. Alliance models for men and women can be declined in rush (circular ring), half-rush (outside of the circular ring and flat interior) or in ribbon (flat ring). A wedding band for a woman can also be set with small diamonds , in a full circle or in a half circle .

Wedding anniversary: ​​anniversary stones are offered on the occasion of wedding anniversaries. They reflect the love of couples who continue to shine as on the first day. Each metal, fine stone or precious stone symbolizes a wedding anniversary year, generally the same throughout the world ( sapphire wedding , 16 years, silver, 25 years, pearl , 30 years….).

If you want to choose the ideal ring for your wedding anniversary, you will find what you are looking for in the different rings set with precious and fine stones. But you can also choose a pendant or earrings to vary the pleasures.


To keep the original shine of your jewelry for longer, be sure to maintain it properly.
Indeed, over time the jewelry tends to darken, tarnish etc…. This is completely normal wear.

Little tips:

  • Take off your jewelry from time to time, to avoid prolonged contact with the skin
    Take it off when you shower
  • Avoid putting it on when you play sports, especially at the swimming pool
    Do not keep it on the beach, the sand and the sun being corrosive
  • Store them in fabric pockets preferably

Silver: it darkens over time. It is the natural oxidation which proves the presence of solid silver in your jewel, and therefore its quality! It is advisable to re-polish your silver jewelry once a year using baking soda diluted in a glass of water, or a paste to be applied directly to the jewelry. You can also rub your jewelry on lemon, or clean it with salt water or toothpaste. Then polish it with a soft cloth.


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