How to Choose the Best Sexologist in Jaipur For Male

How to Choose the Best Sexologist for Male in Jaipur

The disciplinary study of human sexuality that includes sexual interest, function, and behaviors of a person is known as sexology. The person who is a specialized professional in human sexuality and sexual expression is known as a sexologist.

In this competitive lifestyle, anxiety, ego issues, and individualistic thinking are destroying sexual intimacy between couples. Around 6 out of 10 couples are having sexual problems between them. This is the reason there’s a greater need for professional help for solving male sexual problems.

How to Choose the Best Sexologist in Jaipur For Male

Several years back, visiting a doctor for discussing personal intimate was considered to be a taboo. But, as our society is advancing, people are getting liberal about sex and issues related to sex. People are seeking specialized doctors and taking treatment for treating their sexual dysfunctions. But with an increasing number of sexologist in Jaipur, it has become quite challenging to find the ideal hospital and doctor. 

What types of treatment Provided by Sexologist for male

The physical disorders that can be diagnosed by sexologists are: 

  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Anorgasmia
  • Premature ejaculation 
  • Low libido and 
  • Pedophilia
  • Ejaculatory Dysfunctions 
  • Male infertility

What types of treatment Provided by Sexologist for male

And the treatment involved is as follows:

  • Pharmacotherapy 
  • Injection Therapy 
  • Vacuum Erection Devices 
  • Penile implants 
  • Pelvic Physiotherapy and Kegel Exercises

How to choose the Best Sexologist in Jaipur for male

With the continuously expanding market, we know how hard it becomes to select which option goes best according to your requirements. There are specific criteria for choosing the best sexologists. Here are some points that you can use before going for your research.

Referrals of a Sexologist Clinic in Jaipur

You can always start your exploration by taking references. Your family/friend doctor will give you some options to select some options. You can ask the relative or friends for recommendations. Note down a list of doctors/clinics by taking referrals. It might be possible that one of your friends or a family member has already undergone the same treatment that you’re looking for, you can ask him for some advice as well.

After that, you can whittle it down by considering other criteria.

Research the Sexologist credentials

Research the Sexologist credentials

Once you note down the list, you can finally start your analysis. Board Certification is the foremost factor to look on. This certification will tell you about the doctor’s training, experience, and expertise in the respective field. It will give you the list of malpractice and disciplinary actions (if any) has done by the doctor in the past. You can see the doctor’s medical history, i.e., school, training, awards/certifications, and many more.

Experience of a Sexologist

Experience matters while searching for a doctor or hospital for a particular treatment. More exceptional the experience, the lesser is the chances of any mishappening and complications. You can find the number of patients who have been treated with the same male infertility issue. If you’re looking for a particular methodology, you can ask about the pros and cons of the procedure as well as the complications that the doctor has encountered. 

Specialized doctors are best able to prevent complications and try to manage them as well.

Research for Quality Sexologist Clinic in Jaipur

After the experience, the next topmost thing is to see the quality of the hospital. Hospitality, quality care, and treatments are what you need in the end for yourself or your partner. It can be neglected that the patients at top-class hospitals have lesser chances of complications. Meanwhile, you can also give the location factors a priority. Location can encourage as well as discourage the timely care that is needed for the patient. You can always look for clinics that are not much far from your locality as compared to the one that is more now in the distance.

Research for Quality Sexologist Clinic in Jaipur

Read the Reviews Given by Patients

In the present day, almost everything gets reviewed by the people. Reading what people are saying about the doctor as well as the hospital can help you to narrow down the list. Reviews provide you the insight into how a doctor practices the medications and how they operate their medical treatments on a specific case. Rating and comments on google about a particular doctor will help you in better understanding as they are genuine and unbiased. 

Look on the insurance covers. 

Different doctors accept different insurances. If you have some options listed, then these criteria will help you to taper the list. See what kind of coverage they receive, and if it doesn’t match with the hospital, then you can get in touch with your insurance company.

Personal meeting with the Sexologist

Personal meeting with the Sexologist

After narrowing down the list, the final thing to do is set up a meeting with your selected sexologists for one to one interaction. Don’t feel hesitant to make appointments with different doctors. All you need to do is make a good bond with them and share every detail of your problem because it will help the doctor to identify the issue for your male sexual problem. This will help you to see how personable they are with you, and they respond to your questions.

We hope that by going through the data mentioned above, you’ll be able to select the best sexologists for you. 


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