How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan: The Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan The Buying Guide

When shopping for ceiling fans, there are a few things you should remember. Continue reading to learn how to choose the best ceiling fan.

While most people consider the price, style and color of the ceiling fan, there are many other factors that you should consider. You should not settle for less than the best.

Consider the following factors to get the most value out of your ceiling fan: Fan size, air delivery capacity, technology used, number and configuration of fan blades, power consumption, maximum RPM, winding material, and power consumption.

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan?

1). The Fan’s Size

Ceiling fans are available in many sizes so be sure to check the dimensions. Its can be anywhere from 900mm up to 1400mm in size. Its of 1200mm size are popular and widely used.

When choosing the right size ceiling fan, you must take into account the space in which it will be installed. For large rooms, large fans work well. Small fans work best in smaller rooms.

2). Number of blades

Ceiling Fan 1

Although it may seem that the number of blades is part of the style, it is much more. The blades can be fashionable depending on the model of ceiling fan.

They are primarily there to allow airflow. As the number of blades increase, the sweep will become more powerful and produce less noise.

If your room is large, however, you might consider a 3-bladed fan. You can increase the number if the area is larger. If the fan is not needed, a fan with more blades may not be necessary.

3). Budget

Before you start looking for a ceiling fan, it is important to establish a budget. A ceiling fan that is good quality can be purchased with a budget of Rs 1500.

After you’ve decided how much you want to spend on your fan you can compare the features, sizes and accessories that are available at that price.

You can eliminate fans that are not within your budget by setting a budget in advance. In this category, the best Havells Ceiling Fan can be the most impressive choice.

4). Speed settings

The speed of a ceiling fan is determined by its rotation speed. You may have to adjust the fan’s speed for different climates in India. Ceiling fans should have more than one speed setting.

Also, some fans comes with a remote, which can let you control the speed just with the buttons. While other fans need a regulator on the switchboard in order to change the speed.

Most ceiling fans have at least three speeds, although the latest models have six. You can choose between the different speeds depending on your requirements. Speed setting was an important aspect of how to choose the best ceiling fan.

5). Fan Motor Technology

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The motor is the heart of every ceiling fan. It determines its performance. A fan motor is an essential component of any ceiling fan. However, you don’t need to be an electrician to understand it.

Fans are not as costly as new air conditioners, but you don’t want your money to be wasted. However, it is worth spending more on a fan with a higher CMM or a better motor.

CMM can be increased by using a more powerful motor. Noise and wobbling can also be reduced with a larger motor. You’ll need something quiet because this device will be on for many hours every day.

A BLDC ceiling fan motor is the most modern and efficient on the market. They are however quite expensive.

6). Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is another important aspect to consider on how to choose the best ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans use less electricity than other cooling options. It is better to check the power consumption before you buy. The better the BEE rating, the lesser energy it will consume.

7). Warranty

It is important to consider the warranty period for an electrical appliance before purchasing one. An appliance that is not working properly can be repaired by calling the company within the warranty period.

To provide an excellent user experience, a ceiling fan should be covered by a minimum of two years warranty


1). What is the best RPM for a ceiling fan’s motor?

You should be familiar with both CFM and RPM figures to get a better understanding. A fan that is good will have between 300-400 RPM, and between 4,000-5.000 CFM.

This will allow you to determine if you are getting a good quality fan. Anything beyond these numbers will result in the highest quality ceiling fan available in India.

2). Is it mandatory to use a regulator

Although it is not mandatory to use a regulator, it is highly recommended that you get one for your ceiling fan. Without a regulator, your fan will always run at maximum speed.

A regulator allows you to switch between medium and low speed modes so that your fan can run at maximum speed when it is cold.

3). Are five-blade fans better than ones with three or four blades?

Ceiling Fan 3

You need to ensure that your ceiling fan is aerodynamically balanced with fewer blades in order to be the most efficient in India. While they are quieter, higher numbers of blades can make it difficult to deliver air and perform poorly.

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4). Are bigger ceiling fans better?

The better your ceiling fan’s performance, the larger it is. Ceiling fans with larger fans tend to be more durable and can cover more space with better air delivery. If you’re considering buying a large fan, you should.

5).What is the ceiling height that ceiling fans can be installed?

Ceiling fans must have at least seven feet between the ground and the rod end. You should not reduce this distance as it will affect the performance of the fan and your own safety.

6). Is the warranty important in deciding on the ceiling fan?

The longest warranty period is the best. This will allow you to determine if you have received a quality product within a reasonable time. You can also exchange the product immediately if it is defective.

7). Is it safe for me to order a ceiling fan online?

You can buy a ceiling fan online if it is purchased from a trusted website such as flipkart, amazon, or flipkart. We recommend visiting your local market to see different models and to purchase the best one for you.

We hope this guide helped you clearing questions on how to choose the best ceiling fan.

8). A 3 blade or 4 blade, which ceiling fan is better?

In short, it is easy to locate three blades of ceiling fans in order to get optimum airflow, which performs with lesser friction.

If we talk about this, the motor load is manageable as well, and you are secured from uncanny noises. On the other hand, having four ceiling fan blades can increase the aeration and can improve the motor’s amount of load. 

9). What style of ceiling fan works faster? 

Axial can make a lot of strength input in order for it to work. They move air with a higher flow rate. It means they can perform faster. However, the airflow will have low pressure. 

10). What size of ceiling fan is ideal for a 12×12 room?

A ceiling fan with 42-inch blades can be an ideal option for a 12×12 room. Also, the size of a ceiling fan is measurable with the help of knowing the diameter of the blades.


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