How To Choose A High Quality Suit For Men’s

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It’s very hard to identify good quality clothing because price doesn’t decide quality anymore. Often you pay a high price but still don’t get quality fabric; however, sometimes, you get good quality at a low price.

Are you planning to wear a suit for a special occasion? We know it is a little confusing to select the right bespoke men’s shirt or suit tailor. Further, it usually takes more time to decide on a suit fabric quality.

Well, to ease your work, we have come up with a curative guide having steps for choosing good quality men’s suits.

Tips To Select A Good Quality Men’s Suit

1. Check the fabric

Whether you are buying a readymade suit or heading towards bespoke men’s shirts or suits, the fabric quality is a prior concern.

Never choose a cloth with a tag of “polyester,” “man-made,” or “blend.” Rather than those, go for the “100% Wool” fabric or other better ones.

Now, check out the weight of cloth because the weight varies according to seasons.

  • 7oz to 8oz fabrics are lightweight and best for hot summer days.
  • 7.5oz to 10oz fabrics is lightweight to midweight. These clothes are good for early summers and late spring season or early autumn and late summer.
  • 8.5oz to 10oz fabrics are ideal weight cloth, and you can wear them for all occasions and seasons.
  • 10.5oz to 12.5oz is a heavy cloth material. It is an ideal choice for everyday workwear.
  • However, you must avoid these fabrics during the summer season.
  • 13oz to 19oz is winter-weight fabric.
  • That is why considering the quality fabric and season you are going to wear that suit is important. Moreover, don’t forget to check the tags on the fabric for a quality suit.

2. Fitting matters

Once you have purchased a suitable fabric, now the good outfit is all about a perfect fit. A well-fitted men’s suit is the most important aspect when we talk about quality. A poorly stitched suit may create a bad impression on people, so you need to be very careful about the stitching of the outfit.

So, when you visit a tailor, make sure you tell them about fabric type, give them proper measurements, choose the buttons, and other important things for a suit. It’s simple if the suit doesn’t perfectly fit you, then why pay for it?

No doubt a poorly stitched suit looks like a cheap purchase. You might have heard one size never fits all personalities. That is why before your tailor starts stitching, cross-check your measurements at least twice.

Also, when you visit a tailor, make sure to tell them about

  • Sleeve and trouser circumferences
  • Crotch length
  • And sleeve length

As you know, getting an incredible suit depends on inches, so ask your tailor to provide an outfit as per your body measurements. It is because your body is unique and different fittings look good on different personalities.

3. Inside stitching

You may not consider this factor, but a good quality comes out when the tailor makes the inside stitch well. A good quality stitching from the inside ensures a suit doesn’t tear while wearing.

When it comes to checking a high-quality outfit, its lining is sewn by hand. For checking quality, look over the sleeves and the armhole (it must have been set by hand). Moreover, you should check the small details and ensure whether a suit is a machine stitch or a hand-stitched one.

Well, in this case, a hand stitch is better and more flexible than a machine stitch. In the end, a properly stitched men’s suit makes the buyer look great and makes them feel comfortable.

Also, if you see a suit flipped over the lapel, check for small picks stitching at its backside.

It can be done in an interlined canvas which provides you with a desirable lapel roll. However, you will get flat-ironed lapels in cheap suits.

The most important thing is that sometimes, you see the glued cloth, and other times you see the stitching. So, a high-quality suit should either have a no canvas or either a full canvas. Remember, there shouldn’t be any glue involved.

4. Be aware of frauds

You might have seen that fabric house advertises as “100% Pure Wool fabric available” on the market and the internet. However, sometimes it is not true at all.

For instance, there is a Chinese-made wool blend cloth, and it is labeled in a showroom as a “Super 150s Pure Wool fabric.” So how to get the real fabric? Well, when it’s about the suit, a tailor must order cloth material from mills overseas.

A layman can’t easily differentiate between the real and duplicate fabric. So, if you are opting for a bespoke men’s suit and shirt, then ask your tailor to order it directly from mills. It is because the market is full of duplicate fabrics.

When the price of pure wool sounds too low, there might be chances of duplicate fabric. For example, getting a super 150s pure wool cloth at $400 never seems like an original item.

5. Way of Making a Suit

Your suit making must be “Fully Canvassed” or “Half Canvassed” but not “Fused.” The way of creating is a significant difference between low-quality and premium-quality outfits. The jacket’s chest must be made up of 3 layers of materials, including;

There must be a lining inside.
There must be a high-quality fabric outside of the coat.
And the most important is a canvassing layer in between, which provides a shape to the coat.

If you see all the three layers in your suit, it means it’s a high-quality material. Still, feeling confused? You can check it on the tailor guides available over the internet.

Final Words

We hope these tips and tricks will help you to get a premium-quality, well-stitched, and comfortable suit. Also, it will train your eyes to spot a quality suit and cloth next time you visit a store.

Do you know a great suit that lasts over two decades? But a cheap outfit will tear or look old after wearing it four or five times. So, get yourself an outfit that perfectly suits your body type or personality.

Best of luck!


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