How to Choose a Fabric for Your Bespoke Suit

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Fabric is the most important thing for any type of clothing. When it comes to selecting a particular fabric for a bespoke suit, there are many good options available which you can choose from. So, it becomes hard to pick one. There are so many things to consider before choosing a fabric. Most important is the occasion whether the suit is for work, or a party or any other occasion. This post will provide you with a brief idea about different types of fabrics, to help you with your decision-making. You just need to have a little knowledge about fabrics before visiting the suit tailor, and the rest of things will fall into place. Because you don’t have to make this process complex for you. Just select what you are looking for, make sure it is comfortable to wear and looks good on you, that’s it. So, let’s get started and take a look at different types of fabrics and their various attributes.

Different types of Fabrics and their attributes

There are plenty of different fabric options available in the market. Each one has its pros and cons. Although no fabric is perfect, there is always the best match for you. So, analyzing every fabric’s major characteristics will get the job done for you. 


Wool fabric is well known for its ability to hold heat inside. Its highly insulating nature makes it a perfect fabric for the winter season. Wool fabrics are very durable, so they are immune to general wear and tear. Some other properties of wool are: 

  • Odour Free

When you wear wool you sweat less because of its property of absorbing the moisture and then evaporating it into your surroundings. Wool helps us keep our body warm as it absorbs moisture.

  • Wrinkle Resistance

Wool fabric has the property that it can regain its original configuration and this quirk of wool works best when it is in a dry state. So, if there are some wrinkles during wash they will eventually disappear as the fabric dries up.

  • Good durability

Wool fabric is structured in such a manner its fibres hold each other strongly. This makes it resistant to wear and tear. These types of fabrics can be folded thousands of times and still remain almost intact.


Cotton fabric is derived from the cotton fibres which surround the seeds of the cotton plant. It is organic and is free from harmful chemicals. Cotton fabric is very comfortable to wear. Some other attributes of cotton fabric are:

  • Softness

Cotton fabric is one of the softest fabrics available in the market. And the best part is, it still looks amazing when compared to other fabrics. This makes cotton a good choice for people who want a comfortable outfit.

  • Breathability

Cotton fibre is more breathable than other synthetic fibres. Because it is structured uniquely than other fibres. So, if you have to wear your suit for a longer period, you can go with cotton fabric. 

  • Good Absorbency

The cotton fabric also has a good absorption rate because of its structure. So, it is suitable for people who have problems with excessive sweating, as the fabric will absorb most of the sweat.


  • Linen fabric is made up of flax fibres. It is also known as Royal Fabric due to its strong historical value. This fabric is quite expensive but its high pricing is justified by the quality it offers. So, let’s take a look at some of its qualities.
    • Non-Allergic

    It is non-allergic because it contains natural flax. Flax is also helpful in treating various allergic disorders. So, if you have a problem with allergies, it can be the perfect fabric for you.


Linen is quite strong. It holds the position of the second strongest fabric after silk. With that level of strength, it is assured that your suit tailor is going to last for years without any wear or tear.

  • Static Electricity Free

Linen is static electricity free because of the flax fibres. Flax fibres when added to any type of fabric, even in very small amounts, make it free from static electricity. So, you are saved from that mini-electric shock whenever you touch your suit.


Silk is obtained from the cocoon of a silkworm. The production of silk fabric is a very time-consuming and delicate process but the outcome is worth the wait. Silk is both smooth in texture and looks beautiful. Let’s explore other attributes of this luxurious fabric.

  • Drying Fast

Silk is one of those fabrics on which you can rely on, in terms of drying speeds. This property makes it highly practical to use as you are assured that it will dry up faster and will not disturb your schedule.

  • Highly Elastic

Silk is a very elastic fibre due to which it maintains its look and form very well. If stretched within limits silk fabric can regain its original configuration. So even after some stretches, it will appear as if it is intact.

  • Shine

Silk has a luxurious sheen to it which makes it stand out from other fabrics. Silk is among some of those fibres which are elegant to look at as well as very strong and durable to use. The lustre of silk makes it a beautiful fabric to look at.


As we have gone through different types of fabrics, now pick one which appeals to you the most. Also, keep in mind the occasion as well as the vibe you want to give to people. Good tailoring skills will also enhance the quality of your bespoke suit but a good fabric is an essential prerequisite. By correctly choosing the fabric, you can make sure that the suit is according to your desired quality.

The abundance of choices makes an individual more and more confused. But, after getting an idea about each fabric’s characteristics, it becomes easy to assess different fabrics. And you can easily decide the fabric with which you want to go. So, whether you are planning for some good bespoke shirts or an elegant suit, you are good to go now.





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