How To Celebrate World Laughter Day In The Workplace


Did you know that the workplace is your strength that can help in winning the marketplace. The place where you create, form, and work on strategies to make your work win all the battles. Therefore, the integration of laughter or light moments at the workplace is of utmost importance. And that’s because your employees or colleagues will feel it like home. The more comfortable environment your workplace will have, the better it will become for your business. 

The more your people will work the better it will become for the business, as it will directly improve your sales and business. So, if you are waiting for the right time, make this “World Laughter Day” your day to start things right. But the bigger question to ask here is, how will you celebrate it? Get some custom t shirts for them? Will that be enough at your workplace? Or should you just throw a party for the day. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are some amazing ways that can help you in making your laughter day so much better.

Watching a premier of any movie

You can simply book a theater hall for an upcoming movie. Something that you think they will love. Don’t go for a romantic movie because not all of them would love to watch that. Interestingly you can ask your employees for the same. Ask the HRs to mail a Google Forum asking the name, their branch, and a few more things and very subtly include a question about the upcoming movies. This will be a survey to give you an idea as to what most people love. You can also put in the names of the upcoming movies and let them decide from the options. The most number of options selected will be your plan. How do you like that? 

Gift them some goodies

Who doesn’t love to get gifts and if it is from their manager or boss, it becomes so much better. You can look for an online t-shirt maker, someone who is better than everyone else, and let them design clothes for your entire office. You can make it like a complete package for the employees. The personalization that you will put in their gifts would make them feel better and respected. That’s one of the best ways to gain the trust and love of your employees and give them a reason to be happy on this laughter’s day.

Organize or a become a part of stand up comedy

Thinking that you have around 100 people or more in your organization, it is better to organize a stand-up comedy at your workplace. That would be a surprise for your hardworking employees. Over the past few years, stand-up comedy has taken the world by storm. And the popularity of standup comedy is something that people are more interested in. So, if you have enough space in your workstation, organize a standup comedy for amusing people. 

Organize a costume party

There are so many ways to make the day amusing for the employees but to organize a costume party, there are so many things and ways. It can be a theme party, a costume party, or something like that. Make sure that all of this is done after you have talked to the employees by any means. A costume party is going to be a light moment for them amidst the tight schedule they have. Additionally, you can also conduct a party for the hard workers and performers giving them a gesture of importance.

Appreciate them for their hard work

Do you know, one of the best things that you can do to your employees is recognize and appreciate them for all the hard work they have been doing for the company over the past years. So, be it helping them with some awards or maybe just a recognition gift- anything you believe would work is going to be a great support and one of the best things to get in return for their hard work.

 Why not give a promotion

If nothing comes to your head, just make sure that they are pleased enough for all they have been doing the past years. Those who deserve promotion in status or salary- give them what they deserve. Applauding them in front of the entire office would surely boost their confidence and others would know what they will be getting for their good work. So, why not appreciate them to motivate others? 

Host an event

Everyone needs a day off and if that happens within the work hours on a weekday, nothing better. You being the boss can make a day full of happiness for them and that can be the day of “World Laughter Day.” Isn’t it? Get custom clothes devoted to the laughter day for your employee. What makes you get more things is a team of proficient and self-motivated people. To give them a break apart from the weekends is your duty. So to make that happen, you can host an event. One of the best things about this will be the engagement of your entire workplace. The more people engage themselves in this event, the better it becomes for you. 

A motivational session

Apart from all the other things that you could do for your employees, there is a motivational session that can help people. They can make the most out of everything on this day. This can be done in two major ways, first amongst the people of your office and second you can call someone from the outside. Both these will have a great impact on all the people. A motivational session that happens amongst the people gives them a lot of clarity going forward. When they share their views and understanding on a topic to motivate each other then it makes them feel like their own.

A joking session

Nothing is better than having a laughing therapy or session amongst each other. People love to spend time and make themselves comfortable. But on the other hand, a joking session works as a therapy for many people. In this, you get to enjoy the jokes of your colleagues and make the most out of the time that’s given to you. Is there any other better way to make this happen? Just make sure that you have all the plans lined up the way you should. Make sure that none of your employees are left out. But on the other hand, being a part of the laughter day is not like a compulsion to the people. It should be their free will and choice. 


With so many different items you get to decide, things can become a bit difficult. The above-mentioned ways are just a few of many that can be adopted by you. Just make sure, it should be different and heartwarming for them. You can also go for extensive research on the same topic and get the work done. 


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