How to buy Real Estate with Bitcoin in Dubai? Your Complete Guide

How to buy Real Estate with Bitcoin in Dubai

Can we buy real estate with cryptocurrency today? Yes we can.

The new millennium has been unpredictable in the form of COVID-19 but on the brighter side, it has brought a new dimension for technology and innovation. The whole world has shifted to the Digital and cryptocurrency has seen an immense boost in this regard. Cryptocurrency is a familiar concept but 2021 has made it more known and accepted among the masses. Today, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular, is in high usage in terms of buying real estate. This means that the advancements of new millennium allow you to easily buy real estate with bitcoin.

Dubai being the safe haven for global investors and buyers, hold some high-yieldingdubai and luxurious options in terms of real estate. Also, it is the global yet stable hub of new and upcoming property projects so buying a real estate in Dubai is a great move on every buyer’s part. Dubai also keeps abreast with all the latest techno advancements and developments and it is no surprise that it has embraced Cryptocurrency as well. Today, Dubai holds many adept and famous crypto platforms that have lured potential businessmen and investors to invest in cryptocurrency, and in turn, forcing them to by Dubai property with crypto currency.

Therefore today, this blog will provide a complete guide on how to buy real estate with Bitcoin in Dubai.

How to buy Real Estate with Bitcoin in Dubai? Steps in detail

1. Buyers and Sellers agreement

The first and foremost important thing while buying real estate with Bitcoin in Dubai or anywhere for that matter, is the mutual consent of buyers and sellers on making a deal with bitcoins. If a buyer does not agree to pay in bitcoins or if the seller does not accept the payment in bitcoins then it can be a problem. Therefore, the both parties need to agree on the mode of payment as bitcoins.

2. Use a Bitcoin payment service provider- Bitpay

In terms of buying real estate with bitcoin, Bitpay stands as the most famous yet reliable payment service provider. It also dispenses its services as a Bitcoin Wallet that allows you to store your bitcoins safely and conveniently. Once the parties are agreed on securing a property deal with bitcoins, the buyers and sellers should move to Bitpay or any other payment service provider in this regard. It allows the buyers and sellers to send, receive and store cryptocurrency in a secure manner.

3. Transfer of the payment

Once you are familiar with what Bitpay does, the last step in this procedure is the transfer of the amount. Bitpay allows you to transfer the decided amount, easily and seamlessly through its system. Afterwards, the amount is processed and stored in the blockchain and deposited in the receiver’s account. If you are still a newbie in this area then we suggest you to consult with a real estate agency which specializes in cryptocurrency’s payment procedures. For instance, Cryptoforrealty in Dubai provides a full circle of services in purchase and sale of properties in Dubai with crypto currency. From townhouses to apartments, from villas to penthouses- it excels in dealing with all.

Crypto real estate agencies in this regard also enable you with instant settlements and ownership of your property in Dubai. Therefore, you can easily buy real estate with bitcoin in Dubai now as it is leading the forefront of crypto-property payments with its ability to embrace and adapt new concepts.

4. Buying real estate with Bitcoin? The future of Crypto in Dubai

Dubai has seen a phenomenal boost in its property transactions by allowing crypto currency to enter its real estate market. Global investors are finding it easier and convenient to select a property and make their payments in an instant. Furthermore, the opening of free zones for expats has paved a new way for potential buyers and investors to easily buy Dubai property with crypto currency. Therefore, it is easier now to buy real estate with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in Dubai for that matter.

Some analysts are not in the favor using crypto currency for property transactions but majority of them support this practice due to the continuous expansion and growth of Dubai’s real estate market. Furthermore, they support their argument by enlisting the clauses of transparency, fast and timely procedures and instant settlements and ownerships in this regard.

Best Advantages of Buying Real Estate with Crypto Currency

  • Cheaper transaction

The biggest advantage of buying real estate with crypto currency is that it brings out low transactional costs. In general, the banks and other third parties charge their fees when an international payment is made. But with crypto, that’s not the case. Crypto currencies successfully eliminate all third parties in property dealing and brings the buyer and seller in direct contact. Furthermore, buyers and sellers are given access to quicker and more affordable transactions. Visit for more information in this regard.

Therefore, the entire cost on the whole transaction is only 1%. Now that’s what you call a successful payment plan.

  • Quick and Timely Payments

As aforementioned, the digital world only requires a second to send a message to the other point of the world. Therefore, another one of the advantages of buying real estate with crypto is that the amount transfer is quick. Unlike the banks which take a lot of time in transferring large amounts of money, the bit coins or any other crypto currency is seconds away from their destination. You just have to transfer the agreed amount; the block chain confirms it and the amount is transferred to its desired account.

A snapshot of how CryptoForRealty helps you to buy real estate with BItcoin in Dubai

At CryptoForRealty.Com, our systems are integrated with bitcoin and blockchain technology, and run with high efficacy. This delivers beneficial results of smart work and less time consumption. Our team also takes care of the entire legal framework in acquiring and selling a property in Dubai. So you just have to select your favorite spot and leave the rest to us.

The transaction process consists of three different stages

  • Choose- select the property you want in Dubai
  • Transfer- transfer your bit coins into complete payment
  • Own- Have an immediate possession of your property



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