How to buy a gaming laptop – Tips for 2021

how to buy a gaming laptop

Playing games is one of the best things for a gamer. Their main priority is to buy the right gaming laptop so they can do gaming smoothly. Choosing the wrong gaming laptop to play games could be a disaster for a gamer. You must know at least some basic things before you go to buy a gaming laptop

Through this article, we will help you to choose the right and best gaming laptop so you get maximum gaming experience. Here are some important things you should know,

How to buy a gaming laptop – Things you should know


The GPU is the most important thing in a PC that plays an important role while playing games. Without a good GPU, You would not play high-end games smoothly, even, you have a powerful CPU and more RAM. So keep in mind that you must notice a good GPU in a gaming laptop.

The more powerful GPU you have, the more FPS you get while playing games. If you don’t have enough money to buy a gaming laptop and buying a laptop without a dedicated graphics card and still wanna do at least some casual gaming. So buy a laptop powered by AMD processor, don’t buy Intel laptop. Because AMD processor has good integrated graphics that can run most of the mid-end games smoothly unlike Intel processor which has weaker graphics card than that of AMD.


Now it depends on your budget and your work. You can get a powerful CPU such as Intel i7 10th gen or AMD Ryzen 4600H if you can spend more. Go for powerful CPU if you run heavy software, live streaming or do some heavy work.

You will not be able to upgrade CPU or GPU so choose the gaming laptop carefully according to your needs. And don’t buy a laptop without a dedicated graphics card. It would be a disaster for you. The integrated graphics card will not be able to run even mid-end games at playable FPS.

RAM – Does more RAM mean more FPS?

Now let’s talk about the RAM. We would recommend you to get a laptop that has a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. It is obvious, no laptop with a good graphics card will give 4 GB RAM. To play high end-games you must have 8 GB RAM, you can increase it to 16 GB to get few more RAM. But it does not mean more RAM means more FPS. For a budget gaming laptop, 8 GB RAM is enough and 16 GB for a high-end gaming laptop.


A good quality display increases your gaming experience to the next level. Display size is restricted in gaming laptops. But you can get a good quality display like better display type or high refresh rate display. The higher refresh rate display you have, the smoother gaming you get. We would recommend you to avoid touch screen laptop, it is necessary for gaming.


Backlighting – All laptops come with RGB backlit keyboard. Basically, RGB keyboard has nothing to do in gaming but it increases your gaming experience. The budget gaming laptop also provides backlit but it is either red or white. The premium gaming laptop takes this to another level. They provide with fascinating colours, even, you can customise it very deeply.

Key Travel – We prefer keys with over 1.5 mm of key travels, 2 mm is also good. Some expensive laptops provide a mechanical keyboard.

Macro Keys – It is difficult to get macro keys in a gaming laptop. If you get you are lucky. A good set of programmable macro keys will let you easily complete the most of common tasks you would complete in games.

Anti-ghosting is another term to be noticed in a gaming laptop. Anti-ghosting means that when you mash on several keys to perform several actions or like a combo, they will all register without any skipping.


Prefer SSD laptop to HDD laptop. SSD memory makes laptop super fast so don’t go with HDD ones. As you know, now high-end games take more storage even some games take 100 GB of storage. So you need to have at least 1 TB of storage in your laptop. Though you can also increase in later as it is upgradable

There are some laptop brands you can trust them in today’s technology. in budget gaming laptops you can go with ASUS, HP, MSI or Dell. For more budget gaming laptops there are Lenovo and Acer. TO get a premium gaming laptop, go with Alienware or Razer.

We discussed all the major points that a gamer should know to buy a gaming laptop. Now it all depends on you which feature you want more in your gaming laptop.


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