How to Build an Eco-Friendly Zen Garden in Your Backyard


A great way to get inspiration and develop any vision of a successful Eco-friendly Zen Garden is to do some prior visual research. It’s definitely possible to transform your backyard into a tranquil experience that transcends the traditional. It will bring a host of benefits like increased meditation efficiency and peace with nature when it comes to the materials used. Here you’ll discover some great tips to make your garden stand out!


Plan out Your Zen Garden Wisely

Some backyards are bigger than others and you might not be able to transform the entire space into a zen garden. Instead, you can choose and isolate a particular area to start working on. The planning phase will set the tone for the rest of the building process and here is where you make the necessary measurements and begin to bring your vision to life. 

This process is also about determining the various techniques to bring your particular design to life. Keep in mind that each project will be different, and you want to be unique. Consider the size, scope, and location of the garden relative to the amount of activity in the general area. For example, logically it would be disadvantageous to place it next to the kid’s swing set. 

This is going to be a meditation space designed to calm the nerves. Therefore, the environment should flow and have continuity to encourage these goals. Time might also be a factor so having the necessary tools for gardening will ensure you aren’t running to the store every day for new supplies. 

An Eco-Friendly Zen Garden can be accomplished by following the right advice both stylistically and scientifically!


Put Serious Time and Work into the Space

The first step in preparing your zen garden is to properly clear the space of any debris or unnecessary items. Next, you’ll want to get the exact measurements to ensure it’s the preferable size. Don’t make the mistake of just starting to decorate without establishing a logical perimeter. The edges of this space are then effectively lined with stones to really make it stand out as a distinct spot. 

This is where things get more on the creative side when it comes to mapping out your stones. There are different types on the market to consider and many opt for the smaller more manageable ones.

These are also less likely to shift and are very adaptable. A general rule of thumb is to incorporate different shapes because this is what will bring out the true beauty of any given stone. Planting the right vegetation and using the right eco-friendly soil are also important steps to bring your zen garden to life!


Decorate with Your Personal Touch

Adding some natural elements into your zen garden is fun and invigorating because this is when things really start to pop! However, it can be a seductive process that beckons you to overdecorate.

Too much clutter sort of defeats the purpose of having a Zen garden and spatial consideration is a huge part of decorating. Pond fountains and traditional fountains are both great for enhancing your garden and give an unparalleled sense of peace and a natural quality. 

They are very common in almost every zen garden and effectively draw the eye and provide a subtlety soothing soundscape. To enhance this ambiance even further, you can incorporate a bird feeder to attract many different species. There’s something magical about catching a glimpse of a hummingbird in your zen garden and regular bird-feeders are excellent too!


Use Good Quality Materials

There are many different materials to use in your Zen garden and it would only be appropriate to use good quality and cost-effective ones. A 12×12 tarp is an ideal size for your garden and can serve multiple functions. It is also resistant to grease, mold, and general deterioration because of the heavy quality material making it a really cost-effective material.

You need something durable for your garden that can be used as a solid foundation for your landscape which is why it’s important to choose wisely with a viable tarp to protect its integrity. 

The brass grommets on the corners allow for more precise control over the tarp and maximize its potential. This is such an important choice because settling on poor material can prove to be a major mistake. It’s time we all start being more conscientious about the materials utilized when planning our Zen gardens or any for that matter!


Choose Your Plants Carefully Regarding Color

The color scheme of your garden definitely matters, and this can be planned according to individual preference. However, it’s easy to go overboard with the various species, and might be wiser to settle on two or three major ones that complement each other.

Make sure to stay safe and steer clear of any toxic plants because of obvious reasons. Certain shrubs and pines that stay luscious and green year-round are a good choice because that way the garden doesn’t look dead in the winter. 

Seasonal flowers include foliage plants and flowering plants and you should have a combination of them both for the best results. In the end, it’s up to you how many flowers are present, and it’s possible to overdo this too. Somewhere in the middle is perfect because oftentimes less is more in a Zen Garden. Choosing plants that have lower maintenance will save you time and energy when nurturing them yearly.


Consider getting a Statue or Perhaps an Altar

Having a zen garden doesn’t restrict you from paying respect to any given religious practice. One of the most common is a statue of the Buddha, but you could easily incorporate a cross or keep it neutral with animal sculptures. Many people create a very beautiful altar to burn incense that fills the air with a pleasant fragrance and promotes good energy. 

Another interesting accessory to consider would be either a zen bell or singing bowls that are often used in Tibetan temples. You could even have musical waterproof speakers set up to play traditional Asian music to bring a special appeal to your garden. 

There can be multiple statues in the area, but you should make sure there’s enough space to walk around uninhibited. Another viable idea would be to install a hammock in a shaded area to lay back and relax on a beautiful day!


Set up Some Might Lighting for the Atmosphere

This is something that is often overlooked, but a nighttime zen garden is a completely different vibe if you install it correctly. This requires careful lighting and a plan to make sure it feels natural. Sometimes the moonlight simply isn’t enough and you need something to illuminate the area. Many ideas can bring this to life including beautiful torches or even decorative lighting of different colors. 

Don’t let the darkness inhibit you from fully enjoying your Zen garden at night. On another note, mosquitos are definitely not Zen. Always have a deterrent in place such as a special candle that can keep the bloodsuckers away.

This will ensure that you’re spending less time worrying about getting bitten and more time during a peaceful evening under the stars. A zen garden at night is a beautiful experience and allows you to get the most out of it for the long term!


Add a Fire Pit to Enjoy Your Zen Garden in the Winter

It simply gets too cold at some point to enjoy all the hard work you’ve put into your Zen Garden. The best solution is to consider a matching Zen fire table that serves as the centerpiece and naturally blends in. Stone textures are a good choice and they will keep the entire space warmer.

The main advantage of this is you can effectively enjoy your garden during the winter without skipping a beat. Having a source of warmth goes a long way and encourages more gatherings. 

It’s also a great way to have some solitude without worrying about freezing. Birds migrate in the winter and all the animals go into hibernation. Because of this, your Zen garden will seem empty and quiet during these months.

However, with the power of technology, you can actually simulate the sounds of life through the speakers mentioned earlier. Adding these elements will keep your space functioning and Zen no matter what!


A Zen Garden is a Great Way to Enhance Your Backyard

Having an ordinary backyard is fine, but guests will appreciate the different qualities of a zen garden. It stands out perfectly and you could even go the extra mile and have some cherry blossom trees planted.

This is a chance to express your concern for the environment and take pride in your efforts. People will be inspired by your progress and may adopt some of the more sustainable environmental practices. The style is fresh and healthy for the mind after a long day and can even increase the value of your home!



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