How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy for Education Industry

SEO in Adelaide
SEO in Adelaide

The education industry is booming even as we see the rise of many educated solutions. Colleges and universities also fight for the attention of students. Ivy League and other top schools in the world do not need marketing. Their reputation is sufficient to attract thousands of students from different countries. But many other universities need marketing to attract the right students. And to build an effective strategy, they should focus on these areas.

Create Student Personas

To build an effective content marketing strategy, it is necessary to determine the ideal student who would be the best fit for the college. Targeting every student is not a good idea in the long run. The school needs students whose values sync with the institution. They should be passionate about the program they choose. Aggressively marketing to uninterested people is detrimental both for the brand and students. The students must like the program, the faculty, and the atmosphere. These are the students who would benefit the institution in the long run. Brands can work with experts providing SEO services in Adelaide to optimize the keywords to attract the best-fit students.

Educational institutions should first look at students’ backgrounds and see whether their worldview matches that of the institution. Marketers should determine the ages, gender, and ethnicity of people who would apply to their college. The students’ motivations to apply to the institution also need to be considered. Then it is essential to find out the objections students would have against the institution. After studying all this information, marketers should develop solutions that would solve their pain points. Creating student personals helps educational firms be more targeted and particular in their marketing campaigns. Working with experts providing SEO services in Adelaide helps schools address topics that students desperately need to hear.

Segment Student Personas

The student personas have enough information about the ideal student. Personalized marketing based on student segments makes marketing more effective. Each student has unique dreams and comes from different background. So, it is necessary to target students with the right message considering their financial needs, age, and other factors. Working with experts providing SEO services in Adelaide helps universities provide personalized digital experiences to students.

Students could be on different buyer journeys. Some students could have expressed interest in the program but have not applied to it. Writing personalized emails and sharing student success stories will convince them about the institution. Some students would have already applied to the institution. To keep them interested, educational institutions should provide financial aid counselling and video meetings that focus on building trust and faith in the institution. Marketers should focus on establishing credibility through the website when they do SEO in Adelaide.

Then there are admitted students. Marketers should focus on keeping them loyal to the school and ensure that they do not drop out midway. Orientation programs and student meetup sessions will help educational institutions retain students.

Focus on YouTube Marketing

Teens who are considering college consume a lot of YouTube content. So, it would prove too costly to neglect YouTube marketing. Schools and educational institutions need to create video content that captures the college experience. Students always need good teachers who explain concepts in a simplified manner using many illustrations. So, schools should use video content to teach them about their initiation into college life. Using motion graphics and animations attract students to enrol in the program. Marketers should include YouTube marketing in their checklist when they do SEO in Adelaide.

Short-form videos capture the attention of students instantly. Universities can include videos on their website that provide a video tour of the campus. Additionally, they can address frequently asked questions and introduce the faculty in various departments. Marketers should identify the common questions people ask about schools when they do SEO in Adelaide. Then they can address these topics in the FAQ section or through videos.

Social Media Interaction

Social media is a good place to connect with the target audience, as it has vibrant youth communities. University candidates are there on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Universities should target these students by understanding their needs and interacting with them. Platforms like Facebook allow marketers to filter people according to age, gender, and location. These tools help attract the right students to schools. Some students also use social media tools to find universities that meet their criteria. So, education brands should include social media interaction in their strategy.

Publish Evergreen Content

Evergreen content provides enormous value to students for a long time. Such information stands the test of time and does not need frequent revisions. Unlike blogs that need to be regularly updated, evergreen content appeals to the audience at all times. It also helps universities find a place in the search rankings. These blogs get numerous shares from students who find them helpful and get a ranking boost.

Universities and educational institutions should have how-to articles in their blog section. These articles should discuss time management, teach study skills and help students save money in college. Evergreen content also allows universities to highlight their strengths and show students how they fare against their competitors. It should also talk about other colleges and various standardized tests.


The education industry is all about creating value. Students judge schools based on the value they add to their daily life. As such, the focus of education brands should be on imparting knowledge and skills that help students navigate through life. When they do that, they will get more outreach.

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