How to Build a Community for your NFT Project?

NFT Community

Building a community for your NFT project is the best thing you can do to make your NFT project a complete success. NFTs don’t have customers. They have communities. Therefore, you should not chase likes, followers, and subscribers, but your ultimate goal is to find like-minded people who are interested in your project.  

There is no doubt social media started its journey as a platform that connects people. Still, now it is a platform to build a reliable community for a business irrespective of whether it is an NFT or an educational course. 

Before you partner with an agency that promises you NFT community management services, here’s what you need to know to ensure that you can build a thriving community for your project. 

In this blog, we will help you understand how you can build an NFT community for your project. 

Social Media is Not a Number’s Game Anymore

The first and foremost thing you need to understand about social media is it is not a numbers game anymore. There is no point in having 1000 followers on Twitter, and you only get 2 likes and the same retweets for your post. 

Brands that are succeeding on social media these days are not chasing numbers, but they are chasing brand engagement as they want people to love them and not follow them. 

When launching your first digital asset, you don’t have any option left other than social media. Therefore, you cannot afford to miss a chance that brings you closer to your prospective investors. 

Apart from that, it is also essential for you to understand that NFTs can help you increase your online visibility for your project, which is impossible on any other platform. Moreover, building a successful NFT community also offers higher retention rates and creates an engaging environment where your NFT holders can have fun. 

But before you learn how to build a social media community for your project, here are some of the basics you need to understand before building a social media community. 

  • A website that acts as the face of your NFTs brand.
  • Building your social media presence on platforms like discord, telegram, and Twitter. 
  • Producing relevant content for social media platforms and hosting rewards, giveaways, and e-mailers to engage your community. 

Advantages of Building a Social Media Community

Building a community on social media doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and consistent effort; therefore, you must ensure that you can build a social media community for your project easily. 

Here are some of the best advantages of online building a social media community.

1: It helps you improve your organic search rankings

The first and foremost advantage of building a community for your project is that it helps you easily improve your organic search rankings. The more you post on social media, the more you have a chance of increasing your success. 

2: It Encourages your Brands’s Interactions

Communities run on interactions. Therefore, you can encourage communications with your business. You also get a chance to establish a solid relationship with your customers. Therefore, you have a great chance of encouraging your NFT holders and improving your chances of success. 

3: Add a Personality to your NFT

Having an online community for your business gives a personality to your brand. Therefore, you can show your NFTs to like-minded people interested in purchasing your NFTs. 

When you build an NFT community for your project, you have a chance to share your values and ethics and build an identity for your business. In the digital age, it is essential to have a community for your business as it helps you get an edge over your competitors. 

4: Transform your NFT Holders into Loyal Brand Advocates

A community is where your target audience feels a sense of belonging. Therefore, you have a great chance of sticking them to your business. When building a community for your project, you must ensure that everyone with you is always with you. You also have a chance to get recommendations; moreover, your target audience would love to become your brand ambassadors; therefore, it will play a vital role in driving value.

5: Get Reputation for Your NFT Project

A prominent concern for most NFT projects is that NFT investors or collectors don’t showcase trust. Due to the hype created by the NFT world, the number of scam projects in the NFT world is increasing every day. 

When you start building a community for your NFTs before your launch, your target audience gets some time to understand your project. 

Well, you cannot get up one day, launch your NFT project, sell your NFTs, and that’s it. 

That’s not how it works?

You have to understand from your NFT investor’s perspective too. Why would someone invest their ethereum or cryptocurrency in an NFT project with zero reputation and value? 

Community building gives your NFT brand the value it deserves; therefore, you get a chance to build a reputation for your NFTs and help you attract potential NFT clients to your business. 

Now that you know the importance of building a community for your NFT project let us understand how you can build a successful community for your NFTs. 

The Ultimate Guide To Build Your NFT Community

Be Resilient

When the concern is building a community for your NFT project, you must commit to posting engaging content daily. Your job doesn’t end here, as you have to also connect with your community to elevate your NFTs social media presence. 

You must learn how to give positive feedback to your commenters and appreciate their responsiveness to your business. Posting regular and crispy content is one of the best ways to keep your customers engaged with your project. 

Be Unique

“ Be the Change you Wish to see in the World” — Mahatma Gandhi

Your social media followers are quite similar to people who live in your backyard, as they love your mission and your vision. There is no need to do what your competitors are doing because, in the NFT world, you must learn to be unique to win the market.

Whether it is a giveaway post or you want to redirect your audience from one platform to another, you must have a creative approach to grab your audience’s attention. 

Stop Following Trends

A common mistake that most NFT projects make is they chase trends, and therefore they forget their purpose, which is of no use. If your social media campaign has no purpose with the storyline of your NFTs, then there is no point in building a community for your project on the social media platform. You cannot be a random project that links itself with other projects. 

Focus on Relationships

Why do you visit social media? To consume content? 


The same is what your customers expect from your end too. When you are posting something, your community members must enjoy your post. Therefore, you must focus on relationships, and if even one of your followers is putting effort even, you must not miss a chance to engage

There must not be any comments or DMs that should go unanswered, or there should be no instance where you miss out on going unliked. Maintaining constant engagement with your audience will ensure that your customers will get a chance to develop trust with your brand. 

It will also help them distinguish the fact and understand who is here to maintain a strong relationship and who just wants to make a quick sale and run away with the entire money. 

Every Post Must Have a Message to Tell 

The old days are gone when people used to follow a brand that only posted about their projects. Your social media posting must not be promotional and should also focus on engaging your followers within your content. 

When the concern is about NFTs, you have to focus on posting content that your target audience finds relevant and has something associated with their daily life. You should not partner with an NFT community management agency that only prioritizes daily posting and does not on building a loyal community. 

Host AMA Sessions Within Your Community

One of the best advantages of hosting Q&A or AMA sessions within your community is you allow your followers to directly connect with project creators. When you host Q&A sessions, you get a chance to keep your fans connected with your business. 

Host Giveaways and Referral Drives

Well, if you are looking for one of the easiest ways to connect with your followers on social media, then it is a giveaway. Nowadays, it is hard to find an NFT social media campaign that doesn’t have giveaways within its social media calendar. Giveaways attract new audiences; therefore, you should keep giveaways in your mind when the concern is promoting your NFTs. You can also host referral drives where you can ask your NFT holders to drive new holders and get a chance to win a free NFT from your project. 

Make your NFT Holders Feel Special 

Whether you are an NFT creator or an NFT holder, we all love to enjoy free publicity. You can take advantage of this fantasy by taking some content from your post and posting it on your NFT brand’s social media profile and making the most of your content. Following this strategy has two advantages: firstly, you get free content, and secondly, you get a chance to see your followers. 

Shortlist Your Platforms To Build your NFT Community

1: Facebook

When the concern is building a community for your NFT project, Facebook is one of the most common platforms that will strike your mind. Most of the NFT projects these days are using Facebook groups as it helps them attract new customers with the help of exclusive content and community support. Moreover, it is also quite easy to run a Facebook community compared to any other platform. Facebook has the largest audience in the digital age; therefore, you shouldn’t miss out on building a community for your NFT project. 

2: Instagram 

Instagram is popular for its visually appealing feature; therefore, Instagram must be present on your to-do list when the concern is about building a community for your project. Building a community on Instagram is not easy, but if done right, you have a great chance to get appealing rewards. 

When building your community on Instagram, you must ensure that you seek out people who are interested in your project. According to recent research, Instagram’s audience doesn’t have any problem scrolling promotional content if a good story is attached to the post. 

3: Discord

By far, Discord is one of the best platforms to build a successful NFT community for your project. One of the key reasons discord is ahead of all other projects is its unique features. You can add bots in discord, give roles to your holders, add custom emojis, host live events, songs, and games, and there is so much that makes discord an ideal platform for building an NFT community for your project. 

When building an NFT discord community, you need to be professional, and you should also not miss a chance to be funny, as it will help you make the most from your discord server. You have to create relevant channels and set permissions professionally to ensure that there are no chances that your discord server is exposed to malware or hackers who can spoil the community of your NFT project.

Hiring A Professional NFT Community Marketing Agency

Does building a community for your project look daunting? You can hire a professional NFT community marketing agency to help establish and moderate your community on discord. 

You can partner with Eon8, which provides exceptional community management services for your NFT project. They have a wide range of NFT marketing experience and have successfully promoted 25+ NFT marketing projects; therefore, they are the best in the business. 

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