How to Boost Navigation at Trade Show Events?

Trade Show Events

Trade show events require months of planning for an event of a few days. An important point that can undermine the overall success of the event is poor navigation planning. Thousands of attendees usually explore such events, and hundreds of big and small stalls are placed there. Visiting every place and stall might not be possible for everyone, so people often only explore their interests.

However, if the navigation is not planned smoothly and communicated with attendees, they can lose their way. The scenario can lead to a waste of time and a poor experience for attendees. So navigation planning and communication should be an important part of trade show events.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn and explore how you can boost navigation at trade show events and follow it to ensure a smooth and successful event.

Top 7 Tips to Improve Navigation at Trade Show Events

Trade shows are mega-events that often attract attendees from various parts of the world. Checking each and everything on the venue in a single day is often impossible for attendees. A significant majority of attendees also suffer from navigation issues and miss out on important details. Improving navigation is a basic step to help attendees enjoy the event to the fullest.

Here are some of the major tips to help you improve navigation at trade show events.

1. Trained Staff to Help Attendees

Training staff to help attendees in the tradeshow event is the best strategy you can follow to boost navigation. The trained staff can greet the guests and guide them about directions, so people do not face difficulty in reaching the point of their interest. Some organizers hire events management companies in Abu Dhabi and let experts manage event staff, their training, and managing the attendees too.

2. Utilize Signage

Utilizing signage is one of the best tips you can implement to boost navigation at tradeshow events. You can set up prominent signage on important spots so the attendees can notice from a distance. Trade show events often have international attendees, in addition to a significant number of local attendees. So, you must ensure the signage is in the language all the attendees can easily understand. You can even opt for multilingual signage descriptions to prioritize the ease of attendees.

3. Install Slideshow Maps

Another important tip you can follow to boost the navigation of attendees at the tradeshow events is installing slideshow maps. You can install big screens at multiple points, which display the map of the venue in a slideshow. You can show the detailed plan of the view through the map, highlighting various directions. Make sure to highlight major sections and stalls of the tradeshow during the event so that attendees can reach the point of their interest without any hassle.

4. Develop a Tradeshow App

Developing a trade show app is the best tip and idea which will take away all the issues of navigation at the tradeshow. The apps can include complete detail and an overview of the navigation, apart from other general and critical details of the event. You can even include live navigation support to help the attendees follow their apps to reach their desired stall or section, and set up an event badge printing at the entrance.

5. Share Route Plan on Paper

Every attendee of the trade show event might not be tech-savvy. To help and assist such people with navigation, you can share the route plan on paper. You can publish a detailed map of the venue and navigation plan on the pass of the event. Even if you do not share the plan, make sure to share some important instructions and ways attendees can utilize to find their direction.

6. Ensure Real-Time Updates

Ensuring real-time updates during the trade show event is an important tip that can help you boost navigation too. You can either share the live messages on the contact number of attendees or make them install the app to check updates. The updates can be about navigation, as well as offers on various stalls. You can offer some discounts on less crowded stalls to limit the crowd from popular stalls during peak time.

7. Install Wayfinding Guides

The last tip you can follow to improve navigation at trade show events is installing wayfinding guides. You can mark the way with colored arrows to guide the attendees while mentioning the destinations heading the way. The other option is installing interactive machines attendees can utilize to search their destinations, the way, or any other information they want. You can even hire events companies in Abu Dhabi and let experts set up the tradeshow along with impressive navigation and ensure a quality experience for attendees.

Facing issues with trade show navigation planning?

The ease of the attendees should be your top priority in terms of navigation. You can hire expert event organizers to take care of the matter and ensure all the attendees can smoothly explore the whole event.

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