How to blow dryer 4c hair?


Blow-drying is an important styling technique that when executed correctly can achieve many different looks.

The biggest mistake when it comes to blow-drying hair is when the hair is not completely dry. Blow-drying African-American hair can be difficult.

While it may be easy to blow-dry other hair types; namely Caucasian hair, it is not as easy to blow-dry 4c hair because it is highly porous.

This causes the hair to tangle and clump together. This blog will discuss how to blow dryer 4c hair properly to prevent breakage.

It will also tell you step-by-step through the blow-drying process in order to ensure that you are left with voluminous, manageable hair.

Blow drying the hairs

If you’re like most African Americans, you probably didn’t learn about blow-drying your hair in beauty school or from your mom. That’s okay.

To some, blow-drying your hair may seem like something that doesn’t need to be explained in full detail because it seems so simple and straightforward, but in reality, there is a certain way you should go about it in order to prevent breakage and split ends when detangling the flyaway with a comb.

The nature of kinky textured hair makes it easily prone to breakage if not done correctly – much like when one takes their time while carefully separating each strand of spaghetti when removing them from boiling water.

Blow drying the hairs

Steps to blow dry the hairs

Wash your hairs

Using a hairdryer to dry your hair can cause damage faster than you realize.

It’s important to make sure that you’re using the right kind of shampoo and conditioner on your locks because there are products out on the market today that help to lock in moisture fending off fizziness, breakage, and dryness.

We recommend using a brand that contains natural oils like coconut oil or avocado oil for hydration without weighing down your hair with unnecessary chemicals.

This is the hallmark of healthy-looking, shiny locks just about anyone can appreciate.

Wash your hairs

Take a towel to dry your hairs

Hairdryers are notorious for having difficulty reaching all the moisture in your hair.

That’s because most of them feature a concentrator that is positioned right where you’re supposed to be aiming the warm air stream at, leaving your hair no choice but to blow underneath it if you’re trying to dry it by blasting air towards the tips.

To make sure you get all of the moisture out of your locks, avoid hand-drying them by using your fingers or by using a towel instead.

The best time to do this is when they are still damp after stepping out of the shower. When they are wetter, not only will they have more volume but because water reflects less light off drying hair making them shinier, too.

Microfiber towels are softer than cotton or regular synthetic fabrics. They are also less likely to tangle or frizz your mane due to the way that they are created.

These towels won’t promote split ends either, so you can place them just about anywhere including your bag if need be!

Before blow-drying your hair, first, let it air-dry or towel dry for a while first. By only doing this first step first off, you allow moisture to continue up soaking into your hair follicles on your locks keeping your strands healthy and shiny throughout their lifespan which means you will have beautiful hair for years to come.

Remember if you like, you can transition from air drying to using a blow dryer without worrying about damaging the health of the hair at all.

Comb your hairs

Comb your hair in a natural part before you begin styling to avoid damage from heat. Start combing at the ends of the section of hair closest to your face and work your way towards the crown of your head.

Be sure not to brush when wet. Not only is it weak when it’s wet, but you can also cause significant breakage by using metal accessories during this time.

A tool like a wide-tooth comb will be handy to untangle any knots without causing any damage or breakages to your hair.

During the shower, if you have curly hair, a great tip is to glide a wide-tooth comb through your wet hair to detangle any knots that may have formed as a result of the last wash.

Also, for people who suffer from curls and have extremely frizzy hair, it is important to massage some leave-in conditioner into each section of the head whilst in the shower as this will give maximum shine and control over fizziness.

Comb your hairs

Apply heat protectant

When blow-drying your hair, it’s important to note that you can cause a lot of damage if you’re not being cautious.

If you plan on using a blow dryer on more than just the roots, apply a thermal protectant product, such as a heat-activated spray or mousse, to keep your strands from being fried by the blow dryer.

This is especially helpful for those who have thick hair because the thicker your hair is, the longer it takes to fully dry and therefore requires extra products or other alternatives that may not be available when dealing with thinner strand types.

Section the hairs

Working in sections is a good strategy for when coloring hair. One way to keep things from getting too crazy is by using hair ties, over and over again over time, to secure wavy or curly bits of hair to the head while you work on coloring the rest of it.

Use low medium setting

It’s always a good idea to use the lowest heat setting you can on your hairdryer so as not to cause heat damage.

If you can get the same results using medium heat, then go for it. You should use the Silverbird Air Turbo Hairdryer which can reach temperatures of 230 (low), 400 (medium), and 1100 (high). My review of this hairdryer can be found here.

Use low medium setting

Bow dry

When blow-drying your hair, try to section it off so it’s easier for you to get down to business.

Otherwise, you might get tired of trying to reach all the roots of your head and could end up messing up other areas.

Also, take care not to push too hard on your hair when giving it a good brush. If you come across an area that is particularly knotty, don’t waste time brushing through then blowdrying straight away – detangle first with a wide-tooth comb before moving forward!

When done styling does not forget to moisturize and finish it off with some hairspray.

FAQs Related to the Topic

Do blow dryers damage 4c hair?

Maintaining healthy hair is important for anyone, but can be particularly challenging if you happen to be a curly-haired person.

It’s incredibly common for curly-haired females (or males!) who desire straight locks to use blow dryers; however, remember that it can be hugely detrimental to your tresses because ‘hair’ is only as strong as its weakest strand.

Remember, naturally beautiful curls are fragile and heat can do irrevocable harm like splitting ends or causing breakage.

Is it better to air dry or blow dry 4c hair?

There may be several approved methods we’ve discussed and you can use whichever one is most suitable for your hair and your style preferences.

Of course, formulas with ingredients like the Pracaxi Nectar Straight Blow-Dry Cream tend to work well for all hair types as it nourishes as it conditions and with such a lightweight formula, it won’t weigh your locks down.


Hairdryers are one of the most popular hairstyling tools available. The fact that they damage your hair if you don’t use it carefully.

If you own a blow dryer, you’re probably aware that there are tons of unique features available to use.

Now that you know that, you can get yourself a blow dryer that will work great for your hair type.

If you’re looking for the steps for blow drying natural 4c hair, then you must read the above-mentioned steps. You must use hair protectants to keep your hair safe from extreme heating.

I hope after reading this article you will understand about How to blow dryer 4c hair.

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