How to Become an Expert Graphic Designer?

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Do you want to Become an Expert Graphic Designer

Look around you. Look around.

All the things you are seeing are attractive to you. More than one name, color, design, logo, brand name, etc. will be visible.

  • The attraction that is seen in these things. Those designs were made by designers or people like you. 
  • All this work is counted in the subject of graphic designing.
  • In a fast-digital world, careers are also becoming digital.
  • Meaning, many old works were done by hand and hundreds of new works are being done by computerized machines.

The name of graphic designing is also included in this.

In this article, we will give you important information about graphic design. I have divide this article into two parts for you, so let’s get started…

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic Designing is the art and practice of presenting ideas and experiences through visuals. Which includes both visuals and text.

This definition of graphic designing has been given by the “American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)”. And Wikipedia has defined Graphic Designing as follows.

“Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, iconography, and illustration.”

In simple words, the work of presenting ideas, experiences through a visual medium is call graphic designing.

  • Under which special effects are create from pictures, words, icons, and a mixture of all to make information accessible to the people. 
  • In which the achievement of the objective is also include.
  • After studying these definitions, it is know that in the word Graphic Designing, Graphic means Visual. 
  • So, it’s all about visuals. And this visual can be anything. 
  • In which from companies logo to business card and website to letter pad.

Today our life revolves around digital media. Now take your mobile phone only. You visit various apps, websites every day. Some graphics, web designs, apps, and websites attract you and you liked them at first sight. I because of the layout which is preparing by the designers. Creating graphics is the main objective of graphic designing. 

Along with this, from the private sector to the big business and governments, it is do to make their works, products reach the common people.

Who is a Graphic Designer?

A person who works in graphic design is called a graphic designer. A graphic designer is also called a visual communicator. Which uses software on hands or on a system to create visual concepts.

A graphic designer creates a physical form or virtual art form of words, photos, icons, etc. Those who through their design convey ideas, and information to the people. There is a purpose behind conveying information or idea to the people.

Graphic designers communicate with their designs rather than through their mouths.

The main objective of a graphic designer is that the organization, company, person who has hired him. Let him do his best work. So that the concerned organization, company, a person gets convenience in achieving its objective and the message can reach the common man in the shortest possible time.

So we can say that graphic design is a visual thinking problem solver and a communicator.

Skills Required to Be a Graphic Designer

Like every field, some criteria have to be followed to work in the field of graphic designing. Different skills are required to attain them.

Therefore, if you want to make a career in this field, then you have to master the following skills.

  1. Creativity
  2. Software knowledge
  3. Time management
  4. Visualization
  5. Communication skills
  6. Team spirit
  7. The art of finesse
  8. Visual design skills
  9. Good Interpersonal Skills
  10. Ability to Work in Strict Deadlines
  11. Understanding of Typography
  12. Knowledge of Color Theory

Do you know?

According to Cisco, India will have more than 800 million internet users by 2021. This means that the demand for skilled graphic designers, web developers will increase rapidly in the coming times.

 How to Learn Graphic Designing?

#1 Take a Graphic Design Course

Students interested in Graphic Designing can pursue a certificate course in graphic design from any stream (Science, Arts, and Commerce) after passing the 12th class.

There is no need to pass from any particular stream to do this course. Therefore, any student can lead a digital life by making a great career in graphic design. In some of the best graphic design institute, an entrance test is also required before taking admission in a Graphic Design course.

Syllabus of graphic design course?

If you want to make a career in the graphic designing field, then the question may arise in your mind that what are we teach in the syllabus during the graphic designing course?

So let me tell you that the syllabus of a diploma in graphic design varies according to the university. But, generally, all courses do cover some graphic design basics. Whose information I am giving below.

  • Introduction to Graphic Designing
  • Shaping, Design & Illustration
  • Typography
  • Graphic Designing Software & Tools
  • Image Layout & Effects
  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • HTML & JavaScript
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Flash
  • Adobe Audition
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Art & Visual Perception
  • Vector Graphics for Designers
  • Graphic Designing Job Opportunity

The field of graphic design is full of job opportunities. If you are a skilled graphic designer then you can get job offers in different types of firms for graphic designing in a good package. Whose names are below?

Printing & Publishing Houses (Newspaper & Magazines)

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Graphic Design Studios
  • Website Development Studios
  • eLearning Companies
  • Web Design Studios
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Photo Stock Portals

#2 Read graphic design books

It is believe that books are a treasure trove of knowledge. Therefore, you can also take the help of books to learn graphic design.

Today more than one book is available in the market to teach this skill. You can get popular and available books in your language by ordering online.

#3 Learn Online

The trend of online diploma courses in graphic design is going on in full swing Nowadays. Therefore, you should also keep pace with the changing world. Otherwise, after staying behind, you will not get a chance again.

From online education portals like Udemy, Coursera, EDX, Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning, you can learn Graphic Design from the comfort of your home by taking admission in short-term courses to large courses.

#4 Do practical work by learning from YouTube

With the help of this simple yet effective technique, you can learn graphic designing for free. You will find many YouTube channels that are teaching graphic designing courses for free.

To use this technique, you should join any organization, freelancer, or ad agency so that the hands-on practice of what you are learning.

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Common FAQs About Graphic Designing?

Question: What is the job of a graphic designer?

Answer: The role of a graphic designer is to create visual concepts in a company. The main objective of it is to fulfill the requirements of the firm. like; One has to prepare advertising magazines, vouchers and prepare layouts for apps, websites.


Question: What is the demand for Graphic Designing in the market?

Answer: Money has increased in the marketing field. Therefore, the demand for a professional and expert designer is also increasing day by day. Since the graphic designer is associated with mobile & web technology. They get pay a good amount. Some of the main work related to graphic designing are as follows:

  • Flash Animator
  • Layout Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • DTP Operator


Question: Do I need to get better at drawing to learn graphic designing?

Answer: As a graphic designer in this digital age, most visual concepts don’t require handmade design to draw. You create graphic visuals on a machine such as a computer.

Apart from this, the type of graphics needed by the company to promote its products & services. She hands it over to the graphic designer. Therefore, having basic knowledge of drawing is always beneficial and a necessity.


Question: How to get a job in the field of graphic designing?

Answer: If you want to get a job in this field after doing the course of graphic designing, then you will have to give an interview in an organization like other jobs. Also, to be selected for the interview, it will be wise to practice the graphic designing

And keep your portfolio. With this, considering the company as your work, it is convenient to give a good package of jobs.


Question: Can I earn money from the graphic design without a job?

Answer: Yes. You can earn a lot of money without doing a job as a freelancer. If you want to live a boss-free life and want to get left as per your requirement. So you can do freelancing.

There are many freelancing job marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork. Where you can be available to people by creating your profile. Here you can charge the clients an er-project rate. Price increases are possible based on experience and recognition.


Question: Can I do a Graphic Designing course without a degree?

Answer: If you want to make a career in graphic designing, then doing a degree course in graphic designing is a great way. But, if you want to work as a freelancer, then you can start working by learning online.


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