How to be fluent in conversational Greek?


Over the previous few years, the wide variety of podcasts has increased. Now, you can locate a podcast on nearly any problem that pastimes you. But did you comprehend that you can use them to enhance your Greek?

This article has gathered the first-rate Greek podcasts for every level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. Don’t pass over all the guidelines and hints we share later on, as they’ll help you get the most out of Greek podcasts and truly improve your Greek-language skills!

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1. Benefits of Using Podcasts to Learn Greek

Listening to podcasts is the ideal way to enhance your Greek listening skills.

They provide masses of benefits:

Easy exercise on the go:

How many hours do you spend on the go? Commuting to and from work can take up to two hours per day. Now, think about turning these hours into something useful. You want your smartphone and the correct pair of earphones. Podcasts provide you with the probability to exercise Greek each time and anywhere.

Usually low priced (or even free):

There would possibly be some subscription-based podcasts with a small fee. However, the majority of them are free to pay attention to. Therefore, you can get entry to much audio cloth and enhance your Greek listening and talking capabilities at little to no cost.

Listening abilities improvement:

Listening to the native audio system may want to be your notable leap forward in your Greek studying journey. The extra publicity you have to Greek, the higher your listening capabilities will become. And don’t forget that employing enhancing your listening skills will also improve your speaking capabilities and pronunciation.

Wide range of subjects, so you can continually discover something that pursuits you
Listening to something that no longer aligns with your pursuits would be extra dull than listening to nothing. Thankfully, extra and more extraordinary Greek podcasts are being produced every day, with some of them focusing on particular topics such as comedy, social matters, or technology.

2. The Top 10 Podcasts for Greek Learners



GreekPod101 is the quickest and best way to examine Greek via podcasts. And you be aware of why? Because the classes themselves are podcast-style, which is best for novice Greek students. However, there are additionally heaps of training for rookies at any level. And the excellent part? You’ll learn, review, and exercise at an identical time. Last but no longer least, GreekPod101 additionally provides a dedicated app for convenient admission to the fabric on the go.

Greek on the Go

Although this is now not precisely a podcast, Greek on the Go has many podcast-like Greek sources as nicely as movies and daily dialogues with transcripts. It’s best if you choose to amplify your vocabulary, research everyday phrases, and get a glimpse of ordinary Greek conversations.

One Minute Greek

Can one minute of studying Greek make a difference? Sure it can! This is one of the first-class Greek podcasts for beginners, best for those who want a rapid crash route earlier than touring Greece. While listening to this podcast, you’ll analyze all the fundamentals enjoyably and enticingly.


Your Greek Word on a Sunday

If you have a minute to spare in the course of your Sunday, then take a look at this podcast. You’ll get to examine one new Greek phrase every Sunday, and the audio commonly lasts much less than one minute. Listening simply as soon as a week can merely assist you in getting nearer to your language gaining knowledge of goals, especially when mixed with different learn about methods.

Podcasts from the Hellenic American Union

The Hellenic American Union has finished a brilliant job inserting collectively this podcast collection aimed at merchandising Greek culture. Each episode is around 10 minutes long and consists of a story presenting a Greek character. This is best for Greek learners, regardless of their age, who prefer to complement their language research with mild cultural immersion.


SBS Greek

If you’re a superior learner and desire to hear world information in Greek, this is the location! The SBS Greek podcast updates its cloth on an everyday basis, and every episode lasts about 15 minutes.

Greek for the Week

This podcast, through Chris Palmer, focuses on biblical concepts, with an emphasis on discussing the New Testament in Greek. During this experience, you’ll be supplied with scripts in Greek earlier than listening to an analysis, which generally consists of many cultural elements.

Dialogos Radio

This podcast facets interviews on a broad range of topics, including the arts, culture, and even politics. What’s one of a kind about the Dialogos Radio podcast is that the interviews are provided in each Greek and English, so you can cross-check and make positive that you apprehend what you hear in-depth.


For a deep dive into Greek culture, go to GreekPodcasts. Here, you’ll discover cloth from humans who prefer to promote the Greek spirit, inclusive of deep conversations that will pique your interest.

Pod. gr

This is where well-known Greek podcasters gather, and the result is impeccable. The special section is that all podcasts right here are presented for free. You can discover podcasts in Greek that cowl a wide variety of topics, from social things to comedy and archaeology—you identify it! After all, most listeners are native Greeks who fancy diving into podcasts themselves. What higher way to maintain your listening competencies sharp?

3 Tricks to Help You Learn Greek More Effectively with Podcasts

Now you’ve received thinking of what’s available. But how can you get the most out of Greek podcasts? How can you use them to enhance your Greek?

Here are a few pointers & tricks:

Look up any unfamiliar phrases and write them down.

A small notepad ought to constantly come in handy, or you ought to even use a digital notepad for this purpose—whichever works first-class for you. Write down any unfamiliar phrases you hear, even if you don’t understand how to spell them correctly. Use Google to research their spelling and preserve notes on their that means and their use. Dedicate 15 minutes every day to fill in the excellent statistics for every word.

Create flashcards with any new phrases you hear.

Using flashcards to memorize new phrases may not be a new way of getting to know the method; however, it will become even extra useful when mixed with podcasts. After writing the phrases down, you may prefer to create flashcards so you can evaluate them from time to time. If you’re into arts and crafts, you can create ordinary flashcards with pen and paper; you should also use digital systems to store, review, and edit your flashcards.
Record your voice.

Take gain of podcasts to enhance your pronunciation, too! It’s now not solely about listening, but additionally speaking. Write down a few phrases or sentences you hear for the duration of the podcast. Listen to them cautiously and then repeat them. Record your voice and examine it to the podcast hosts’. Did it sound the same? Then you’re doing great!
Listen to podcasts whilst driving.

Are you frequently caught in traffic? Have you ever felt that your trip time used to be wasted? Well, no longer anymore! Listen to Greek podcasts whilst riding and study Greek effortlessly. You should additionally interact with your fellow passengers and study Greek together!

Adjust the speed.

Some audio gamers have a pace adjustment function. This is very beneficial for novices who choose to take a step lower back and learn about the pronunciation of every phrase in increased depth. Many college students discover that native Greeks talk too quickly, so this characteristic can be an actual lifesaver.



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