How to Backup Microsoft 365 Emails?

microsoft 365 backup

Multiple businesses rely on email communication to exchange important information with their stakeholders and employees. So Microsoft 365 comes to the mind of all to manage the email communication in a better way.

Today, companies are moving towards the cloud-based emailing platform as they think their data will remain safer. If we talk about Microsoft 365, it is one of the most widely used emailing platforms. We all, as human being, tends to sit and relax after sending the emails and don’t think about what may happen if the email gets lost. But the user needs to understand it is a good practice to take Microsoft 365 backup to prevent data loss. This will put the company in real trouble, so you need to think of implementing such strategies or some professional third party to protect your data from any future mishappenings.

This technical write-up will help you in deciding to safeguard your valuable Office 365 data.

Why is it Important to Backup Office 365 Emails?

There is no doubt that Microsoft 365 has shaken the whole world due to the cloud-based platform, which provides its users access to the data. But as the coin has two sides, the same goes with this SaaS that the data saved over the cloud can also be lost. Therefore, we have prepared a list of reasons that will insist all users think about the data safety aspect.

To Avoid Microsoft Data Retention Charges

Users should be aware of the Microsoft data retention policy that they will only store the user data for 30 days as the email flow is directly proportional to the workflow, so it means that the user anytime will get a notification of full memory. The user needs to upgrade their plan to get more storage which will cost more money.

Accidental Data Deletion

It is one common phenomenon that every user must have faced in their professional life. Users may unintentionally delete their data, which will have an adverse effect and may lose some opportunities. So it will become important to backup Office 365 emails regularly to avoid such instances in the future.

External Threats

Due to the increase in the report of malware attacks from outside the organization, your data may be at risk. So to protect from such activities, it is better to create a copy of the Office 365 account data, which will help restore in the event of data loss.

Compliance Purpose

The business needs to have access to the data to comply with the legal requirements. A company regularly goes for the audit they need the information to share with others, so keeping a copy of the Office 365 data helps a lot in those situations.

Manual way for Microsoft 365 Backup

There are several ways that users can move towards taking the backup of their Office 365 account, but not all of them offer the flexibility to schedule the backup. The manual ways to backup Office 365 emails come with many disadvantages, such as:

  • Cannot simultaneously backup the data of multiple user mailboxes.
  • A single mistake leads to corruption in the resultant backup file.
  • It does not facilitate users to resume the interrupted process.
  • Non-technical users will be unable to complete the task without the supervision of the IT expert.

So, it is evident that the conventional way of taking Microsoft 365 backup has more advantages than its limitations. Now you can look over the preferred solution, making the work easier even for the novice user.

Use Shoviv Office 365 Backup & Restore Tool to Backup Microsoft Data

It is beneficial to look for third-party software instead of manual backup procedures. Shoviv’s Office 365 backup tool is one of the utility to backup Office 365 emails in the PST file format without altering the user data item integrity. This software allows taking backup of multiple mailboxes at one point in time. Look at some of the software functionalities:

  • This tool comes with incremental backup, which is useful when the backup gets interrupted due to any external issues. It will make sure to resume the process and will not backup already exported data.
  • Its user interface is easier, and the non-technical user will find it easy to navigate through all its features.
  • Users can take advantage of the software backup scheduling features. Through this the user can automates the backup into three different time-frames Daily, Weekly, and Monthly through it.
  • The software also comes along with the filter option, which will be beneficial in eliminating the unneeded data from the backup process.

The Bottom Line!

We have gone through different reasons which necessitate the user to think about creating the backup of their account regularly. In addition, there are many ways to backup Office 365 emails, but selecting the right one makes sense. Moreover, the software illustrated above many benefits and the user can try them using the software’s free demo version.


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