How to Backup Data from Webmail Email Account to Multiple Formats?

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Do you want to backup email from Webmail email account to another suitable output format? If the answer is yes, then don’t panic because we are here to solve your all issues related to the webmail email backup procedure.

In this world of population, there are a lot of users of webmail who are looking for a secure way for how to backup data from Webmail email account to any local file formats or another cloud server email apps. Now, the main question is two that we have mentioned below:

Question 1 – How to Backup data from Webmail Account to Local Email Formats?

Question 2 – How to Backup data from Webmail Email Account to Cloud server Email Apps?

Not to worry, if you have these two questions because here you can collect the most popular Webmail Email Backup Tool suggested by a lot of professionals that can solve your problems easily. And, for collecting the complete material about the solution you need to go to read out the further material of this blog post. So, keep following every line…

Webmail Email Backup Software – Directly Backup Email from Webmail to Desktop/Cloud Server Apps

If you have a query like how to backup data from Webmail account then, yes this is the perfect place for you to choose the expert tool. Here you can download and use one of the fantastic and 100% safe Webmail Email Backup Software on your Windows machine. This software is well-suited to solve your issue of how to backup data from Webmail account to different file formats or email accounts. By using this amazing solution, anyone can backup emails from 40+ webmail supported email accounts that are shown below:

Tool Supports all Webmail Email Accounts:- RoundCube Webmail, Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo mail, Hotmail,, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, Cox Mail, 1&1, AT&T, HostGator, Sqirrelmail Webmail, Smarter Mail, Yandex, Mail2World,, DreamHost, IMAP Server, Amazon WorkMail, AOL, Horde Webmail, Shaw Mail, FastMail, FTP Email account, MWeb Webmail, Rackspace, EarthLink, Rogers,, Telstra, BlueHost, and many others.

The Webmail Email Backup Software supports all the above webmail email accounts for backup procedure. So, you can backup your webmail emails into the desired output format. This solution offers 18+ saving output options in which you can save your all webmail emails. It includes PST Outlook, PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLx, HTML, MHTML, Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo, AWS, Office 365, IMAP Server, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, Hotmail, and so on.

The professional utility facilitates many advanced features and benefits that you can collect while performing the backup process. Let’s have a single look at the features and benefits of the Webmail email backup solution.

Amazing Features & Benefits of Professional’s Tool

  • Reliable & Safe Key: The Webmail Email Backup Tool is the most reliable and trusted utility available in a marketplace for the users to perform the backup process.
  • Backup from Any Webmail Account: From the above information, you can clearly see that the tool supports 40+ webmail email accounts from which users can backup emails.
  • Webmail Data to Hard Drive: By using the solution, users can backup Webmail email files to any hard drive like- PST, PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLx, HTML, and MHTML.
  • Webmail Files to Cloud Server Apps: Now, anyone can directly export Webmail emails to any cloud server email apps like- Gmail, G Suite, Hotmail, Office 365, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, IMAP Server, etc.
  • Concern to Save all Email Attachments: The software shows concern towards the attachments also. It means you can save your all email attachments in an exact format.

More Features 

  • Preserves all Email Properties: This solution supports saving all email properties as it is. It directly means after performing the backup procedure you will get your all emails with the exact properties in the same manner.
  • Different Types of Filters: During the backup process, a performer will get the various email filters and date filters that will help out to save some selected files from a webmail account.
  • Selective Folder Backup: The Webmail File Backup solution also supports a selective folder backup process that means you can use the tool for exporting selected webmail folders to the desired output format.
  • Windows Supported Program: This solution is well-supported for all Windows OS platforms like- Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and all the others.
  • Save Log Report Feature: After performing the complete backup process, the software opens a notepad that includes the entire information about your backup. You can save this backup report as an additional benefit.
  • Choose Location for Output Data: In the middle of the backup process, the tool will ask you to insert the location for your output data files. So, at that time you can choose any location where you need to save your output data files.

After getting the complete features and benefits of this professional utility, I think we should explore its working guide for how to backup data from Webmail email accounts to any other output format.

Step By Step Working Guide of Webmail Email Account Backup Solution

Follow the easy and direct steps to backup email from Webmail to desired saving output option. All the working steps are properly shown below:

Step 1: To perform the Webmail email backup process, first, you need to download and launch All Mail Backup Software on your Windows system.

Step 2: Now, open the tool and choose any webmail email account from the left section. Then, add the correct login credentials of the selected webmail account. Hit on the Login tab.

Step 3: In this new screen, you can see the folder hierarchy on the left where you can choose the desired folders for backup. So, check or uncheck the folders as per the requirement.

Step 4: After selecting the folders, you can select the saving output option from the list of various options shown in the software. Then, add the location using the browse button where you want to access your output data files.

Step 5: Now, apply email filters and date filters if you want to backup any specific webmail emails. And, then quickly hit on the Backup button at last which will start your live backup process on the software screen.

Step 6: After a few minutes, when the backup process is finished you will get the confirmation of successful backup. So, click OK which shows a notepad. Now, save that notepad if you need it.

Time to Conclude

Now, it’s the perfect time for closing the post and I hope right now you have a perfect solution for how to backup data from Webmail email accounts. Before choosing the solution, I think first you should download a free trial copy of the professional utility that we have discussed in this blog post. So, download the free trial edition and backup the first 25 items from the webmail email account to desired saving output option without any single cost.

After using a trial facility, anyone can jump to collect the license edition of this software. This solution offers three types of license editions i.e. personal license, technical license, and enterprise license. You can take any of the licenses that match your requirements.

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