How to Avoid Wasting Money on Screen Capture Tools

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Saving time and money is easy with screen recording. It can help you make better videos, but if you don’t use the right tools for the job, then your results could be disappointing. In this post, we’ll go over some of the tips on screen capture tools that will help you get started without spending any money on a program.

Try it for free

A screen recorder shouldn’t cost money. A free tool may be used prior to purchase, and if you like it, you can purchase the full version.
The best way to avoid wasting money on screen-sharing tools is by using them for free and finding out which ones work well for your needs. There are quite a few good options available. Just make sure that they work across platforms (such as macOS and Windows). So that you don’t have to find another one if yours doesn’t work on both operating systems.

Restart your computer to fix screen recorder problems

If your screen recorder isn’t working, there could be an issue with your computer. Try some of the following:

  • Start your computer again. This is the most obvious solution and can often solve any issue with screen recorders. Click on Start, type “restart,” and then click on Restart under System in Control Panel. When Windows restarts, go back into Control Panel and try again.
  • Try another program or hardware device that has been used recently (such as an external hard drive). If it doesn’t work, try restarting once more.

Use the screen recorder as a video editor if you need to

If your goal is to create a video that has a high production value, then you may want to use the screen recorder as a video editor. Screen recorders can be used to edit videos and add titles, music, and effects as well as voiceovers and subtitles. You can also add text on top of your clips by adding images or hyperlinks; add transitions between scenes; adjust time-lapse settings; crop clips so they fit together perfectly; crop out unwanted sections of footage (such as when someone walks into the frame); create logos for websites/apps using photos from Google Images or other sites like Adobe Stock Images, etc.

You can’t see the mouse cursor on a recording

If you are using a mouse cursor extension and the cursor is not visible on your recordings. It’s likely because you have changed settings in an incompatible way. For example, some extensions will add a small arrow to the far right of their window when they’re open in fullscreen mode. This can cause problems if your mouse is also set up to use an arrow as one of its hotkeys (e.g., Ctrl + Alt + A).
If this happens to be happening with one of these extensions. Try closing all other applications before recording again. This should clear up any conflicting settings!

Create how-to videos with audio

  • Record audio with a screen recorder.
  • Use your voice over the video you create.
  • If you want to record audio and video at the same time, use a screen recorder that allows for this functionality (such as Camtasia). You can also use Camtasia’s Screen Capture feature if your goal is simply to capture your desktop or web browser without recording any sound at all. However, this does not work when capturing videos from other applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word (only works within those applications themselves).

If all that sounds complicated. It may be, But don’t worry: there are plenty of free programs out there that make it easy enough for anyone who wants an affordable option with good results.

Save a full-page screenshot in one click!

The best tools are free, work on multiple platforms and offer extra features such as video editing.

The best tools are free, work on multiple platforms and offer extra features such as video editing. Free tools are not all created equal, though. Some do not have the same features as paid ones, making it hard to know if you’re getting what you pay for. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use screen capture tool that does everything from saving images to adding annotations and text.


We’ve covered a lot of ground here. But hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas for how to avoid wasting money on screen capture tools. If you’re still unsure about which tool is right for your needs, try browsing our list of the best free screen recording software or comparing features between different programs and websites. Once you’ve found something that works well (and fits within your budget). Remember that all great things come at a price!


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