How to Add Music into Kids Play

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Music is one of the best ways to connect with people; including your children. Kids learn to pick up sounds and rhythms right from when they are in the womb. And, when they are born, they learn to recognize your voice.

We have more than enough evidence to support that kids best develop musical skills up to the ages of 11. It seems, after this point the window for maximum learning tends to shut down. That’s why it’s in the best interest of your kids if you expose them to music and music lessons as early as you can.

So, how can you incorporate music into your kids’ life and make it a part of their play? Here are some fun little ways to do that –

Bring in a Music Box

It’s good to invest in a music box for your home that you can fill with instruments for your kid to enjoy and play. You don’t necessarily have to invest in expensive ones. Even simpler things like records and egg shakers will give them a good head start.

A music box is good because whenever you are in need of some peace and quiet, you can always put it away and bring it out at your convenience.

And when you sense that your kids are getting serious about music or a particular instrument, you can always enroll them in music lessons.

Let Them Explore Different Instruments

Never miss out on any opportunity for your kid to feel, touch and try as many different instruments as he/she can. If you have a friend that owns a guitar or a piano, ask them to let your kid touch it and play a few notes or two. Get the trumpet you had from middle school and let them play around. 

Whenever you are at a musical performance, try to get your child close to the musical instrument like the orchestra pit. You could even try making a few of them at home using spoons, pots, beans in jars, cups, etc.

Practice Yourself First

Kids learn the best by watching. It’s human nature to want to copy what we see around us. That’s why it’s always good if you practice a few music lessons, chords, and songs yourself. 

You could try playing a note on the harmonica or something on the piano. When you do, make sure that your kids are watching you. Let them observe you.

When you play something, they will feel naturally inspired to do it.

Also, if you attend music lessons together, stay away from your phone and show equal participation in the lesson.

Sing a Song Together

You don’t have to be a great singer to enjoy singing. It‘s even better if you share this joy with your child. Whenever you get an opportunity to sing together, don’t miss out on it. When you’re going grocery shopping, do it in the car. Parents always use singing to soothe babies or rock them to sleep using lullabies.

You just have to do the same when they’re a little older. Sing with them in the house, on the way to school, in your car. It’s the perfect way to bond with them while also getting them into music.

Attend Music Classes Together

This may be a no-brainer but finding the right teacher is easier said than done. The right teacher can mean the world of a difference between your kid losing interest or growing more interested in music.

You could either opt for private lessons (if your budget allows) or you could enroll in an academy. You may even find independent teachers who teach in small batches. Just make sure that the lessons are fun. There’s nothing worse than boring lessons that take all the pleasure out of learning.

Play Music In the Background

No matter if you’re going on a road trip, in the kitchen cooking, or doing household chores; it’s good to have some music in the background playing. There’s nothing stronger than music to associate good memories and embed them in your brain.

As your kids grow old, they will remember fond household memories and associate them with certain songs and music. All those beautiful memories of you dancing and singing while doing simple chores will come flooding back to them. Playing background music in the home or car is a great way to instill a love for music in kids.

Teach Music Through Games

There are a bunch of music games such as musical chairs you can play with your kids. If you run out of ideas, you could always look them up on the internet. You could come up with prizes for whoever wins the games.

You could even come up with quizzes where your kid has to guess the song based on gestures or something along the same lines. Other ideas could be playing a song for a few seconds and letting your kid decide which song it is. The possibilities are endless.

Bottom Line

Music is an integral part of life. If you can get your kids into music early on, it’s one of the best things you can do for their character development. 


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