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Occupational therapy (or “occupational therapy” in English) is a rehabilitative healthcare profession that promotes health and well-being and – more generally – increases the patient’s quality of life through employment. They teach the patient-specific deficit compensation strategies through still preserved skills.

The intervention in favour of those with a cognitive function disorder should start from a very careful examination of the cognitive damage and the real potential present in the person, to then design a highly individualized path that improves the quality of their life as much as possible, which is the ultimate goal of all cognitive rehabilitation techniques.

Although each rehabilitation process is unique, the stages of cognitive rehabilitation are essentially the same for all patients:

⦁ the doctor investigates the still intact and altered cognitive functions, assessing the severity of the deficit;

⦁ the development of compensation strategies for cognitive and behavioural disorders is activated

⦁ The last phase involves the generalization of compensation strategies in the social environment.

⦁ The rehabilitation practice is mainly carried out through:

⦁ the recovery of previously acquired behavioural patterns;
⦁ the creation of new behavioural patterns;

Most – but not exclusively – adopted cognitive rehabilitation techniques find their cultural matrix in the cognitive-behavioural model. The most used techniques are:

⦁ techniques that increase adequate behaviours already present in the subject’s repertoire;

⦁ techniques that increase adequate behaviours not present in the subject’s repertoire;
⦁ occupational therapy;
⦁ techniques that increase attentional functions;
⦁ techniques that increase the working memory;
⦁ Techniques for speech rehabilitation.

San diego occupational therapy will deal in particular with occupational therapy carried out by the occupational therapist on the doctor’s recommendation.

The most common activities in Occupational Therapy San Diego are, for example, basic daily activities, such as:

⦁ speak,
⦁ take care of your appearance (shave, comb your hair),
⦁ go to the bathroom,
⦁ Move from chair to toilet or bed.
⦁ keep the environment clean,
⦁ socialize with other people,
⦁ study,
⦁ Learn a job.

Professional figures involved

Pediatric occupational therapy san diego, as part of a broader comprehensive cognitive rehabilitation project, involves a large number of various health professionals, including occupational therapists and neurologists, physiatrists, orthopedists, pediatricians, geriatricians, and speech therapists, nurses, and physiotherapists. The academic path to becoming an occupational therapist is a three-year degree in health professions within the faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Final remarks
At present, the effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation interventions is still the subject of discussion by some authors. However, the importance of all those modalities that help the patient with a deficit take care of themselves independently and improve or improve is undeniable. Maintaining a good quality of life, good health, and good brain function is desirable for the patient and the whole community since an autonomous, happy and healthy individual weighs less on the National Health System on average.


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