How The Learning Apps Are Shaping The Future of Education

How The Learning Apps Are Shaping The Future of Education & Learning

Education has changed over the period of time. When we say change, it may seem like a wrong notion, but it’s actually shaping the education system of the future generations. India has over 250 million school-going students and 900 million working professionals. Seeking the best education and learning in their academics and working industry, learners have shifted to online education. Thus, giving a new shape to the digital learning altogether.

Educational and learning apps have boosted up in the educational industry over the past 2 years now. And why not? It’s Gen Z! (Born between 1997 – 2012). Having grown up with smartphones, they already spend on an average of around 4-5 hrs per day using smartphones. The Generation Z and above are fully immersed with the online world. Surprisingly, they not just use smartphones for socializing & entertainment purposes, but have also increasingly used them for learning purposes as well.


How Are Learning Apps Shaping Our Future?

  • They provide 24×7 learning access.
  • They give personalized experience, the present generation wants their education to be tailored according to their needs.
  • Provide Interactive learning, get LIVE online sessions from the tutors.
  • Share pre-recorded lessons, to watch whenever and wherever.
  • Interactive puzzles and graded questions customized to their attainment level
  • Gamification – gamifying the learning experience to make learning more fun and challenging.

Now, let’s hunt down to the best online education apps providing learning experience at the fingertips for all:

For Pres-School Students → Lingokids:

What? Why do preschool children need an education app? We are clearly wrong to think like this for the Zen X children. Lingokids is a way to go app for preschool children. It’s fun and interactive sessions in the app, will make the tiny toddlers love this app. Kids between 2 to 8 years old will not understand if we just put in front of them learning alphabets. It’s when you create this learning into fun games and activities, that the children will enjoy and learn.

This app provides a play learning experience for the kids via interactive activities, videos, songs and games:

  • It’s suitable for kids aged between 2 to 8 years.
  • Kids here are safe to play by themselves – 100% Ad-free.
  • Parents get to track each child’s progress easily.
  • All activities themed with fun and interactive sessions.
  • Child’s motivation increases when they’re having fun with learning.
  • Interactive learnings here include math, reading & literacy skills, STEM, music & art, social, practical everyday life skills, history & geography and physical activities too.

Android App → Lingokids: Kids Learning Games

iOS App → Lingokids: Kids Learning Games


For Secondary & Higher Education → Brainly Learning App:

In India, academics become very important as they move further into secondary and higher education. As the focus grows more into academics and extracurricular activities, students get very less time to solve their doubts. Brainly study app is one of the very few learning apps that solves real-time solutions to the questions asked by students, syllabus based. This learning app gives you quick solutions, instant help from the teachers online and provides you free textbook solutions too. It has over 350 million+ trusted students, making it the world’s largest knowledge sharing community. Who wouldn’t trust and download this app with such a huge learning community?

Some highlights of Brainly study & learning app that you wouldn’t miss:

  • Snap & Solve – Take a snap of your question and get answers right away.
  • Math Solver – Solve your toughest math equations and problems instantly.
  • Tuitions – Get 1:1 tutor help from the teachers online 24×7.
  • Free textbook solutions available – ICSE, State & CBSE NCERT syllabus covered.
  • All the answers and solutions provided are written & verified by the experts.
  • A trusted space to ask and answer questions.
  • This trusted space includes – students, school teachers, PhDs & geniuses.

Android App → Brainly: Study & Learning App

iOS App → Brainly- Homework Learning app


For Working Professionals → upGrad:

The learning doesn’t stop in our lives. Even as working professionals we are always keen on upgrading our skills set and catching up with the industry trends. With the busy work life schedules, it becomes difficult to attend the classes offline. Upgrad app lets you do online professional courses with ease. You can connect and engage with industry professionals, teachers, and fellow students, allowing you to enhance your knowledge, expand your network, and explore various opportunities.

Why upGrad?

  • It’s gives you a wide range of available degree courses; right from MBA, MSc., or other PG degrees, to Bachelor’s degrees
  • Some of the important programs here include in fields of Management, Data Science, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Digital Marketing, SEO, Blockchain, Analytics, Product Management, Big Data, and much more.
  • Engage and interact with industry experts closely, get to understand the course deeply with LIVE examples.
  • Mandate placement support given, you can choose your career path effectively.

Android App → upGrad – Online Learning Courses

iOS App → upGrad Online Learning Courses


For Learning Multiple Languages → Duolingo:

Learning multiple languages adds up as an advantage in your resume. With working culture becoming global these days while working remotely, learning new languages makes your work more effective and productive. Duolingo is considered one of the best learning apps to learn multiple languages for free. It’s got fun mini lessons that make you feel like playing games! These short lessons help you practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation of any language selected.

Amazing features of this language learning app:

  • Learn multiple languages – 30+ languages to learn for free.
  • Languages include: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, and many more languages!
  • Learn with fun, bite-sized lessons.
  • Practice both learning and speaking.
  • Track your grades, goals & progress with rewarded achievements.
  • Free learning space –  a free, fun & effective way to learn multiple languages!

Android App: Duolingo: Learn English

iOS App: Duolingo – Language Lessons


For Code Learner → Sololearn:

With a huge increasing trend in the IT industry and over 1 million students enrolling in IT engineering every year, it’s becoming a mandatory requirement for students to upgrade their software skills. Sololearn here helps you learn to code for free anytime, anywhere! It’s got you covered with more than 20+ coding languages – C++, Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, etc. All these software programming courses are designed and curated by the expert programmers.

What the young coders achieve here:

  • Perfect coding coach to beginners & experts seeking to improve their skills.
  • All the courses are personalized and tailored for you accordingly.
  • Bite-sized lessons – all complicated concepts simplified into short and simple lessons.
  • Unlimited practice – lots of practice here, 2000+ lessons & 15,000+ quizzes.
  • Write your own programming code right from your mobile device.
  • Build your profile → Compete with peer learners → Advance in your career.
  • Get certified – Get your certificate after the completion of each course you finish.
  • It’s the best and easiest way to learn to code, keep coding here!

Android App: Sololearn: Learn to Code

iOS App: Sololearn: Learn to Code Apps


This shifting trend from classroom learning (offline tuitions) to digital learning (online learning), has given a positive impact on the education system. No longer waiting in long queues in front of teacher to solve your queries, getting instant help and learning from the learning apps has changed overall view of the education system. Students are learning much better through online learning when compared to offline learning. With some unique educational apps like the list shared above, students are improving their learnings and achieving academic grades to new heights!


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