How Sophos UTM Has Changed Network Security For Better

sophos utm

The world of internet security is changing at a fast pace. Every day there is a newer and more evolved threat to the network security setups in businesses. In order to fight against these threats, you need strong protection for your system. One such security system is Sophos UTM (Unified Threat Management).

There are certain features that a business owner would want in their security management platform. An easy to use interface and customizable plan are the top two requirements. There are many others that follow, like automated or manual backup options along with the ability to restore data or settings whenever needed. Next-level security like two-factor authentication and one-time password. Most of the options should be one click away so that you do not need a technical expert for every tiny change.

What Is Sophos Unified Threat Management?

It provides a one-stop solution to all your internet security matters. There is the web server and WiFi protection, next-gen firewall and antivirus software: everything is included in one modular appliance. Sophos UTM is a simple system that gives you complete reign of all the security features that you can possibly need. This is a complete package that eradicates security issues without the added complexity of having to deal with multiple applications.

Sophos UTM has a portal with self-service options to improve its usability. No business owner wants to employ an entire IT department to just look after the online security issues and systems. It is costly and entirely useless unless the operations overall need an in-house IT department.

Advantages Of Switching To Sophos UTM

  • All The Benefits Of Next-Gen Firewall

It provides a Deep Layer-7 inspection which enables the user to receive complete application identification and gives prompt updates as well. With Sophos UTM you get the complete authority to allow, block, prioritize or shape applications according to your own preferences. This autonomy is a great benefit when you compare Sophos UTM with other options available. You can even opt to receive feedback for all those applications that are unclassified.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The interface is extremely easy to grasp and navigate through. If you are someone who is a novice at all such network security applications, even then you will be able to easily work with it. Sophos UTM gives you complete autonomy over all its features, whether you choose to use some or all of them is entirely up to you as the user. You can even build customized policies which are better suited to your business in the long run.

  • In-depth Reporting

Sophos UTM provides detailed reports regarding the network glitches that occur. This enables the user to respond back promptly and put the required and appropriate tools to use. This is especially useful in cases where the company does not have an in-house IT team that can sit on alert for any sudden security problems that arise. Such businesses need a strong network protection system in place that is user-friendly and gives detailed reports on the nature of the issue that has occurred so it can be solved urgently.

  • Increase Connectivity In Remote Offices

You can get remote access to those office locations that are away from your main office building. This connection is completely secure so it does not need any additional safety. This can be done through Sophos Remote Ethernet Device (RED). The main reason why this connection is so secure is that the traffic of the remote access is first directed towards a security gateway. This process does not require any technical expertise. Sophos UTM behaves like a wireless controller. Due to this, the required access points are set up automatically. Whereby, it is covered under the umbrella of UTM protection.

  • It Is A One Stop Solution

It has been proven over and over again that Sophos UTM gives complete protection for email, VPN, IPS and Web filtering. If you have to make use of more than one platform for the security of all these facets, it is going to cost a lot and it will also be quite taxing on the company’s manpower. The subscription can be made in modular form so you have the option to pick and choose the services you need for your business. This takes customization to a whole new level.


All these benefits clearly prove that Sophos UTM is miles ahead of other forms of security platforms. If you are a business owner and this is the one avenue that you do not want to worry about every other day then it is important to make a smart decision. There are many security options that leave the users on their own to deal with complicated situations. The user interfaces are extremely tough to navigate through. Sophos UTM proves that your company’s security is important and it can be dealt with easily if you have the required tools.


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