How Shelf Space Utilization Drive Sales?


If you are someone who is running a business, especially someone who owns a mart or a supermarket you might always be working on finding the best ideas in order to derive the sales to the maximum. The more the sales would be, the more profitable would be the business and the more famous it would become. There are various ways that could be implemented in order to boost sales and earn the maximum profit. Among all the options that could be implemented, arranging the shelves is another thing that could be done in order to enhance the sales and to make your business successful by earning more profit. Arranging the shelves can be of various ways and it can include various different steps as well, it can include categorizing the products, labelling them, making planograms etc.

For various different people, planograms are considered to be a good way in order to visualize how you plan on merchandising or arranging your products in the space that you have been provided per space that you have categorized according to the products that are available at that moment. It adds on to the visuals when you think of arranging the shelves and placing the things in an orderly manner. By arranging the shelves in an orderly manner, one does not only ensure the visuals and make the setting just the way you like but in order to organize your shelves and to make a planogram one needs to have a complete plan and the collection of all the data that could be useful.

Building a planogram that is based on the details of the data is considered to be a great way in order to build or develop a relationship that is mutually beneficial to you and the client that is purchasing from you. Most of the retailers usually do not have access to space planning software thus they might be in the need of guidance while opening a new store, or during the period of refreshing category. Arranging the data in order, according to the data that you have been provided, would make it easier for both, the retailers and the clients as for clients it makes it easier to select items and for the retailers it makes it easier to make some space according to the category and to keep the record of the inventory as well.

Why to Categorize and To Use Electronic Shelf Labels for Supermarket?

Once the products are categorized according to the data that you have been provided then one must add on the price tags of the products as well, it might not be possible to add the price tag on every product especially when you are an owner of a big business or a supermarket, shelf labels are considered to be the best option in such applications, categorize the products, add on a shelf label and describe. However, with the passage of time and with the use of the modernized type of technology, the modern business owners have come up with the idea of using electronic shelf labels for the supermarket.

These electronic shelf labels are proven to be an excellent source that could be used in order to label the shelves of your supermarket, this is because of the fact that these electronic shelf labels are a unique ad yet a cost friendly option in order to mention the fluctuating prices that keep on changing on almost daily basis. This is the reason that we get to see the use of these electronic shelf labels in almost every latest and big supermarket nowadays. These electronic shelf labels are also ideal because of various other reasons as well. Some of the reasons for which these electronic shelf labels are famous is because of the fact that:

1.They are an economical solution
These electronic shelf labels are economically considered as an ideal option that could be used because of the fact that they have numbers that are digitally written over them. With the use of buttons and a computer, one can change the prices that are mentioned over the label; thus, one does not have to waste money printing new shelf labels every time there is a change in the prices. thus, these electronic shelf labels are considered an option that is quite economical in the terms of money as they save a lot of printing costs and are a one-time investment.

2.Easy to Use
Another reason, these electronic shelf labels are used around the world is because of the fact that they are easier to use. The way these shelf labels are designed makes it easier for the retailers and the mart owners to display the prices on the shelves, as one does not have to place the price tag over each product that is there and a single label represents for the whole category. The vibrant color display that could be seen over the screen of the labels makes it easier for the people and the customers to view the details of the pricing of the product that is mentioned by the at or the supermarket. Not only that but they are also considered easie5r to use in a way that if one needs to revise the prices or make changes to the prices, these electronic shelf labels are easy to use ad thus easy to edit when there is a need to make any type of changes that are required.

3.Environmentally Friendly
There is another important factor that people prefer to use electronic shelf labels more than the other types of shelf labels is the fact that these electronic shelf labels are quite an environmentally friendly option compared to the other types of shelf labels like the one that are paper made. This is because of the fact that they are bought once and last for a very long period of time in does not have to dispose them off and get new one, like in the case of the labels that are made up of paper and plastic that are thrown away once used.


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