How Professional Tax Accountants Are Appointed to Handle Corporate Tax Accounting?


Corporate Tax accounting is one of the major services provided by tax consultants. A tax consultant from a foreign nation can assist the UK business to lessen its corporate tax load, as the latter would receive some tax relief from the UK tax authority because it operates from a foreign jurisdiction. Most tax consultants are proficient accountants from UK accounting firms. These accountants would be able to provide a detailed analysis of the corporation’s tax position in the UK based on various factors such as expenditure, assets, profits, and liabilities. These consultants would also be able to prepare and maintain the corporate tax return. General accountancy is a necessary function of most businesses in the United Kingdom. In this capacity, an accountancy expert prepares the financial accounts of the business and submits them annually to the finance department for submission to the tax authorities. The role of these accountants ranges from general to specialist to management consultant.


Specialized in Assisting Corporate Tax Payers to Save Tax Payments

Businessmen often employ the services of tax accountants to ensure that they pay their due taxes irrespective of their residence and age. There are various types of tax accountants available from UK tax accountants firms. One of these is the corporate tax accountant. This tax accountant is specialized in assisting corporate taxpayers to save tax payments. Corporate tax accountants also help businessmen and women in the UK save tax payments by maximizing their tax deductions. A tax accountant makes sure that the tax regime of a company is by the UK tax laws. He may also draft the proposals for tax incentives given to a business by the UK government. A tax accountant is also responsible for ensuring that the financial statements of a company are prepared in a manner acceptable to the tax authority. He can prepare and submit tax reports, as well as provide support to management during the preparation of such reports.


Tax Accountants


Ensure that Tax Payments are Properly Calculated 

The main task of the corporate tax accountant is to ensure that tax payments are properly calculated and allocated to specific individuals or entities. In addition, he also computes the amount of tax needed to be paid on behalf of a client. He prepares all necessary reports, which include financial statements, for a corporate accountants firm. Corporate tax accountants can also work on contract accounts, assisting individuals and corporations with tax preparation requirements and tax payments. An individual can start his career in corporate tax accounting by securing an assistant accountant designation from a post as an entry-level clerk in a financial firm. This will equip him/her with basic accounting skills and knowledge of tax law. This is usually a short-term arrangement, which requires that the individual complete the associate degree program at a university that offers accounting programs. After getting the certificate, one can look for jobs as associate accountants or in any other accounting function.


Rate Applied on Corporate Tax Payments

The corporate tax rate is the rate applied on corporate tax payments. It is derived by multiplying the corporate tax rate by the average annual income of each member of the company. It is also multiplied by each company’s share of profits. A corporate tax accountant calculates the corporate tax rate before the end of the accounting period. The end of the accounting period is the last day of the fiscal year. After getting a few years of experience, a professional can look for jobs as a full-time tax accountant. This will give him/her the chance to advance to the next level of tax accounting. He/she will now be in charge of examining the taxes of individuals and corporations at every stage of their processing. This is the highest position in tax accounting and it requires the person to have the ability to analyze tax data from a macro and micro perspective. This position requires great computer skills, math knowledge, and the ability to communicate well with people from all departments of the accounting firm.


Tax Accountants


Prepare records of the Income Statement of the Company 

The corporate tax accounting records are prepared as records of the income statement of the company and as an itemized statement of tax payments. The accountants organize the corporate tax accountants accounting records by utilizing computer software. They assign a standard format to the accounts, which are used by the tax accounting staff to prepare the company’s accounts and tax payments. A variety of computer programs are available for the preparation of tax accounting records. Computers can be integrated with accounting applications to speed up the process of preparing the accounts. The corporate tax accounting specialist may also be involved in auditing tax matters. Audits of tax matters are carried out periodically to ensure that tax payments are made in line with the required financial returns. This is one of the most important positions in tax accounting because mistakes in tax payments can cost a company thousands of dollars. The tax accountant must also be an expert in understanding tax laws and regulations. He/she must be well versed in all the procedures and laws associated with corporate tax matters.


UK Corporate Tax

The UK corporate tax regime follows the international standards on taxation. However, there are some important differences in the way the taxes are applied across the different member states of the Union. Most of the countries within the union have a combination of taxes on corporate assets and inheritance tax. The member states also differ in the way they apply the stamp duty. These differences allow businesses in the UK to benefit from the combined rates of taxes when they arise. When you are looking for a company in the UK, you should ensure that you are aware of the treatment of corporate and domestic taxation in the UK. The two taxes are not the same; therefore, the use of one tax regime cannot be considered as an efficient move by a company. It is therefore essential that you know exactly what the rates of taxation in the UK are. As you well know, there are seven different Rates of Corporate Tax in the UK; you should go through every single one of them before making a decision. This will help you get a better understanding of the different taxes and how they will be taken care of by the Government.



Prepare the Tax Return in the House or for a Fee

Some accounting firms provide their clients with readymade, corporate tax return software. Such firms can prepare the tax return in the house or for a fee. The fee may be based on the number of business transactions or the complexity of the task delegated to the firm. Most accounting firms have an in-house tax expert who supervises the preparation of tax returns on behalf of their clients. After working as an assistant tax accountant, the individual can look for jobs as a junior accountant in a firm. He/she will be required to perform clerical and administrative work in the accounting firm. These positions are temporary and will be very important for a successful career in tax accounting. They can get special titles like assistant CPA, assistant director, tax manager, or CVA.


Allow their Clients to Download the Records Directly from their Website 

The tax accountants use different accounting software to create reports at different intervals. Some firms allow their clients to download the records directly from their website without any charges. The downloaded tax records can be opened in Microsoft Word or any other word processing software. The users may also save the reports in PDF format. Some firms also offer the option of printing tax reports. Once the tax accountant reaches the senior level of the accounting firm, he/she will be responsible for analyzing the tax data provided by different departments of the accounting firm and preparing the annual tax report. These reports will be used by tax authorities to determine the tax liabilities and tax rebates of individuals and companies. This position requires great communication skills, business sense, and the ability to organize large amounts of data. The individual will also need to be able to negotiate with other accounting firms on behalf of their clients.



Some professional tax accountants offer their services online. This enables people to access the accounts online from anywhere they are. By logging into the corporate tax accountants’ website, people can check their accounts anytime they like. This saves them the trouble of visiting the office physically. In some cases, people are required to make initial deposits to the account to access the account and make updates. Corporate tax accounting is a growing industry due to the increasing requirement of companies to understand and comply with tax laws. It has become extremely necessary for companies and individuals to carry out their tax preparation and submission. As such, the demand for competent tax accountants has risen dramatically in recent times. The increasing competition among tax accountants has led them to offer high-quality services at very competitive prices. To get started in this highly competitive field, you need to have a CPA who is a graduate with a relevant accounting degree, good references and many years of experience.



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