How Parents of K-12 Students View Online Schooling?

k-12 online education

The emergence of online schooling has put everyone in a dilemma, what is the best way to provide education to children? While the traditional education system still exists, parents are leaning towards homeschooling a bit more, owing to its obvious benefits.

Read on to know why parents favour this mode of education and what their opinions are.

Parents love the package they are getting in the form of online schooling

Parents of K-12 students, who are getting in-person instruction or tuition through online schooling, are the most satisfied. Various surveys during the pandemic have revealed this fact. Amid the pandemic, all students have been finding it extremely confusing to get proper coverage of the syllabus of various subjects.

Earlier, Mrs Rajni Sharma, the mother of 15-year-old Aditya, who studies in 10th grade, was extremely concerned about him falling behind in school. After two months of online schooling, she has seen a drastic change in Aditya’s results. She is even shocked, albeit pleasantly, that her son has a high aptitude for mathematics. She is grateful for the online schooling methods which have turned around her son’s academics. Despite all the convenience of in-person schooling, both parents and children are reaping big advantages from online schooling.

Why is it important for a child to be digitally literate?

Better Career Prospects

With the increasing technology integration in our daily lives, more and more jobs require one to be digitally sound. The highest-paying careers are surrounded by advanced technology. With the introduction of digital literacy in K-12 Education, you can ensure that your child is prepared for a bright future.

Better Communication

Communication all over the world is increasingly getting digital. Most of the official work and unofficial communications are now done using laptops and computers. Even typical government tasks such as applying for voter ID, PAN Card, or even booking Tatkal train tickets that required people to visit government offices are now done online. However, many people, even the younger generations in small towns, still feel intimidated by technology. With digital literacy in K-12 Education, this fear of technology can be removed, and your child can be more confident in handling any digital tasks at hand.

Major Benefits of K-12 Homeschooling Curriculum

The K-12 curriculum for home schools is known to develop the individual learning system. There are a variety of benefits that come with this form of education; here are the highlights:

  • Individual Attention from Teachers

In traditional schooling, most children tend to fall behind in order to cope with other students. Moreover, they do not get any additional attention from their teachers. However, in online classes or homeschooling, the sessions are small and usually one-to-one, reducing this issue. This serves as a positive link and the children automatically perform much better.

  • Self-Paced Learning

The online system of education allows students to learn at their own pace. In the K-12 homeschool curriculum, teachers devote more time to each student and progress as per their suitability. This is the complete opposite of what the traditional schooling system offers. In such cases, the syllabus moves forward at a pre-set pace and students often are left behind, making it difficult for them to grasp the topics being taught.

But in the Homeschool K-12 curriculum, students do not have to face this drawback. They always get help and attention whenever they need them.

  • Encouragement in an Open Environment

K-12 homeschool curriculum has the advantage of lively classroom discussions. Students get the advantage of presenting topics in front of teachers and fellow students. Hence they get the advantage of expression.

Teachers involved here guide students to communicate better and present their points without any hesitation. 

Once these facilities work together, they bring out the maximum potential of the students. 

Online schooling is getting only positive reviews from parents

According to many parents, online schooling is still a positive force in education. Most of them are pleased about the advent of technology in education. They are also fawning over the real-time connectivity with students halfway across the globe. The new type of human bonding and socialising adds a new dimension to education. It also improves the performance of children. They are no longer held back. Remote learning still needs to persevere, but it is getting a positive response from all the parents and children who have experienced it first-hand.  

Mrs Ankita Gupta, whose toddler was in a play school earlier, was worried about how her child would be able to cope with the new system. But, thanks to the online schooling apps and the faculty, children are picking up new concepts quickly. They are also becoming analytical and creative in their approach. In fact, Mrs Gupta feels that her daughter has significantly improved from the time she has joined online classes. There are many quality homeschooling apps and online schooling systems in the market. These have improved the system of education by leaps and bounds.  

Why are parents considering online schooling as a potential boon?

The majority of parents of online K-12 schools are pleased with the standard learning because of the following reasons –

  • Children are spending extra time on studies without compromising on outdoor enjoyment.
  • Children are getting extra time to maintain social connections and friendships. They are also interacting with new kids on online schooling apps.
  • Children’s emotional well-being has improved due to less workload.
  • Children are sparing time for exercise.
  • Children are getting extra supervision from teachers. They need not go outside to study, so they are safe.

21K School provides a skill based program. Further, there are some parents who have reported improvement in skills-

  • Language skills
  • Physical or motor skills
  • Social skills

In-person instruction in online schooling guarantees satisfaction amongst parents

About two-thirds of the parents of K-12 students who have had the same schooling experience are very satisfied with online schooling. Nearly half of them wish that online schooling becomes a full-time affair.

While parents whose children receive in-person tutoring are the most satisfied, the pandemic has shown the uncertainty of the present-day schooling system. That is why, K-12 students and their parents prefer a hybrid teaching system. This system will combine the best of both worlds.

Mr Anand Varadarajan is pleased with improvements in online schooling and technology. He is impressed with the fact that her daughter, a class 7 student, is getting education at home with a popular online schooling app. His daughter was also able to learn the piano online without her having to miss out on her studies. There is a big chance that online K-12 schools will become the leaders in imparting future education.

Why is 21K the best among online k-12 schools in India?

Online schooling is emerging as a potent alternative to the traditional method of learning. As the technology surrounding this field improves year after year, the quality of education will only go up. 21K School is one such organisation that is moving ahead of its time to offer a highly sought-after system to ensure your kid receives the best possible education. 

At 21K School, we are changing how children learn and grow. It is India’s first online-only school. We offer transparent quality education, regardless of your situation and location. Our teachers and students come from around the world, ensuring your child gets international education standards in the comfort of your home. Currently, we are open for admissions for students in all K-12 Education Levels.

Our school conducts online live classes for 1-4 hours, 5-6 days a week (depending on your child’s grade) and follows an annual academic calendar.

Some salient features of our school:

  • Lessons conducted by highly skilled and professional teachers
  • Special sessions by subject experts and real-life achievers
  • Regular online events and conferences
  • A wide range of electives and capstone projects
  • Wide range of capstone courses & electives
  • Moreover, many subject experts and real-life achievers also take sessions throughout the year for the holistic development of your child.



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