How often should you replace bamboo pillows?

Bamboo Pillows
Bamboo Pillow

We get it – you love your pillow. Both of you have experienced significantly together, however, you can’t keep it until the end of time. On the off chance that you can’t recollect the last time you changed out your Bamboo Pillows, you’re expected for an overhaul. While a few pillows are tougher than others, all pillows experience mileage. As a general rule, your bamboo pillows will typically give you a couple of pieces of information that your relationship is finished. 

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Bamboo Pillow 

  • It seems as though it’s been in a bar brawl – stained, dirty, and for the most part beat-up, brimming with protuberances and knocks. 
  • It’s a serious irritation – you get up each day with a hardened and hurting neck. 
  • It’s giving you a migraine – you awaken with a pounding skull each day. 
  • It simply feels level – you’re not getting suitable help and should be sleeping level on your bedding. 
  • You awaken blocked or sniffling for the duration of the evening – you might be adversely affected by your bamboo pillows. 

Bidding farewell to your number one pillow or bed sheets can feel horrendous, however, consistently supplanting the pillow you’re sleeping on can extraordinarily work on your rest. To get the greatest night’s rest, you need a pillow that keeps up with its underlying respectability. In the event that your pillow is everything except foam, take a stab at collapsing it in half to check whether it springs back to its unique level position. In the event that it doesn’t, that is a very decent sign that your pillow ought to be in transit. 

Your bamboo pillows are significant – don’t burn through long periods of energy choosing a fabulous sleeping cushion just to disregard your pillow. It should be supplanted routinely or it could begin meddling with your rest. Tragically, the greater part of us clings to our pillows and bedding way more than we sensibly ought to.

Bamboo Pillows

Why You Should Replace Your Pillows 

For what reason wouldn’t we be able to leave you in harmony and let you partake in your #1 pillow, you inquire? All things considered, above all else, it’s gross to rest on a similar pillow endlessly. Do you know what’s in there? We’re speculating you don’t, on the grounds that you may not lay your head on it, in any case. After numerous evenings of putting your head on your pillow, you leave behind some lovely frightful stuff – sweat, skin cells, oils, dust, dust parasites, slobber, cosmetics and other facial items, hair, a wide range of allergens, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Your pillow absorbs every last bit of it. Indeed, you can throw your pillow in the clothes washer with your sheets and clothes, yet you will not have the option to keep a portion of the undesirable materials from staying close by. That clarifies the stains. After some time, you can foster skin disturbances and hypersensitivities. Studies show that grimy pillows can even cause the skin to break out. Thus, routinely supplanting your pillow can mean you’ll get a better night’s rest each night, as opposed to taking in soil and microorganisms. 


As per the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, all of us shed sufficient skin each day to take care of 1,000,000 residue parasites – so ponder that dead skin buffet going on inside your pillow. Gross! It’s conceivable that dust vermin are the No. 1 trigger of all-year asthma and hypersensitivity issues. Regardless of whether you constantly wash your pillows, numerous allergens can in any case stay close by. 

Your pillow assumes a key part – alongside your bedding – in supporting your neck, head, and spine so you get a decent night’s rest and wake up feeling invigorated. Our heads are in reality weighty. At last, your pillow will smooth out and quit offering legitimate help. A pristine pillow offers the best degree of help and solace. It keeps your spine adjusted and assists you with getting an entire night’s rest. 

In case you’re experiencing migraines, neck pain, constant wheezing, or rest apnea, another pillow might go far toward working on your night’s rest. The underlying uprightness of your pillow is one of the critical factors in deciding the nature of your rest.

How Often Should You Replace Your Bamboo Pillows? 

The National Sleep Foundation prescribes supplanting your pillow each one to two years. In any case, that can change a piece contingent upon the material of your pillow. On the off chance that you have sensitivities, you’ll need to wash and supplant your pillows all the more as often as possible to stay away from the development of normal allergens. Here are common rules for how to rest better by supplanting your pillows: 

Foam Pillows: Replace each one to three years 

Polyester Pillows: Replace like clockwork to two years 

Plume Pillows: Replace at regular intervals to three years 

Latex Pillows: Replace each two to four years 

Bamboo Pillows: Replace each a few years 

Down Pillows: Replace like clockwork 

Down Alternative Pillows: Replace like clockwork to two years 

Buckwheat Pillows: Replace like clockwork 

Assuming you need to ensure your bamboo pillow endures completely through its normal helpful life, ensure you’re covering it with a pillow cover and pillowcase and that you wash it consistently. As a guideline, greater pillows will endure longer.

How to Manage Old Pillows 

Since you’re sleeping on another pillow doesn’t mean your old companion has no worth any longer. Your original thought may be to give old pillows to a neighborhood non-benefit – yet they may not take them for cleanliness reasons. Recollect every one of those residue vermin celebrating there? 

Numerous creature covers and other natural life charitable associations might be appreciative for your old pillows, however assuming you need to keep yours nearby, there are additionally multiple approaches to repurpose and reuse them around your home. How about we investigate a couple of things you can do. 

Make Floor Cushions or Throw Bamboo Pillows

Floor pillows are consistently incredible for easygoing parties and you can discover pre-made covers intended to repurpose bed pillows into floor pillows. Or on the other hand, in case you’re running, you can pick a material you cherish and sew your own. You have practically boundless choices for making toss pillows – you can discover a lot of locally acquired covers or DIY thoughts for square toss pillows, travel pillows, or elliptical support pillows. 

Make Pet Beds

Old bed pillows make incredible beds for your #1 mate. They’ll cherish their new bed since it smells like you and has a sense of security and nature. A speedy internet-based pursuit can show you a lot of no-sew examples and thoughts for utilizing your old pillows to make a pet bed. Or then again, you can utilize the stuffing from your old pillow to restuff a current pet bed. 

Use Them as Moving Materials

If you’re moving to another house sooner rather than later, keep your old pillows available to pillow breakables. This is particularly useful for latex or Memory Foam Pillows since you can slice them to the specific size you need. 

Seal Out Drafts

Another simple DIY item is a draft plug. You can make them by repurposing some pillow stuffing and an old sock, or you can be really imaginative and tricky – whatever works for you.

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

Which Pillow is Best? 

Similarly as with most things rest-related, what decides the best pillow is explicit to the individual–however, we’re inclined toward the Sleepsia line of pillows. Sleepsia Pillows have a similar licensed Sleepsia as the popular Sleepsia Mattress. It’s a breathable, strong surface that is responsive and agreeable. Sleepsia Pillows impeccably adjust to your neck and head without losing their shape. It’s somewhat similar to wizardry – and we think you’ll concur. The Sleepsia Pillow tenderly supports your head and gives neck support, particularly in case you’re a back sleeper. 

The new child around is the completely hypoallergenic Sleepsia Harmony Pillow. It includes a delicate and responsive Talalay latex pillow center enveloped with the Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ material of the Sleepsia. It’s a definitive equilibrium of delicate, cool, and responsive. 

The following are some normal classes of polyurethane, latex, and Memory Foam fillings: 


These bamboo pillows offer colossal help and shaping. They’re frequently acceptable choices for individuals who experience the ill effects of back and neck pain. Formed pillows are regularly made of memory foam or different sorts of foam. 


This choice permits you to change the pillow space to the ideal solace level. These pillows are normally more breathable than the shaped forms and component shredded bits of Memory Foam or other foam. 


Just as breathable as destroyed renditions, noodle pillows can likewise be changed. It’s generally useful for each kind of sleeping position, as well. 

There are additionally different kinds of fill for pillows, each with its own upsides and downsides. A few materials are hypoallergenic, and some are heat-holding. When settling on the material for your new pillow, think about what is imperative to you. 

You ought to likewise ponder whether you rest on your stomach, back, or side. Your sleeping position impacts the sort of pillow you need. Side sleepers should have the option to change the space of their pillows to take into account spine and neck arrangement. Back sleepers, then again, should search for a low or medium space to ensure the spine stays in an impartial position the entire evening. What’s more, stomach sleepers should rest on a pillow with the most minimal space of all to hold the neck back from bending during rest, which can prompt constant neck pain. 

How Often Should You Replace Bamboo Pillows? 

The nature of your rest and by and large wellbeing is undeniably more significant. Keep your bedding and duvet cover clean. And change your bamboo pillows consistently. You’ll end up getting up in the first part of the day feeling revived and very much refreshed. 

So cheerful pillow shopping! When your new pillow is assisting you with sleeping incredibly consistently, you’ll be happy you rolled out the improvement.

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