How Ocean Freight Shipping companies Works

How Ocean Freight Shipping companies Works

Ocean freight shipping is one of the most critical logistics processes, especially in the international trading business. It is significant that if you are looking for an ocean freight shipping company, you must choose wisely. Ocean freight is the great alternative of Air Freight companies in Dubai. Usually, numerous companies are available, and it can be challenging to select the best one. In this blog we will briefly discuss about the working of Ocean Freight Shipping companies.

What Is Ocean Freight ?

What is ocean freight?

Ocean freight is when a company sends goods via the ocean instead of the standard land route, usually to save money. It’s usually used for large-scale or long-distance shipping. Ocean freight is a tremendously important part of trade between countries. It involves transporting goods and merchandise by sea, usually between countries. Several different types of ocean freight are used to transport goods, including container freight and break-bulk freight.

Benefits of using Ocean Freight shipping services

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If your business is importing or exporting goods in large volumes, ocean shipping may be the best choice for you.Below are some benefits of using Ocean Freight Shipping services:

  • Cost-effective

This is the primary benefit of ocean freight shipping. It’s far cheaper to ship large quantities by sea than by air. The overall cost depends on several factors, including distance, weight and size of shipment, but ocean freight shipping typically costs about 30% to 40% less than air freight shipping. The difference can be even more significant when shipping larger loads.

  • Eco-friendly

Fuel usage contributes significantly to the carbon footprint of both air and ground transport. On average, ships use much less fuel per unit shipped than either air or ground transportation, making them one of the most eco-friendly options available for transport in

  • Reliable

There are established schedules for shipping goods by sea. These schedules are less prone to delays and cancellations than flight schedules, which can be affected by weather conditions and mechanical issues, among other things.

  • Scalable

A business can ship a single unit or container (or more) of goods via International relocation moving company in Dubai at any time. This makes it ideal for companies that need to move large quantities of product at one time – or only move a few items from point A to B.

  • Speed

Although air shipping is faster than ocean shipping, it’s still possible to get your cargo where it needs to be quick with a reliable ocean freight service. Most companies can get your load where it needs to be within a few weeks at most, so you won’t have to wait long to get your cargo delivered.

  • You can ship larger quantities

Another benefit of International courier services in Dubai is that it allows you to send large amounts at once. You can choose from multiple container sizes that range anywhere from 20 feet up to 40 feet in length. These containers are designed to hold all types of products, including those that require refrigeration or controlled temperatures during transit.

Types of ocean freight services

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There are two main types of ocean freight services:

  • LCL (Less than Container Load)

This service is best used for smaller shipments that can’t fill an entire shipping container. Less than container load ocean freight shipping is when you have less than an entire container worth of cargo to ship. When this happens, your shipment is loaded into the container with other customers from the origin port, unloaded at the destination port, and delivered to you. This type of ocean freight shipping is much more time consuming because there is more handling involved. A typical LCL ocean freight shipment can take anywhere from 5 to 9 weeks to be delivered.

  • FCL (Full Container Load)

This service is best used for larger shipments that fill an entire shipping container. Total container load ocean freight shipping happens when your shipper has enough cargo to fill an entire 20 foot or 40-foot container. The benefit of FCL ocean freight shipping over Less Than Container Load is that your cargo won’t be handled as much as LCL shipments are. Another advantage is that FCL ocean freight shipments typically arrive in 3-5 weeks,

How Ocean Freight shipping companies Works ?

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  • Shippers contact the freight forwarder with the details like shipment weight, dimensions, pickup and delivery address and delivery deadlines. Based on this information, the forwarders will check the rates of ocean freight shipping carriers for the best rates available. A quote is then prepared for the customer with all the details, including collection charges, port charges, insurance costs and any other additional fees.
  • Once you agree on the quote you receive from your logistics provider or forwarder, they will then book your Ocean Freight Shipping with a carrier or several carriers, depending on your needs.
  • Pickup is arranged once the carrier has been booked. Suppose you have chosen FCL or LCL shipping. In that case, containers are delivered to your premises so that you can load them with goods or products to be shipped if you have selected FCL service or if you have chosen LCL service. Goods are picked up from your premises and loaded into a warehouse container. Next, the cargo is moved to the port of loading. This is where the shipment will leave from. You should receive information on how long this will take your goods to reach the destination port.
  • When the ship arrives at the destination port, the importer or agent must submit a customs declaration and any associated paperwork. Depending on which country you’re shipping to, this can be done online or in person, and the rules vary widely. The duration of marine transit varies depending on location and time of year due to seasonal weather conditions and differences in the volume of cargoes moved in different seasons.
  • Once containers are unloaded from the ship, they are placed onto trucks and delivered to their final destination. Delivery time depends on many factors, but most freight is returned within one business day after being released from customs.

Best Ocean Freight Shipping company in Dubai

SAG Logistic has a long history of providing the highest quality shipping services to various industries. With SAG Logistic, you can relax! We offer an unbeatable combination of outstanding customer service, reasonable prices and a wide variety of ocean freight shipping services. Our experienced team of Air Freight companies in Dubai specialists is ready to serve all your needs, whether it’s full container load or less-than-container load freight.SAG Logistic has a comprehensive set of services designed to meet the needs of clients who need to ship cargo worldwide. We can handle any kind of cargo, even complex or hazardous load, and their staff is trained to handle a wide range of situations. The company’s staff is also trained to ensure compliance with all local regulations, which is especially important for shipments that are crossing international borders. Clients can rest easy knowing that they’ll never need to worry about rules while they’re using SAG Logistic’s services.

The Highlighting Features of Our services Include:

  • Air Freight companies in Dubai
  • Ocean Freight
  • Road Transportation
  • International Courier & Door to Door
  • EOR / IOR – the USA, Europe, GCC & China
  • Project Logistics
  • 3PL Warehousing & Distribution
  • International Moving & Relocation
  • Customs Clearance


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