How Much Should it Cost to Hire Mobile App Developers?

How Much Should it Cost to Hire Mobile App Developers

Mobile apps are popping up at an exciting pace, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given the way people use their phones these days.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are also focusing on building apps to connect with their customers. Such apps have made it possible to provide better access to their products and services.

If you’re about to put your brilliant app idea to use, you must have thought about the cost of hiring a mobile app developer at least once.

You may be surprised to learn how much it costs. Nevertheless, if you want to build a successful app that’s on par with today’s leading applications, you’re better off investing in well-trained and experienced app developers.

This blog will help you factor in the essential details for an accurate estimate.  

Mobile App Developer Cost Determinants

There are three necessary factors to consider before you assume a price:

The Type of App You Want to Build

What is your application about? Is it eCommerce? Does it filter images? Perhaps it helps users count calories? You should know what specific features it will have before you try to calculate the mobile app development cost.

The Platform Where You Want to Launch it

The platform you choose will affect the cost. Building an app for android, for instance, may cost more than iOS because its various devices and screen sizes increase complexity.

The Developer You Choose

Things may seem complicated as you start looking for the perfect mobile app developer offering suitable rates. Finding one is easy enough if you know what to look for in them. App developers offer their services in different ways:

Freelancers: The most affordable and readily available solution, there are plenty of websites where you can hire freelancers online. Qualified professionals often provide their services on a freelancing basis, so you can get the quality you’re hoping for.

However, it can get tricky to find the right people thanks to unregulated accounts made by middlemen or fake users.

In-house Development Team: You can build your own team of developers if you have the time and budget. A dedicated team can get work done more quickly since they are likely to understand your vision more clearly.

That said, it may prove a costly affair in the long run, particularly if you intend to scale up in the future.

Development Agencies: You can choose this option if you can’t spend the time and energy to put together a team of your own. Hiring a mobile app development company is also useful if you want all the services from one place.

Business owners tend to prefer development agencies that offer the complete package – development, design, project management, and maintenance. While this is true, the hourly rates can get pretty high.


While there’s no definite answer to how much mobile app development will cost, you can make an estimate with certain details. Mobile app development cost typically depends on the features, platform, and professionals you choose.

You will also need to spend on app security and maintenance, so your estimate still won’t be the final price.

Mobile app developers offering lower costs might seem attractive, but we always recommend checking their work, experience, and client feedback.


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