How much does it cost to install hardwood floors?

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Hardwood floors are not only beautiful but also, they are more reliable than the other floors like the tile and marble etc. The cost of these floors can vary owing to the area, style, and some other factors. For example, hardwood floor installation in Houston Texas can cost almost $6 to $12 per square foot at an average cost of $8 per square foot. This is a rough estimate that gives only information about one area. However, many other things should be kept in mind while calculating the cost of the installation of hardwood floors. High projects may go up to 24 $. Further, the total of the project can be nearly 4500$. However, several factors can change your final cost. All these factors and variables can be discussed in detail as below.

How Do I Install A Solid Hardwood Floor?

Few improvements on home can transform a space in such ways as new hardwood floors. Here we explain how to install a beautiful hardwood floor. Is there a simple option to add a Hardwood Floor? How do I get it? Sand and finish floor (unfinished flooring not recommended). For information on floor sanders, see 10 time-saver rent tools for Do It Yourselfers.

The Average Cost Of The Floor

The average cost of the hardwood floor can vary but normally it would be up to 4500$. Further, the price can change due to the change of style of the wood color as well. There can be two main choices in this context, the first can be solid hardwood and the second can be engineered hardwood. Both have different prices and colors.

Change Of Cost Due To The Change In The Type Of Hardwood

The cost would change due to the change in the type of hardwood. For example, Maple has 6.50 $ to 11$ cost but pine has 4.50$ to 10$. Moreover, Bamboo, white ash, Hickory have a minimum of 5$, 9$, and 6$. So there is much variation in this context. The prices of others are as below:

How do I calculate the cost of hardwood flooring?

Red Oak $8 – $13
White Oak $8 – $15
Brazilian Walnut $11 – $20


Change Of Cost Due To Change In Color And Other Factors

The other variation in cost can be the result of a variety of colors and owing to some other factors like grain, tree type, and the width of the hardwood. Moreover, the prices of Pine, Mahogany, and Oak are different. Moving on, normally the size of a hardwood slab can be 3 inches wide. There is labor cost too that varies due to the variation in the size of hardwood.

Difference Of Price Owing To A Different Style

In the same context, the price can be different because of the different styles of hardwood. This is also a prominent factor that changes the final cost of the installation of hardwood. For example, wood look tile, wide plank, and real parquet are different styles and have different price brackets. In addition, Parquet Style Tiles is of 10$, and Real Parquet is 45 $. So these are the changes that can occur in price by the dint of the style.

The Wide Plank Price Difference

Wide board flooring costs somewhere in the range of $1.50 to $12 per square foot for the sheets alone with $3 to $4 per square foot for work. More extensive sheets imply less to lay to cover a similar region, which means you’ll pay on the lower end for work.

Wood-Like Flooring Expenses

Introducing wood look tile costs $900 to $2,900 or $15 to $20 per square foot. As the name implies, it’s not wood. All things being equal, it’s a tile that seems as though wood with around a similar board size.

It’s more costly than wood, yet additionally stronger and will not spoil or twist in clammy spots. It makes an extraordinary expansion to cellars for the look without the disadvantages.

Herringbone Wood Expenses

Herringbone wood expenses can increase up to 30 % of the floor in a parallel series style. Herringbone wood in parallel series style can hike your cost because it can be more expensive due to labor time consumption and material consumption. This is a simple style but it increases the cost because it takes more time and the wood material as well. So, if someone prefers this style he or she will pay an extra 30%. In this context, it can also be calculated in the cost.

The Installation Cost Of Hardwood

The installation expenses would be almost 3 $ to 5$ per square foot. This is installation expenditure only. There are not included the other costs like the cost of hardwood, its transportation expenses, and other little expenditures. Hence, it can also be added to the total money.

Prefinished Hardwood Expenditure

Prefinished hardwood expenses can hike two times more than the common finished one. It can go up to 10$ per square foot. However, prefinished flooring, sanded and stained at the plant, became well known very nearly 80 years prior. From that point forward, the vast majority of what you find is done.

Engineer Wood Expenditure

This expense can also be different because the wood is engineered and becomes more water-resistant and more reliable than the common wooden slabs and floors. Many people prefer this due to its durability and more resistance against the factors that can perish the traditional materials. There are three steps of engineering wood. The first one we call the basic which consists of three layers. The second one is of mid-level which is the component of 5 layers. The third one consists of more than 5 layers. It is high-quality engineered hardwood. So all these have different prices.


Wood flooring is not only a beautification of the home but also a proof of durability. Its cost can vary due to the style, color, and engineering. One would want reliability and beauty both. In this context, many old homes still have reliable wooden floors. If you want to install a hardwood floor or you want home remodeling services in Houston Texas then contact a service provider near you. You will get beauty and durability both for your home. Further, your cost can be minimized as the rates have been mentioned above.


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