How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like BYJU’s


Technology has been a catalyst in driving change in today’s world. Technology governs almost every sphere of our lives; it’s even got a grip over education via online portals and mobile applications.

Who hasn’t heard of BYJU’S? Yes, they are the official sponsors of BCCI but more than that they are India’s largest EdTech company. BYJU’S runs the most successful online learning platform through a mobile application. What does it take to develop an app like BYJU’S? How much does it cost to develop an app with similar features to BYJU’S?

We researched and collated some interesting facts and figures on BYJU’S the company and BYJU’s mobile app. The detailed analysis should help anyone wanting to start a similar e-learning mobile platform with a mobile app development company’s assistance. Mobile app development in Kerala is a thriving industry. So You can hire a leading mobile app development company to develop the EdTech app.

A little information on BYJU’S

We have chosen BYJU’S as a case study based on the company’s success.

  • Byju Raveendran founded BYJU’S in 2011, at the age of thirty.
  • BYJU’S mobile app was launched in August 2015.
  • The EdTech company was valued at $US 12 million in November 2020.
  • The company has acquired several major companies.
  • BYJU’S became the first startup to cross $ 2 million in funding.
  • The tutoring app provides content for students of various age groups—from early learning programs to coaching for competitive exams, such as IITJEE, NEET, IAS, CAT,GMAT and GRE etc.
  • BYJU’S has an estimated 40 million users, with 30 million paid annual subscriptions.
  • BYJU’S is a multilingual learning app.
  • The company has won several awards and recognitions over the years.

The above data is available in the public domain, and just a tiny part of the information is shared here to inspire you. A mobile app that focuses on education and learning has the potential of raking in millions of dollars, provided it has the right features.

A Lowdown on Basic Features for an App like BYJU’S

The features on the app will determine its popularity and how much it will cost to develop it. So pay special attention to the features, if you want to woo potential customers. Features are what will attract prospective users to the app.

So, Here is a list of features that should be a part of the mobile learning app –

  • Intuitive interface
  • Interactive learning
  • Mobile friendly
  • Focus on a target audience
  • Exciting content, full of fun facts
  • Understandable content
  • Live tutorials and sessions
  • Mock tests and quizzes
  • Bite-size modules
  • Offline mode
  • Progress syncing
  • Gamification
  • Digital Badges
  • Push notifications
  • Personalised experience
  • Social media integration

And the features on BYJU’S learning app is as follows –

  • Freemium model
  • Comprehensive progress tracker and analytics
  • Practice feature, with three modes—Warmup, Run, Sprint—based on individual receptive capabilities
  • Self-paced programs
  • Regular revision options
  • Audio-video lessons
  • Tests after each chapter
  • Smart knowledge graphs
  • Interactive activities and quizzes
  • Paid live classes
  • Animated videos
  • Wide range of learning programs designed for kindergarten to competitive exams preparation
  • Lessons in regional languages

7 Factors that determine the cost of developing an App like BYJU’S

Knowing what you want

You need a great plan to build an app that takes the world by storm. Take your time and deliberate on the features you want in the application. so think out of the box, get innovative. Nonetheless, you will need to chart out every detail, right from the payment gateway to the types of educational software you want.

The cost-structures depend on three key factors: where the app is developed—both location and company and the embedded inherent features and how complex it is. Apps are not designed in a day; even if you have an idea, you still need to research to make it work. Brainstorm with the team to polish the idea. Research market trends, focus on a niche audience and then go for it.

Selecting the team

You will need a team of skilled members to work on the application. So the cost will vary on the number of members that you engage. Usually, a team comprises talented professionals experienced in different fields. So, you will need to hire UI/UX designers, iOS and Android developers and backend-developers. Additionally, a team for quality control/quality assurance, project and delivery management.

Application Design

Design is an integral part of an app. The features you include in the app will decide the cost. So, remember, an app’s user interface should be impressive; it gets the user to explore all the features. The UX design, on the other hand, dictates the final experience and gets the user hooked. So, design your app to be engaging so it attracts students and keeps them absorbed.

Application Platform

Where would you like to launch the app—iOS or Android or both? Features and functionalities are designed to suit platforms. iOS and Android have different procedures and fees. Google charges a one-time licensing fee and Apple levies charge annually. So, You may want to consider a cross-platform app, which would cost you less than opting for an app for exclusive platforms.

Size and Development Cycle

The development cycle is a long process; it kicks off at the conceptual phase and goes through testing, bug-fixing, enhancement, and other crucial functionalities—Additionally, the size of the app matters. A small size app is better, as it uses less memory. So a rough estimate for developing an app like BYJU’S could range between $US 10,000 to $US 50,000

Technology Stacks

The following technology stacks will prove to be your best aide in developing your mobile learning app –

  • Android Platform: Java and Kotlin
  • iOS Platform: Swift
  • Development: JavaScript, Vue.js, Next.js, Plotly, React, Angular (cross-platform)
  • Backend Development: Mongo, .Net, Node js, Python (cross-platform)


The app will need three panels with corresponding features:

  • The Admin Dashboard
  • Panel for teachers
  • Panel for students

So, Consider the above recommendations for calculating the costs for developing a mobile learning app, similar to BYJU’S. Mobile app development is cheaper than what it would cost, say in the US. However, don’t skimp on features and quality, just to save a few bucks. Hire the best app developers. Remember, the app will do well only if it satisfies the customer base. And money will come rolling in once you grab a niche audience.


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